Humminbird Helix 10 Fish Finder Review


The Humminbird Helix 10 is an expensive portable fish finder. At its price, most of you will probably expect that it is packed with the most innovative features available. Luckily, it is indeed bursting with modern technologies, which will guarantee a more productive fishing trip. Here are some features proving that this product will be worth every dollar: 

  • Dual Beam Plus Sonar for detailed imaging and generous coverage 
  • SwitchFire Sonar provides two display modes Clear Mode and Max Mode 
  • Auto Chart Live creates real-time maps to pin-point your target
  • Precision GPS with thousands of maps and accurate waypoints 
  • Built-in temperature gauge 
  • Sleek plastic body with a big glass-bonded display 
  • IPX7 waterproof rating 
  • Upgradeable internal software 
  • High-speed ethernet networking for seamless connectivity 
  • Dual SD slots for your memory card 


  • Height: 7.12 inches 
  • Width: 13.44 inches
  • Display Size: 10.1 inches
  • Display Type: Color TFT 
  • Display Pixel Matrix: 1024H x 600V 
  • Sonar Standards: Dual Beam Plus, HD Down Imaging, HD Side Imaging
  • Frequencies: 200/83/455/800/50 kHz
  • Power Output (RMS): 1,000 watts
  • Power Output Peak to Peak: 8,000 watts
  • Target Separation: 2.5 inches 
  • GPS Waypoints: 2,500 
  • Routes: 45 
  • Tracks/Points: 50/20,000 
  • Transducer: XHS 9 HDSI 180 T
  • Connectivity: Wireless and ethernet 

User Experience


If there’s one thing that can contribute to the exceptional user experience when using the Helix 10 SI GPS, it would be the display. With a diagonal measurement of 10.1 inches, it is one of the largest we have seen. This will give you a more detailed view of what the device can detect under the water. 

Another thing worth highlighting is how the display remains incredibly bright even when used under the sun. There’s no glare, making it easy to see where your target is. Meanwhile, the LED backlight will make it bright regardless of the conditions of the external environment. 

GPS and Mapping 

One of the best things about this product is that it comes with a built-in GPS. It is common in high-end fish finders to have GPS functionality, making it more useful. With thousands of available US maps, you won’t get lost even when you are on the water! 

With its fully-integrative GPS mapping, you will enjoy a reliable fishing companion. It comes with ContouredXD, which is an advanced cartography technology. This will let you access a database of US lakes in a full-contour display. 

The GPS functionality will also make it possible to point out hazards. With this, it will be easier to stay safe. One feature that makes this possible is the Humminbird HD radar. From floating hazards to other objects, you can quickly see if there is any potential obstruction on your way. 

Additionally, there is a built-in Humminbird Basemap. Underwater terrains and the surrounding points will be easy to detect. 

Ease of Use 

One of the biggest selling points of the Humminbird Helix 10 is its seamless interface and user-friendly design. Right out of the box, it will be effortless to operate. The buttons are in strategic positions and come with clear markings, so you will know exactly what they are for. 

As a plug-and-play tool, you will enjoy the lack of complications. Even when connecting it to your smartphone or ethernet, things will be easy. It will be equally effortless to upgrade the software to unlock the full features of this fish finder, which also doubles as a marine GPS


Another reason why it provides an exceptional experience to the user is that it offers various options for connectivity. At the most basic, there is NMEA technology, which is what enables an ethernet connection. The NMEA sensors will let you monitor weather updates and boat conditions, such as fuel. 

To add, to facilitate excellent wireless connectivity, it also has Bluetooth. This is what you can use to connect your device to a smartphone. In turn, you can unlock more features to maximize the functionality of the Helix 10 SI GPS. 


The performance of the Humminbird Helix 10 is second to none. This is honestly one of the best you can find in the market today. One of the best features is the CHIRP Digital Sonar. It will let you see more details that are impossible with other sonars. This will give you a view of the fish under the water. It can even help in the identification of baits. 

More so, the amazing performance is also attributed to the Switch Fire Sonar. This will give you complete control of how the sonar returns will show on your screen. The two display modes will let you add or remove details, depending on what you would like to see. All it takes is a push of a button! 

It also has Dual Beam Plus Sonar, which is another feature that improves its performance. Two beams will work together to provide a more detailed look at what you will find under the water when you are fishing. You can opt to use the narrow or wide beam depending on how detailed you want the information to be. 


  • Comes with a seamless interface for ease of use
  • The massive screen gives a detailed view of what is under the water 
  • High-definition transducer for more reliable readings 
  • Utilizes both down imaging and side imaging technologies 
  • Upgradeable software to unlock more features 


  • Some people might find it too expensive 
  • Cannot zoom and use the charts simultaneously 

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Overall Rating

  • Price: 90% – The most obvious and biggest drawback of this fish finder with GPS is its steep price. This is not for people on a budget. If you do not mind the splurge, however, this is one product that we can highly recommend. Given the plethora of advanced technologies, it is worth every dollar. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, then check out our selection of the best fish finders under 300
  • Design: 98% – From the glass screen to the clearly-marked buttons, the design is notable. It does not only look good, but it is also designed in such a way that it will be user-friendly and functional. This is not one of those devices that can be an eyesore when you have it in your boat. 
  • Features: 98% – For a high-end fish finder and GPS, you will be happy with how feature-rich it is. It has advanced features that can help accurately locate your target. Gone were the days when your fishing trips always end up in frustration! 
  • Usability: 95% – It is a great option if you are looking for a user-friendly fish finder. It is quite big, so it will be difficult to use with one hand. Nonetheless, once it is mounted, you will love how seamless the interface is. 
  • Overall: 95% – In sum, this fish finder and GPS combo are some of the best products on the market! People with discerning preferences will be happy with its design and performance. This is a great way to increase the chances of having a fresh catch the next time you are out fishing!


Globo Surf Overview

The Helix 10 SI GPS is an exceptional product! The price may easily set some people off, but that should not be the case! There’s a reason why it is expensive. From its crisp display to a seamless interface, this fish finder is a great pick! 

Bringing the Humminbird Helix 10 on your next fishing adventure can spare you from frustration. With its advanced sonar technologies and built-in GPS, it will be a lot easier to locate where your next catch will be!

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Humminbird Helix 10 Fish Finder Review