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Learning all the pool deck cleaning tips and tricks will help you keep your pool not only clean enough to enjoy it, but it will make your pool look unbelievably attractive and beautiful. In this article, you’ll be able to find all of the best tips about how to clean the pool deck. Also, you can learn how to build a pool deck and how to paint a pool deck along the way.

Different Surface Requires Different Approach 

Any imaginable material can be used as a pool deck surface, but most of the time it is either concrete, composite, vinyl wood, or tile. The majority of steps are the same, but some are different enough to require a separate section.

But, before you start, one thing you should do no matter what material your pool deck is made of is to remove anything removable from the deck. This means you should remove all the furniture, toys, add-on, and then sweep the debris away from the deck to prevent it from getting into the pool.

Concrete Pool Deck Cleaning

Cleaning a concrete pool deck is a pretty straight-forward process. Take the hose and rinse the surface to wash away dirt and debris leftovers away from the pool. Then, take a stiff brush and a water-bleach mix or water-mild detergent mix. When done cleaning the deck, take your time to inspect it and look for cracks. If you find it, it may be best to contact a professional to help you solve the issue. Once you finish all the repairs, use a concrete sealant to finish the cleaning process off.

Tile And Ceramics Pool Deck Cleaning

To clean a tile or ceramics pool deck you’ll need a pressure washer. If you don’t have one available, then mix water and chlorine bleach in a bucket and clean the surface of the deck with a mop or scrub brush.

This type of deck should be cleaned regularly to prevent any possible corrosion or a chemical buildup. 

Wooden Deck Cleaning

Wooden decks are probably the most beautiful ones, but they also require a bit more maintenance compared to other materials. First of all, the best way to add the cleaner is to use a paint roller, garden sprayer, or stiff-bristled broom. Then you’ll have to act quickly to prevent the cleaner from drying before you finish scrubbing the area. Then, you’ll have to let it sit for some time before you rinse it away. Let it dry for a couple of days, and finish the cleaning with a waterproof sealer.

Composite Deck Cleaning

Due to the delicacy of composite decks, you’ll need a soft scrubber and a cleaning solution intended for composite. If your composite pool has rust stains, look for a brightener with oxalic acid, but before that, make sure it is safe for the composite type you own. 

Vinyl Deck Cleaning

After you’ve removed debris from the deck, wet it with a garden hose or a bucket and let it still for a few minutes. Then, mix the mild dish soap in warm water, scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush. Again, let it sit for a few minutes, and finish off by rinsing the entire area. If needed, repeat the process until you remove all the stains.

Pool Deck Algae Treatment

Over time your pool deck may develop an algae problem, even if you treat it and clean it regularly. While most of the time using deck cleaners will do the trick, it is good to know what to do if you have to deal with algae before they start to cause decay to your deck. 

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Take the bleach and mix it with water in 1-4 proportions. Add the solution to a problematic area, let it work between 5-15 minutes, and follow by scrubbing the area. Let it dry, inspect, and see if all the algae are gone. If you happen to see mold, call the professional to inspect it further because it may lead to more serious problems, and cause structural damage. 

Pool Deck Spots

Furniture, lots of pool features, or anything that stands on the pool deck can cause the appearance of ugly looking stains. Also, this can happen if you spill coffee, tea, or food. While scrubbing and rinsing should remove the stains from other materials, this can be quite an issue on a concrete pool deck. Using a tri-sodium phosphate or muriatic acid will help with these problems, but be extremely careful. Any misuse can lead to even more serious damage, so it is recommended to read the instruction manual thoroughly and to follow it without experimenting. Also, you may give your pool supplier a call and ask for a concrete stain removal solution.

Cracked Pool Deck Reparations

The cleaning process will not only bring your pool to a new life, but you’ll also get the chance to inspect it and see if everything is OK. It is a real possibility you’ll run into a few cracks here and there. Any smaller-scale cracks can be treated by yourself. You’ll need:

  • Trowel
  • Bucket
  • concrete patching powder
  • Sponge

First, pay your pool or a construction material store a visit and get all the needed materials. Place the patching powder in a bucket and mix it strictly following the instruction on the package. When done mixing, add the patching mix to the cracks you want to fill in and smooth it with a trowel. 

If there happens to be any leftover or excess of the mixture, wipe it away using a sponge and let it dry. If needed, place something to keep your kids or pets away from the area until it’s dry enough so you can walk over it.

When To Call A Professional

Although you can do it all by yourself, learning how to clean the pool deck may not be enough to keep it in the best possible shape. Even if you do it regularly, it is good to call for professional help. Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea:

Sand Extraction

One of the problems many pool owners that live near the beach face daily is the sand buildup. This becomes an even bigger issue if you own a concrete pool deck and pool deck cleaning using detergents and regular-user available tools most likely won’t be enough to solve it. The sand can reach deep into the cracks, causing even further damage, and calling someone to help is recommended at least once per year. 

Chemical Removal

During your regular pool maintenance, no matter how hard you try the chemicals like chlorine will reach the pool deck. While it won’t affect it instantly, during the time those chemicals may build up and cause many negative effects to your deck that can make it crack-prone. 

Bleach Overuse

Using too much bleach one of the main mistakes news pool owners make, and it can damage concrete, sealant, and other coatings. Professional pool cleaners have more expensive but damage-free solutions. 

Pool Inspection

If you plan to clean the pool for the first time, it may be better to call up a professional to look at it, inspect it and see if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Besides that, another good reason is the fact that there may be stains you don’t know how to deal with, so this probably is the best way to solve the issue.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about pool deck cleaning.


Q: What is the best way to clean a pool deck?


The best way to clean a pool deck is by using a water-detergent mix or a water-bleacher mix. However, the answer to this question may differ from the pool type, so when the time to clean it comes, you should consult your instruction manual first or call the manufacturer and ask for a recommendation.

Q: How do you clean a chlorine pool deck?


Cleaning a pool deck with chlorine is another way to attack the mildew and algae. Wet your whole deck with a garden hose, add a 50/50 chlorine-water mix in a 1-gallon container, mix it and spread the solution on the wet deck. Let it sit for up to 10 minutes and rinse it.

Q: How do you clean a concrete deck around a pool?


Rinse the surface of the pool to remove any dirt or debris. Pour the water and mild detergent solution and spread it using a stiff brush. When done, go through the whole area and look for the cracks in the concrete.

Q: How do I get rid of black mold on my pool deck?


The easiest way to deal with the black mold is to mix one cup of bleach with a gallon of water and add it to the infected area. However, due to it being dangerous, it is recommended to call the professional to deal with the mold and remove it for good.

Q: How do you clean a pebble pool deck?


In a bucket add half water and half bleach. Use the garden hose or a pressure washer to rinse the surface. Add half of a gallon of the solution to the deck, scrub it using a long-handled scrub brush and rinse it when done. If needed, repeat.

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Now you can think about painting the pool deck to make it even more attractive.

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