Lowrance HDS-7 Gen-3 Fish Finder Review


Lowrance HDS 7 fishfinder carries all the features you would need to turn angling from frustrating into an amazing experience. With the fish finder, angling inland – in rivers and lakes – or fishing offshore – in the deep ocean waters – will be smooth. In Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3, you will find the following features: 

  • Impressively clear display with touchscreen capabilities. 
  • Supporting up to 4 panels, the display allows you to view imaging generated by StructureScan and CHIRP sonar side by side. 
  • Intuitively placed buttons to facilitate device control in all weather conditions. 
  • Preloaded with Insight USA charts, navigation is a snap. 
  • Storing more than 3,000 waypoints, 100 trails, and 100 routes, tracking your fishing progress is simple. 
  • Built-in GPS with WAAS/EGNOS corrections gives accurate location tracking. 
  • Featuring an NMEA 2000 port, Ethernet connection capabilities, and wireless connection, networking is made easy. 
  • Split Zoom allows you to magnify certain portions of your sonar’s view. 
  • Upgradable software means that HDS-7 Gen-3 does not become outdated. 
  • Featuring temperature probes, the device’s transducer helps you track temperature changes in the water. 


Width: 5.76 inches 

Length: 8.48 inches 

Sonar: StructureScan HD and CHIRP 

Transducer: 83/200 kHz transducer for CHIRP and LSS-2 transducer for StructureScan 

Depth: 300 feet for StructureScan and 750 feet for Broadband Sounder 

Power input: 10-17 VDC min-max 

Power output: 500W RMS, 4000W peak-to-peak

Waterproof rating: IP-X7 

GPS: Internal 

Maps: Insight USA

MicroSD card support: 2 Slots supporting up to 32 GB

Networking: Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi connectivity, NMEA 2000 port

Accessories: Power cable, StructureScan HD transducer, CHIRP sonar transducer, bracket, sun cover, documentation pack 

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User Experience 


The CHIRP sonar on HDS-7 uses dual-beam frequency to give you a clear view of what’s under your fishing boat. With its 83 kHz frequency, you get a 60-degree conical coverage, covering a huge area in one sweep but with reduced accuracy. With the 200 kHz beam, you increase the fish finder’s accuracy while enjoying a 20-degree conical coverage. Going down to a depth of 750 feet, HDS-7 ensures that you do not miss any target with the CHIRP sonar. 

The StructureScan HD utilizes 455/800 kHz to offer picture-perfect clarity with its DownScan and Sidescan imaging. The 455 kHz works well for all available depths. However, if you are fishing in shallow waters, the 800 kHz frequency will be more ideal for you. 

Both the StructureScan HD and CHIRP transducers come with temperature probes. They constantly feed your main unit with data, allowing it to show variations on the implemented temperature graph. 

HDS-7 also offers flasher sonar, Bottom Lock, Split Zoom, and Fish ID. The flasher function is perfect for people who enjoy ice fishing, thanks to its circular layout. Fish ID utilizes suggestive icons to mark the results generated by the sonar. The Bottom Lock feature shows you a flattened bottom, providing an ideal view of fish targets while the Split Zoom allows a closer look at specific portions of your sonar view. 

Display and Resolution 

Lowrance HDS 7 fishfinder comes with a 7-inch display. With its TFT LCD screen, you get to enjoy a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 800 x 480. The display guarantees maximum clarity, helping you avoid confusing your targets with other underwater structures. 

The display on Lowrance HDS-7 Gen-3 has a LED backlight. This enables anglers to observe the imaging generated by the sonar without experiencing difficulties when exposed to direct sunlight. 

Navigation and Progress Tracking 

HDS 7 comes with a built-in GPS with a 10 Hz position update rate and WAAS/EGNOS correction. You can store 3,000 waypoints on the fish-finder, 100 trails with 10,000 points for each trail, and up to 100 routes. The device supports Broadband Radar, Class B AIS, SiriusXM, and autopilot systems such as SmartSteer, MotorGuide, PinpointGPS, and Lowrance Outboard Pilot.

HDS-7 Gen-3 comes pre-loaded with Insight USA charts for both inland and coastal waters. Its StructureMap feature works together with sonar to customize your maps instantly, increasing situational awareness. 

With its Trackback function, you can scroll through the sonar log and review various locations. All this shows that the fish finder is extremely versatile when it comes to both navigation and tracking the fishing progress. 


Coming with a rugged build, Lowrance HDS-7 Gen-3 can handle the conditions in which it is used. With an IP-X7 waterproof rating, the fishing aid can’t handle rain and accidental water splashes. 

With its card door closed, the fish finder can handle submersion in waters of up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes. This tells you that you won’t have to worry about water damage when you are out on your favorite fishing spot with HDS-7 Gen-3. 

Ease of Use 

Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 comes with both touchscreen and button control capabilities. With most of the crucial functions being accessible from the home screen, the fish finder is usable in all conditions. 

Coming with all the accessories you will need to install it on your fishing vessel, the fish finder mounting won’t take long. To guide you through the installation process, the fishfinder comes with an installation manual. 


  • Large touchscreen interface 
  • Physical menu buttons for added convenience. 
  • Pre-installed maps. 
  • You can download maps online easily. 
  • SD-card compatible. 
  • Offers both side and down imaging. 
  • High-sensitivity GPS. 


  • You will need to buy a 12 V battery separately. 
  • With a lot of features, it can take some time to get acquainted with the fish finder. 

Overall Rating 

  • Price: 90% – For a fish-finder that carries ultra-modern display, navigation, progressing tracking, and fish-finding technology, HDS-7 is reasonably priced. Both beginning and experienced anglers will get maximum value for their money. 
  • Performance: 99% – Featuring DownScan, Side scan, and dual-frequencies for both the StructureScan and CHIRP sonar, HDS-7 gives clear, concise, and accurate results. 
  • Design: 98% – Lowrance HDS 7 fishfinder has a very intuitive design. In addition to allowing control via its touchscreen, HDS-7 Gen-3 has buttons for added convenience. This means that operation is possible in all conditions. The fish-finder is designed to have an IP-X7 waterproof rating, which increases its durability. 
  • Overall: 96% – If you are a serious angler, Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 can take care of all your needs. Allowing both shallow and deepwater fishing, the fishing aid is ideal for both offshore and inland fishing. Allowing progress tracking and optimum navigation accuracy, following the wrong routes when fishing becomes a thing of the past. 

Globo Surf Overview 

Carrying all the features you would need to locate fish in all types of fishing conditions, Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 is an extremely sophisticated device. It is primarily designed for use in professional fishing tournaments – this means that it is built to guarantee maximum effectiveness. 

Currently, Lowrance HDS 7 fishfinder is one of the top fish-finding devices with a high-quality 7-inch screen, high-sensitivity GPS that is compatible with a wide range of charts and maps, and excellent sonar technology. While carrying all these features, the device is still reasonably priced.

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Lowrance HDS-7 Gen-3 Fish Finder Review