Lowrance Hook 5 Fishfinder Review


Effectively scanning the fishing grounds up to a depth of 1000 feet, Hook 5 guarantees good fishing in deep waters. With both DownScan and CHIRP sonar, you get the clearest images of what is happening underwater. Below have listed some of the features that make Hook 5 Lowrance stand out: 

  • Downscan sonar with the ability to scan up to 300 feet. 
  • CHIRP sonar covering every part of the water column up to 1000 feet. 
  • Split-screen capabilities letting you view up to 3 applications at the same time. 
  • Adjustable LED backlight to give you a clear view when fishing at night or under direct sunlight.
  • IP-X7 waterproof rating eliminates the possibility of water damage. 
  • Decent imaging even in speeds as high as 70 MPH. 
  • DownScan overlay allowing you to blend the 2D CHIRP imaging with Downscan. 
  • TrackBack capability allows sonar recording. 
  • Carries Basemap charts package with more than 3000 rivers, lakes, and coastal contours. 
  • Supports the Insight Genesis app. 
  • Records up to 3,000 waypoints, 100 trails, and 100 routes. 
  • Upgrades are made easy by the device’s NMEA 0183 connectivity and microSD card slot. 


Width: 7.88 inches 

Length:  9.5 inches 

Transducer: Transom transducer with temperature sensor 

Sonar: DownScan and 2D CHIRP

Depth capability: 300 feet for DownScan, 1000 feet for CHIRP sonar 

Power input: 10-17 VDC

Power output: 500 Watt RMS 

GPS: 16-channels, internal 

Maps: BaseMaps 

Waterproof rating: IP-X7

MicroSD card support: yes 

Connectivity: NMEA 0183

Accessories: Transducer cable, bracket, tilt mount, power only cable, documentation 

User Experience 

Target Detection

With the 2D CHIRP sonar scanning up to 1000 feet and the DownScan covering up to 300 feet, it is impossible to miss a target with Hook 5 Lowrance. When using the CHIRP sonar, switching to the 83 kHz frequency allows you to cover a wider area. 

However, offering the 60-degree conical coverage, the 83 kHz beam features a reduced accuracy. For improved accuracy, you will want to go with the 200 kHz beam which offers a 20-degree cone coverage. 

The DownScan sonar utilizes fan-shaped beams and operates at 455 kHz and 800 kHz. With the 455 kHz, you will be able to cover a 57-degree area in one scan. On the other hand, the 800 kHz beam allows a 38-degree sweep. 

The CHIRP sonar does a good job of scanning and revealing fish targets while the DownScan feature is perfect for outlining all the underwater structures or contouring the waterbody bottom. However, with the DownScan Overlay feature, Lowrance Hook 5 lets you blend the imaging from the 2D CHIRP sonar with the imaging generated by the DownScan. 

Hook 5 offers decent imaging even at 70 MPH. However, for extra clear and reliable results, you should operate your fishing vessel at about 20 MPH. 

Display and Resolution

Hook 5 Lowrance comes with a top of the line 5-inch TFT display. With a pixel matrix of 480 x 480, the screen on Hook 5 displays all the results generated by the sonar scans clearly. The 16-bit color palette makes it possible for you to accurately visualize everything in the water column.

Including a split-screen feature on Hook 5, Lowrance made it possible for anglers to view up to 3 pages at the same time. This means that you access different functionalities without having to close some of the already opened features. 

Backed with an adjustable LED light, Hook 5 makes its results clear irrespective of the fishing conditions. This means that you can use it to fish both at night and under direct sunlight. 


With its built-in 16-channel GPS and preloaded charts, Hook 5 makes navigation easy. The BaseMap charts included in the device cover more than 3000 rivers, lakes, and coastal contours. With the maps, you will be able to determine your location and plot your trail. 

When it comes to chart plotting, Hook 5 has got that covered too. The device can record up to 3,000 waypoints, 100 routes, and supports 100 trails with up to 10,000 points per trail. With the Insight Genesis support, the device allows you to create maps using your sonar. 

Speaking of third-party chart packages, Hook 5 works with Fishing Hotspots PRO, Lake Insight/Nautic Insight PRO, C-MAP MAX-N by Jeppesen, Navionics Plus/HotMaps premium, and others. 

Software Upgrades

With regular updates for Hook 5 being released by Lowrance, it is almost impossible for time to catch up with the fish-finder. To keep your device from becoming outdated, all you have to do is download the upgrades free of charge and use a MicroSD card to install them on your device. 

Ease of Use

Hook 5 Lowrance makes the installation process extremely simple for anglers. With its documentation, you will get all the information you need to get the device working. Coming with a tilt mount and bracket, you won’t need to invest money in installation accessories. 

The device has intuitively placed buttons. With the buttons being clearly labeled, finding the features you are looking for should be as easy as 1-2-3. 


  • Bright and vivid display. 
  • Usable under direct sunlight and at night. 
  • Impressive depth support for both the 2D CHIRP and DownScan. 
  • Precision GPS with pre-loaded US maps and charts. 
  • Upgradable software making the device timeless. 
  • Its Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) adjusts the settings automatically. 
  • Insight Genesis support allows you to create custom maps. 


  • Comes with a basic chart package. 
  • Does not come with a cover. 

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Overall Rating 

  • Price: 98% – For a device that scans down to 1000 feet, features Advanced Signal Processing, and offers decent imaging at high speeds, Hook 5 is reasonably priced. 
  • Durability: 96% – Hook 5 is designed to take a beating. The device has an IP-X7 waterproof rating, meaning that your time on water won’t destroy it. 
  • Design: 94% – While some anglers might bemoan the lack of touchscreen capabilities, Hook 5 makes up for this with perfectly placed buttons. With a manageable size and intuitive design, anglers can operate the device with just one thumb. 
  • Overall: 96% – Allowing software updates, Hook 5 can upgrade as the fishing technology improves. With its display remaining clear day and night, the device allows you to go angling any time the fish targets in your area become active. Using its Advanced Signal Processing feature to cut out the clutter and to show you just what you need, Hook 5 improves your productivity. If you are looking for a fish finder that comes at a low price without sacrificing value, go for Lowrance Hook 5. 

Globo Surf Overview 

If you are an offshore or inland angler trying to avoid wasting time casting your baits in the wrong areas, Hook 5 Lowrance might just be the ideal choice for you. Thanks to DownScan and 2D CHIRP sonar, Lowrance Hook 5 is not likely to fail in helping you identify fish in the water column. Displaying decent images even at high speeds, the fish finder is useful for anglers who often prefer using motorized fishing vessels.

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Lowrance Hook 5 Fishfinder Review