What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit?


“What do you wear under a wetsuit?” This is perhaps one of the most common questions that people who are new to scuba diving will ask. Well, there are several types of garments that can be worn under a wetsuit, from shorts that cover only your lower extremities to full-body jumpsuits that provide complete coverage for your whole body. Below we outline the different types of garments that men and women can wear under the wetsuit and the distinct features of each.

What to wear under a wetsuit for men?

Men have different options regarding what to wear under a wetsuit depending on their personal needs, from shorts and tops for warm water diving to full-body jumpsuits for cold waters.

Board Shorts

Many men often wear board shorts under their diving, snorkeling or surfing wetsuits. Just make sure that your board shorts are not those bulky ones or else the fabric could bunch while you’re swimming, surfing, or diving which can be very uncomfortable.


One thing to wear under a wetsuit for males would be speedos. These make a great alternative to board shorts which tend to bunch up while being worn under wetsuits. Speedos also fit snugly so they won’t affect how your wetsuit fits over them.

Diving Shorts

Snug-fitting diving shorts are one of the best wetsuit undergarments for men. Diving shorts are generally made from neoprene rubber, which is a great material since they don’t wrinkle or bunch up when you slide into your wetsuit. In the same way, it makes getting in and out of your wetsuit easier which is a great plus for people who are not yet familiar with how to wear a wetsuit.

Rash Guard

To keep your upper body warm while diving, you can wear a rash guard under your wetsuit. Like diving shorts, rash guards can add a layer of warmth against cold waters. They can also help protect your armpits from chaffing. Depending on how cold the water is, you can opt to use a short-sleeved rash guard or a long-sleeved one.

Full-body Jumpsuit

When diving or snorkeling in cold waters, it is recommended to use a full-body jumpsuit. These give your body full coverage and can thus help keep you even warmer.

Look for full-body jumpsuits that are made from thin neoprene materials to avoid adding bulk to your wetsuit. Note that jumpsuits also have zippers so you’ll want to make sure that they don’t get in the way of your wetsuit’s zippers.


When you ask men “what do you wear under a wetsuit?” most of them would readily answer “briefs”. For most men out there, this has become their default undergarment when wearing a wetsuit.

Briefs are okay when diving in warm waters or wearing a kayak wetsuit since you don’t need that much insulation to keep you warm. Its main purpose then is for added protection against chaffing down in the crotch.

However, ordinary cotton briefs won’t do. Look for briefs made from thin Lycra. These types of fabric are lightweight and comfortable. They’re also stretchable and won’t sag or shift out of place.

What to wear under a wetsuit for women?

When asked “what do you wear under a wetsuit?” women typically have a harder time to respond given the many requirements of their physique (which is basically why there are wetsuits designed specifically for women). They will need something that will protect their sensitive parts and light enough so they don’t feel restricted or overburdened. The garments mentioned below will satisfy these requirements and more.

Diving Shorts

As with men, women can also wear diving shorts under their wetsuits. Many diving shorts are unisex so women can borrow their partner’s diving shorts if needed. Diving shorts are long enough to provide cover and warmth for the legs. However, because of their design, they don’t bunch up when you slide into your wetsuit.

Sleeveless Vest

Women can also wear compression shirts under their wetsuits, but some will opt for the sleeveless tops or vests since they allow for more freedom in the shoulders and arms. These are the same types of vests that are used for various watersports so they can be worn under scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing wetsuits as well.

As with the other types of garments worn under wetsuits, choose a sleeveless top made from Lycra since they would be more comfortable. Also, it would be best if you could find a sleeveless top that has a drawstring on the torso area to prevent the top from riding up.

Full-body Jumpsuit

There are also full-body jumpsuits for female scuba divers. These are great choices for women who often go diving in cold waters. Available in varying fabrics and degrees of thickness, women should have no trouble finding full-body jumpsuits that suit the requirements of their dive sites. Many of these also come in flattering cuts which enhance the female physique, something to consider for women who are conscious about their curves.

One-piece Swimsuit

Is it okay to wear a one-piece swimsuit under the wetsuit? Absolutely. However, it can’t be just any regular swimsuit. You’ll want to make sure that the swimsuit you wear under your wetsuit is made from Lycra which is stretchable and comfortable. These swimsuits also hug the body well so you don’t have to worry about them bunching up.

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Can You Wear Nothing Under a Wetsuit?

Some people find the thought amusing, but go ahead and ask some seasoned divers “do you wear anything under a wetsuit?” The answer might just surprise you.

Some people opt to wear nothing underneath their diving, kayaking, or spearfishing wetsuits. Yes, it is perfectly normal to be completely naked and has nothing to wear under their wetsuit. Most people think that wearing something under a wetsuit will help to keep your body warm. Although this may be true to some degree, a good quality wetsuit is more than capable of keeping your body warm under normal conditions.

Remember that wetsuits work by letting water inside and trapping it there. The trapped water is then heated by your body, and the heated water is what will keep your body insulated against the cold. So by wearing nothing, the water is in direct contact with your skin, thus allowing it to heat up faster. Being naked also means that nothing is getting in the way between your skin and the heated water.

Still, there are some things that you need to consider if you plan to go naked under a wetsuit.

  • Wear something if you’re renting a wetsuit. For hygienic purposes, always wear something if you’re renting a wetsuit. This is because you never know what skin problems the previous user may have. It also works both ways, meaning you can help prevent the next user from acquiring whatever skin condition you may be suffering from.
  • Wear something if you need to change in public. So,  what should you wear under your wetsuit when you need to change in public? Anything that will provide you with ample coverage for the sake of decency. Besides, getting in and out of a wetsuit is difficult enough in itself so there’s no need to make it any more challenging by trying to cover yourself at the same time.



Q: What should you wear under wetsuit?


There are various types of garments which you can wear under a wetsuit, including shorts, tops, and full-body jumpsuits. Each of these have their own distinct features, but most of them can be used in almost all types of water activities and conditions. 

Q: Can you wear a bra under a wetsuit?


Yes, you can wear a sports bra under your wetsuit. Steer clear of regular cotton bras with hooks and wires since they will feel uncomfortable under a body-hugging wetsuit. Besides, regular bras are not designed to be used for swimming and excessive exposure to chlorine-filled or sea water can shorten their lifespan.

Q: What do you wear under a wetsuit in cold water?


It is recommended to wear a full-body jumpsuit, a rash guard, compression suit, and a pair of diving shorts underneath your wetsuit when diving in cold waters. These garments provide additional insulation, which in turn can help to you to stay warm throughout your dive.

Q: What do you wear under a wetsuit triathlon?


You can wear a tri suit underneath your wetsuit for triathlon races. A wetsuit undergarment like the tri suit is designed to be worn for the entire race and should help you to easily transition from the water to the bike and ultimately for the run.

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As you can see above, there are plenty of choices of what to wear under a wetsuit, and each of them has different features that cater to the needs of both men and women. As with buying a wetsuit, you also need to pay special attention to what you will be wearing underneath since this can have a significant impact on how comfortable you’ll be while playing in the water. What about you? What do you wear under a wetsuit? Let us know in the comments below.

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