SIMARI Womens and Mens Water Shoes SWS002 Review



The bottom of these water shoes by SIMARI is made of TPR, which is a combination of rubber and plastic and the same material sports shoes are made of.  The sole is hard, abrasion-resistant, and shock absorbent but permeable to air.

With the thin bottom, these SIMARI water shoes are non-bulky, easy to walk in, and don’t hinder freedom of movement. One can participate in all kinds of activities from dancing to surfing with them on and they won’t hinder performance.

The outsoles are slip-resistant. They have great traction and a sure grip on all kinds of surfaces. These shoes eliminate the risk of sliding or slipping and falling when walking on slippery surfaces.

Ergonomically molded sole design that imitates human feet to provide support, flexibility, and comfort.

The upperparts are made of a diving material that is soft, stretchy, and comfortable. The upper parts have good drainage and are fast drying.

Anti-chafe neck design – the neck is lined with a smooth fabric to prevent chafing.

Ultralight and packable, they aren’t a burden to carry along wherever you go.

Slip-on design makes the shoes easy to put on and take off.

With their unisex design, these are great water shoes for women as well as men. They come in men’s and women’s sizes.

A wide range of color and print options to choose from, ranging from neutral tones, bright and cheerful hues to ocean-themed prints.



Women’s Sizes: 5 – 13.5 US

Men’s Sizes: 4 – 12.5 US

Weight:  85 grams

Materials: TPR plastic bottom, diving fabric upper

Warranty: One year warranty

User Experience

Fit: The best water shoes have a snug fit so they don’t slip out when weighed down by the water. These shoes by SIMARI fulfill this requirement. They fit true to size most of the time. They are also stretchy. If you will be wearing them when swimming, you may want to order one or half size down for a snug fit so they don’t come out when in the water.

Convenience:  Ultralight and packable, the SIMARI water shoes are very convenient to carry. You can just stuff them in a small space and bring them along wherever you go. The slip-on design makes it easy to put them on and take them off.

Comfort:  Ultralight with a thin sole, the SIMARI shoes are like water socks and they don’t weigh you down. They are flexible and conform to the shape of your feet moving with you. They don’t hinder your freedom of movement or get in the way when you’re walking or engaging in your favorite activities. The upperparts are smooth and stretchy. The neck is designed to be anti-chafe.

Protection:  With the wonderful traction the outsoles have, these are non-slip shoes that have a wonderful grip on all kinds of surfaces and are safe to wear on slippery surfaces such as river rocks, swimming pools, shower rooms, and water parks. The sole is tough and absorbs shock cushioning your feet very well and protecting them when you’re walking on hot sand or asphalt, twigs, sharp corals, and rocks. It is best to avoid stepping on visibly sharp rocks though as your feet will feel the pressure.

Aqua Performance:  With the porous upper and permeable bottom, these shoes have very good drainage and water flows out easily. The bottom and upper don’t absorb water and the shoes dry fast. This means no soggy feet. They transition seamlessly from the water to land.

Uses:  Anywhere you would rather go barefoot but need shoes for protection and balance, you will be glad to have a pair of the SIMARI water shoes, as they offer a comfortable barefoot-like feeling and protect feet from injuries.

They are perfect for the beach, pool, water park, and watersports and activities such as snorkeling, surfing, sailing, beach games, and water aerobics. They are great to wear when camping, ballet dancing, doing yoga, and pilates. They are also a comfortable alternative to going barefoot when in the house.

Care: Maintaining these aqua shoes is a breeze. Just give them a rinse with clean water and place them in an airy place to dry. They dry very fast, as they don’t retain water. What can damage the shoes is bending the heels or placing them by the fire to dry.


  • Ultralight and as comfortable as going barefoot
  • Water drains quickly and they are quick drying
  • Help with balance and provide some support
  • Non-slip with really good traction on risky surfaces
  • Stylish with plenty of attractive color and print options
  • Tough, shock-absorbent, and protective sole
  • Well made and really good quality
  • Inexpensive and a fantastic bargain
  • Backed by a one year warranty


  • They easily slip off during swimming when the fit isn’t snug
  • Sand can get inside especially if they are not a snug fit
  • No laces to tighten or loosen the fit
  • They are protective on rocky surfaces but you may still feel the rocks

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Overall Rating


Here are our ratings of the SIMARI women’s and men’s water shoes  SWS002:

Price: 100%  – These are inexpensive water shoes. Can’t beat the price for how good these water shoes are.

Material: 95%  – TPR material for the bottom and a diving material for the top are great choices of materials. They make the shoe lightweight, fast-draining, quick-drying, non-slip, flexible, and comfortable to wear.

Design: 95%  – Very well thought out making the shoes easy to slip on and off, slip-resistant, anti-chafe, flexible, and comfortable. These aqua shoes aren’t just functional, they are also good looking and stylish.

Overall: 96%  –  These SIMARI water shoes fit the bill for lightweight, comfortable, and well priced protective water shoes. They are really good water shoes at a great price. So inexpensive but well made to hold up well.

Globo Surf Overview

The SIMARI women’s and men’s water shoes offer everything the best water shoes should have. They are super lightweight, flexible, drain water and dry fast, fit snugly, and are comfortable to wear. The soles are hard and protective. The outsoles are slip-resistant.

They are surprisingly high-quality water shoes for the price. They are also very stylish. If you’re looking for this kind of thin-soled aqua shoes and love the look of this pair by SIMARI, you can’t go wrong with it.

Do the SIMARI water shoes for women and men sound like the perfect aqua shoes for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comment section below.

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