Lowrance Elite 3x Fish Finder Review


Loaded with all the features you would need when out fishing on your boat or kayak, Elite 3x Lowrance is a perfect solution for anglers who are tired of casting their baits in the wrong areas. Whether fish in your angling location becomes active at night all during the day, Lowrance Elite 3x fishfinder guarantees the following features: 

  • 60-degree conical coverage for searching large areas and displaying large fish arches. 
  • 20-degree conical coverage for best target separation and lure tracking. 
  • A high-resolution display that offers a clear view day and night. 
  • Broadband sounder sonar that allows distinguishing fish arches, bottom contours, and hardness. 
  • The (+) and (-) keys allow up to 4X zoom capability on targeted areas. 
  • Offers less battery draw, increasing the amount of time you can use it for fishing without charging. 
  • Advanced signal processing does all the work for you, displaying easy to understand results. 
  • The included bracket makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle. 
  • The device can track the temperature in the water, offering clear and concise thermocline results. 


Width: 3.71 inches 

Length: 5.64 inches 

Weight: 3 pounds 

Minimum Depth: 3 feet 

Transducer: Transom mount, Lowrance Skimmer with a temperature sensor 

Compatibility: Muddy waters, saltwater, and freshwater 

Accessories: Mounting bracket, transom mount transducer, power cable, owner’s manual, installation hardware

User Experience 


Coming with dual-frequency capabilities, Elite 3x Lowrance makes for a distinguished fishing experience. Its 83 kHz frequency offers you a 60-degree conical coverage, perfectly displaying the largest fish species and helping you search a large area. Once you change to the 200 kHz frequency, you get a 20-degree conical coverage, enjoying a great target separation and lure tracking. 

When combined with the Advanced Signal Processing, the Broadband Sounder on Lowrance Elite 3x fishfinder gives a detailed view of what is under your fishing vessel. The device scans interpret and display fishing arches, the structure, and contour available at the bottom of the waterbody, the bottom hardness, and the thermocline. 

Coming with an optional Fish ID feature, the device allows beginning anglers to identify fish pretty quickly. Depending on your preferences, you can always switch between the fish icon display and arches. 

When fish are located close to the bottom of the lake, they show unclear arches on most fish finders. However, with Lowrance Elite 3x fishfinder, this won’t be a problem. Allowing you to zoom up to 4x, you can get a closer and clearer view of all types of fish in the water column. 

Display and Resolution 

When it comes to the display, Elite 3x has got your back whether you are fishing at night or during the day. Its LED-backlit color display guarantees a clear view during the day when the sunlight is the strongest. At night, you will just need to use the power button to switch on the backlight to get a clear view. 

The device comes with a detailed 320 x 240 resolution. This guarantees a clear view of the fish and other structures in the water. The resolution also comes in handy for anglers who wish to see things from wide viewing angles. 

Power Usage

While offering up to 10X the sensitivity of competing analog models, Elite 3x has a minimum battery draw. This means that you can fish for an extended period without having to charge your battery. 

One downside, however, is that the device does not come with its battery. You will need to hook it to your 12-volt battery whenever you need to use it for fishing. The device, however, does come with its power cable. 


Weighing only 3 pounds, the Elite 3x Lowrance is one of the lightest fish finders in the market. In addition to this, the device is extremely small, with its dimensions being 5.64″ H x 3.71″ W x 1.85″ D. 

Carrying this device will not be a problem. Elite 3x will just need a small carrying space. Additionally, it won’t be tiring to carry it using your hand. 

Ease of Use 

The device does not require an expert to install it on your kayak or fishing boat. It comes with a tilt, quick-release, and swivel mounting bracket. The bracket makes installing and removing the fish finder extremely easy. The bracket’s free-moving design makes adjusting and tilting of the screen both efficient and effective. 

With the sets of buttons on Elite 3x, accessing all features on the fishfinder is extremely easy. For example, with the Menu button, you can access frequency, range, ping speed, overlay data, settings pages, fish ID, noise reduction, and the color line. 

The Advanced Signal Processing feature on the device makes your work much easier. The device uses this feature to process all signals generated by the sonar, only displaying easy to read and interpret data on the screen.


  • Quick and easy mounting 
  • Detailed view of what is under your fishing boat 
  • Up to 4x zoom capability 
  • Minimum power draw 
  • Delivers great results in muddy waters
  • Requires a small installation space 
  • Comes with a depth finder 
  • Has the water temperature feature 
  • Has a nice bright screen


  • Does not have the GPS feature 
  • The device won’t come with its battery 

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Overall Rating 

  • Price: 99% – Elite 3x comes at a very reasonable price. For a device that can detect the water temperature, detect the depth, offer up to a 4x zoom feature, and show a clear view of everything in the water, you will get maximum value for the money you spend. 
  • Construction: 96% – Featuring durable construction, Elite 3x can handle fishing in the roughest condition. Its small size means that it does not occupy a lot of space on the fishing vessel. 
  • Design: 97% – The device is designed with one of the best displays. With the LED display, you get a perfect view under the sunlight and at night. The buttons are well arranged under the display and they are all clearly labeled. Using the device’s buttons, navigating through different settings and features becomes as easy as 1-2-3. 
  • Overall: 97% – Few fish finders offer value like Elite 3x does. The device lets you distinguish between different underwater structures, lets you know bottom hardness, shows you the temperature in the water, all while indicating the fish targets. With the fish finder, finding fish in muddy waters becomes a simple task. If you like to go angling on a kayak, canoe, or a small aluminum boat, the Lowrance Elite 3x fish finder will be a worthy purchase. 

Globo Surf Overview 

It is every angler’s dream to find a budget-friendly fish finder that comes packed with maximum features. With Elite 3x Lowrance, you get more than you pay for. 

Carrying an impressive display, intuitive design, dual-frequency operation, the ability to zoom in on smaller targets, and much more, Lowrance Elite 3x fishfinder makes your time on the water extremely productive. When it comes to mounting, you won’t need any experience. Its bracket makes the entire mounting process simple. Needing a very small space for installation, Elite 3X is just perfect for anglers with the smallest fishing vessels.

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Lowrance Elite 3x Fish Finder Review