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The Versatile Leather Bag from the New York-based startup Zwuits is a unique blend of sustainability and modern design. Not only is it a product manufactured with the highest quality standards in mind, but special attention has been placed on the leather used to put it together. All of the material has been sourced from animals destined for meat production and is treated with non-toxic chemicals, to ensure the well-being of the environment and the workers involved.


A versatile bag is a must-have item for anyone living in today’s fast-paced world. Suits offers an item that not only provides ample space for storage and waterproof protection but can also be quickly transformed into a different bag if need be. Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can choose to wear the bag as a messenger, a backpack, or a briefcase, giving you the confidence that you can fit in any social environment you find yourself in, with waterproof protection to top it off.


The biggest innovation brought on by Zwuits is the use of vegetable tanning in the process of preparing the leather. This not only prevents toxic waste from entering the environment but also protects the health of the workers on the manufacturing line. The company also prides itself in taking special care of the people that assemble their bags, providing them with health care and risk compensation, on the job training, or meals during working hours. By purchasing the Versatile Leather Bag from Zwuits you know you are supporting a virtuous system, which places people and families at the center of its thoughts.



  • Made of full-grain, ethically sourced, and naturally tanned leather
  • Usable as a messenger bag, briefcase, or backpack
  • Waterproof coating
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Extra padded side pockets for laptop and tablet
  • External zipped pockets for quick access
  • Waterproof internal slot for umbrella or bottle
  • Phone holder
  • Business card slots on backpack straps

The Versatile Leather Bag from Zwuits is made in Bangladesh with leather that comes from the local market, where it would have otherwise been disposed of. In this way, the brand is also helping the country deal with its waste issue. The skins are then passed through large drums which extrude any salt that might have been used to preserve the leather. After being split, the skin is treated with vegetable-based tannins that are non-hazardous, such as tree bark extract. The method used is the condensed/cathecol method, which dates back hundreds of years and takes up to 35 days to complete. After dyeing, a hydrophobic layer of fat is applied and a waterproof fat is sprayed on to make the skin resistant to water. This process keeps the natural texture of the leather delivering a unique look, with a soft and glossy feel.

As far as storage space is concerned, the Versatile Leather Bag from Zwuits is right up there with the best models on the market. The internal storage is big enough for several pieces of clothing and is closed by a sturdy zipper. The front compartment features a waterproof holder designed for an umbrella or a water bottle alongside numerous pockets to hold your phone, pens, charging cables, or business cards. External padded pockets are the exact size to accommodate a laptop and a table and provide excellent protection against everyday bustling. The two backpack straps feature slots for business cards and can easily be stored in a zippered pocket on the back when you want to change your bag’s configuration.

What makes the Versatile Leather Bag from Zwuits really stand out, however, is the way they treat their workers. The founder of the company is Said Habib Ferdous, a Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur who is well aware of the hardships his countrymen face in their home country. He has created a company that not only strives to put a high-quality product on the market but also to improve the lives of those working in it and combining it all with special attention to environmental sustainability. The factory workers are at the center of numerous benefit plans, such as establishing a daycare center for their kids, that are aimed at guaranteeing their wellbeing in the workplace. If you decide to bring home one of these bags from Zwuits, you’ll know that you are part of a bigger project, one that does not only involve making money but strives to make a difference, and there are not many companies that can say that today.


Height: 13.5 inches/34.29 cm

Width: 16 inches/40.64 cm

Depth: 5 inches/12.7 cm

Weight: 4.5 pounds/2.04 kg

Volume: 18 liters

Colors: Light and dark brown, dark blue, black

User Experience

Capacity: Despite not being among the largest bags on the market, the Versatile Leather Bag from Zwuits proves more than enough to carry the things you need for a day at work. The ample middle compartment actually allows you to plan for even something more than that, being able to store several pieces of clothing, if properly folded. The padding on the outer pockets makes you feel safe when your bringing your laptop around and the square design helps in using every available inch of free space.

Comfort: Thanks to the care with which this bag is made, it feels extremely comfortable to bring around. The straps never dig into your skin unless you overcharge the bag and when worn as a backpack it fits snugly into your back. The three different setups are very easy to switch between if you get tired of one or the other and all three prove nice to wear and carry around.

Waterproof Protection: The Versatile Leather Bag from Zwuits is an excellent performer when it comes to waterproof protection, despite not having any of the artificial chemicals that are usually used to this goal. The all-natural treatment of fat and wax proves more than able to resist a drizzle and will hold its own even when subjected to heavier thunderstorms, so unless you risk being completely submerged you can be sure your laptop and valuables are safe.

Durability: Extreme precise stitching and great quality leather make this bag from Zwuits an extremely tough one. You won’t need to worry about wear and tear as you bring it with you through bustling cities or crammed public transports, the Versatile Leather Bag is built to last and will remind you of it every time you pick it up. Thanks to its quality and versatility this may well be the only bag you’ll have to buy for several years to come.

Design: The squared design of the bag only adds to the versatility that is its strongest point. Not only does it enable you to use every inch of the bag for packing but its relatively thin depth makes it very easy to transport or fit with other pieces of luggage if need be. The outer zipped pockets provide quick access to items that you need to be readily available. The whole item is pleasing to look at and well balanced, without too many zippers and buttons. It’s smooth, sleek, and looks simple while hiding intricate features below.


  • Excellent design makes it easy to switch between setups
  • Good waterproof capabilities
  • Tough and durable leather with precise stitching
  • Well placed zippered pockets
  • Made with sustainable and ethically sourced materials


  •  Storage space may not prove enough for some users

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Overall Rating

Usability: 99% – There is not much that the Versatile Leather Bag from Zwuits does wrong when it comes to its use as a bag. Storage space is more than enough for everyday office goers and the laptop and tablet compartments are well protected. The external pockets are a nice touch if you need some items to be more readily accessible but overall it’s hard to find a fault in how this bag is laid out. If you need a messenger bag, a briefcase, or a city backpack, this item will have you more than covered.

Design: 99% – Aside from its excellent design which makes it extremely usable, Zwuits deserve praise for their environmental and social efforts. The attention that is put in the sourcing of the leather and the treatment of the company’s employees all put this item in a category of its own. Its unique blend of quality with sustainability makes this bag stand out from its competitors since it will make its wearers part of something that stretches beyond themselves.

Price: 97% – The Versatile Leather Bag is a premium product and is priced accordingly, so the number written next to it may seem daunting to some buyers. However, if you take into consideration the quality of the product you are receiving and its place in the whole mission of the company, you will understand the significance of the investment you are making. Knowing that your money will contribute to such useful goals will help remove any uncertainties regarding the amount you have to use and on top of all that you will purchase an extremely well-built product that is bound to last you for many years to come.

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A capable messenger bag is in the wardrobe of any modern-day worker, but none of them has the significance of the Versatile Leather Bag for Zwuits. Not only is it a very well-rounded bag that can be used in a variety of situations thanks to its three different available setups, but the environmental and social missions that lay behind it make a special item indeed. As environment-friendly people ourselves, we can’t help but recommend this product. Wearing it will not only make you look good and feel comfortable but give you an added sense of pride in knowing what you are taking part in.

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