Above Ground Pool Removal: How To Take Down Above Ground Pool


Different people have different reasons for wanting to remove their above ground pools. Some do so to make a room a bigger and better pool, while others want to replace it with an outdoor hot tub. Others simply crave for a change in their backyard’s landscape. Sometimes, above ground pool removal becomes a necessity as even the best above ground pools suffer damage from extensive use and exposure to outdoor elements. But as everybody knows, hiring a removal service can be rather expensive. Is it possible to learn how to take down an above ground pool and then do the job yourself?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Anybody with the right tools and some construction skills can learn how to take down above ground pool and apply whatever knowledge they acquired into safely and successfully removing their above ground pools.

7 Steps on How to Take Down Above Ground Pool

Taking down your above ground pool can pose certain challenges. But if you’re up for it and you have the tools, skills, and the time, then here are is a step-by-step guide on how to take down above ground pool. Regardless of the brand or type of above ground pool you have, whether it’s an Intex above ground pool or a Bestway above ground pool, the following steps will apply.

1. Gather Your Materials

For an above ground pool removal project, you’re going to need the following:

  • Work gloves
  • Philips and straight-edge screwdriver
  • Power drill with screw extractor bits
  • Heavy-duty metal cutter
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Sump pump
  • Long hose
  • A small container or Ziploc bag for storing screws, nuts, and bolts
  • Large boxes and bags to store dismantled parts

2. Drain the Pool Water

Before you can start dismantling your above ground pool, you first need to drain the water out of it. For some, this is the easiest part of how to take down an above ground pool. This process can take several hours to a whole day depending on the size of the above-ground pool, so you may want to clean up the yard while waiting. Although, knowing how to drain an above ground quickly can help shorten the waiting time.

Most above ground pools are designed with a drain plug. These are usually located along the lower portion of the sides of the pool. You can attach a hose to the plug and then open it and simply let the water drain away. If your above ground pool doesn’t have a drain plug, you’re going to need a sump pump to pump out the water in the pool.

Be sure that you direct the hose to a nearby drainage system so you don’t flood your backyard. Once all the water is out, wipe the liner with a dry cloth to remove any remaining water droplets.

3. Remove the Pool Equipment

Start removing the pool equipment and other items on your above ground pool such as the pool ladder, pool filters, chlorine dispensers, and others. Make sure that all electrical connections have been unplugged before removing any electrical items.

4. Remove the Pool Liner

Using a sharp scissor or a utility knife, cut the above ground pool liner around the top edge. As you cut, pull the liner towards the middle of the pool and away from the pool wall. If the liner is still in good condition, you can probably find some good uses for it. Otherwise, you’ll want to throw it away. Roll or fold the liner to make it more manageable for storage or disposal.

5. Remove the Top Rail

Start removing the top rails using the power drill and screw extractor bits. You may find that some of the screws won’t come off easily because of rust and corrosion. For these, you’ll need to apply a lubricant or penetrating oil to loosen them up.

As you remove each top panel, place them in a large box. Label the box before putting it away.

6. Remove the Pool Walls

Start by removing the connecting strips that connect the pool wall. You’re going to need your power drill to remove the screws and bolts. Put the screws in a small container or Ziploc bag and label them before storage.

Cut the walls into three-foot sections using heavy-duty metal cutters. Then, you can pull them off the bottom rails. Roll the removed walls and tie them up with a rope for easier transport and storage.

7. Remove the Bottom Rails

Once you’ve removed all the sections of the pool walls, you can start removing the bottom rails. You can pull it out of the dirt or sand and unscrew the bolts to disassemble them. Place the screws and bolts in a small container or Ziploc bag and label them. Gather the other parts of the bottom rail and place them in a box for storage.

And that’s it! Having removed the old above ground pool, you can now replace it with a new one or buy yourself one of the best hot tubs available and have it installed in its place. Otherwise, you could apply fertilizer and re-seed the area to make the grass grow again and turn it into a beautiful garden.

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Tips on How to Take Down an Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool removal project is not an easy task and can be quite as challenging as installing an above ground pool, so here are some tips to somehow make the task easier.

Patience Is Key

Removing your above ground pool is not an easy task, which is why you’re going to need to be patient while working on this project. Don’t rush things and work as carefully as possible to avoid injuring yourself.

Call for Backup

To speed things up, you can call some of your friends and family to help. You might want to ask them to bring their tools unless you have enough for all of you to use at the same time. Also, taking out the pool walls may require extra hands since they can be pretty heavy.

Dispose Responsibly

An above ground pool consists of various materials like vinyl, plastic, and metal. Be sure to dispose of these responsibly. Try to find other uses for vinyl and plastic so they don’t end up in landfills if you can. As for the aluminum and metal parts, you can sell them at the junk shop and get some money back for your old above ground pool and removal efforts.



Q: How do you get rid of an above ground pool?


To get rid of an above ground pool for good, you can call a removal service and have them dismantle it and haul it away. If you know how to take down an above ground pool, you can dismantle it yourself, bring the plastic and liners to your recycling center, and sell the aluminum and steel parts to a junkyard.

Q: How long does it take to take down an above ground pool?


Taking down an above ground pool typically takes around three days to complete. However, it may take shorter or longer depending on a variety of factors like the size of the pool, amount of pool water that needs to be drained, the number of people who will be dismantling the pool and how fast they work.

Q: How do you remove an oval above ground pool?


The processes involved in removing an oval above ground pool is pretty much the same as that of other above ground pool removal. That is, you first drain the pool and clean it, then remove the liners and walls, and finally dismantle the metal frame. The article above outlines the procedures involved in more detail.

Q: What do I do with my old above ground pool?


There are several things you can do with your old above ground pool, and the most popular option would be to have it dismantled and taken away to the landfill. However, you can also repurpose your old above ground pool and turn it into something more useful like a backyard pond, a raised garden, and others.

Q: Is it hard to take down an above ground pool?


Taking down an above ground pool is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Draining the pool, cleaning the liner and disassembling the metal frames can take days to complete properly. The task becomes even more challenging if you don’t have the right tools and have no working knowledge about how to take down above ground pool.

Q: How do you take apart a metal pool frame?


To take apart the metal frame of an above ground pool, you’ll need a power drill with a screw head to remove the nuts and bolts. You may also need some lubricant or penetrating oil for stuck, rusty or corroded screws. Once you have the requisite tools and materials, you can start unscrewing and dismantling the pool’s metal frame.

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An above ground removal service can be quite expensive, so why not learn how to take down an above ground pool and do it yourself instead? Knowing how to take down the above ground pool will allow you to save tons of cash which you can use for other improvements in your backyard or property. However, as mentioned earlier this is not always an easy task so prepare yourself physically and mentally if you ever want to do it on your own. If you can call on friends and family to help, that would be much better. Having them around will certainly make the task less boring and exhausting.

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