SIMARI Mens Womens Water Shoes Review



Made of a lycra/spandex material, the upper parts of these shoes are lightweight, stretchy, and fast drying. This material resists wear and degradation by saltwater very well.

The outsoles are made of tough rubber while the EVA insoles are soft and comfortable.

Slip-resistant outsoles have really great traction on all kinds of surfaces from slippery rocks, wet decks, to dry land. These shoes prevent slippage and make the wearer confident of their footing.

The soles are tough and substantial enough to protect feet when stepping on sharp corals, rocks, h, t sand, and asphalt. But not so thick that they are a hindrance to one’s activities.

The soles are ergonomically designed so they are flexible and mold to the feet to ensure a comfortable fit and freedom of movement.

Eight drain holes on each bottom allow water and small particles to flow out quickly when you step out of the water. This ensures a dry and healthy environment for your feet. These shoes don’t retain water and get heavy.

Breathable bottoms and tops allow feet to breathe and stay cool and comfortable even when it is hot.

These shoes have a comfortably snug fit with a drawstring velcro strap for adjustment.

Elastic shoes mouth and the pull-tight strap make the shoes easy to put on and take off.

Lightweight so they don’t weigh you down or interfere with your activities. You hardly notice you have shoes on.

Stylish men’s and women’s water shoes that look like regular sneakers and make them suitable for a wide range of activities in water as well as on land.



Men’s Sizes: 5M – 12.5M US

Women’s Sizes: 6M – 13.5M US

Materials: Rubber outsole, EVA insole, lycra/spandex top

Warranty: One year warranty

User Experience

Ease of Use: Taking these SIMARI water sneakers wherever you go isn’t a challenge. Lightweight and compressible, they are very packable and convenient to travel with. Whenever you need to use them, the drawstring strap at the top and the stretchy collar make slipping them on. Taking them off is just as easy.

After a day at the beach, in the water, or on the trail, cleaning these aqua shoes is as simple as rinsing with clean water and placing them in an airy place to dry. Since they don’t hold water, they dry really fast. If you’re camping, you can wash them in the evening and they will be dry in the morning ready to go again.

Fit: These SIMARI aqua shoes are top-rated and one of the things people love about them is how they fit. The stretchy tops give them a nice, comfortably snug fit. According to reviews by users, they fit as expected most of the time when you order your exact size based on the size chart. They also run a little big for some people.

One of the best features they have is the pull-tight velcro strap. It offers a hassle-free way to loosen or tighten the shoes to get the perfect fit and ensure they stay on even when engaging in vigorous water exercises such as swimming.

Comfort: These aqua sneakers are super comfortable, whether you’re just relaxing or on the go – walking, running, surfing, or paddling. The soft insoles and uppers feel really good against the skin. Air flows freely through the breathable tops and bottoms ensuring feet stay cool and comfortable even in the summer. Since they are lightweight, having them on is like going barefoot and you don’t get tired when wearing them.

Performance: Whenever you have to trudge through water, mud, sand, dirt, or walk on rocks, these water shoes will ensure your feet are comfortable and protected.

They are fantastic for what they are made for – water activities in the ocean, on lakes, rivers, and at swimming pools. Water and sand drain easily through the drain holes in the bottoms and the porous tops making them phenomenal as water shoes. You won’t be walking around with wet feet all day. No suction sound when removing the shoes and no sogginess.

They also do well out of the water. You can wear them on land when walking, hiking on muddy trails, and camping. With their stylish everyday sneaker design and barefoot comfort, you can wear them around the house, around town when running errands, and when walking the dog. They come in handy in all kinds of situations in and out of the house

Durability: After appreciating how stylish these water sneakers are, the next thing you notice about them is the premium feel, which is a pleasant surprise given that they aren’t pricy. These are really high-quality water shoes that have been built to take a beating.

The materials are of great quality and the shoes are well-engineered and stitched. User reviews show that they hold up great even when worn in salt water and rocky environments. You can rest assured that you’re getting a shoe that will hold up and serve you well for quite a while.


  • Very comfortable as lightweight, soft, and breathable
  • Fast draining and quick drying
  • Great, snug fit that is adjustable using the pull tight velcro strap
  • Flexible soles and stretchy uppers
  • Non-slip outsole with great traction on slippery surfaces
  • Stylish and suitable for a variety of activities
  • High-quality water shoes that hold up great
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Compressible and convenient to carry
  • Inexpensively priced and an amazing deal
  • Quality is guaranteed by a one-year warranty


  • Their sizing and fit run big in some cases
  • They only come in dull, neutral colors. No vibrant, colorful options

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Overall Rating


Our ratings of the SIMARI sneaker-style water shoes for men and women are as follows:

Price: 100% – Inexpensive but awesome water shoes for men and women! They have the look and feel of high-end water shoes but are reasonably priced. The price is unbeatable given the level of style, quality, and functionality.

Material: 100% – A tough and flexible rubber bottom, a soft, breathable, and stretchy lycra top, and a soft EVA insole. All are excellent choices of materials. SIMARI also didn’t skimp on the quality of the materials.

Design: 100% – Excellent design for use in and around water. Everything is well thought out – the no-slippage tread design, the ventilation, the drainage holes, and a drawstring strap for adjusting the fit. They have both function and form. They don’t look like water shoes but their performance in water and wet environments is amazing. Their stylish design also suits casual everyday wear.

Overall: 100% – We like everything about them! High quality, protective, comfortable, and good looking. For the price, the kind of comfort, quality, and functionality they offer exceeds expectations.

Globo Surf Overview

These men’s and women’s water shoes by SIMARI are definitely some of the best water shoes on the market. They are lightweight, fast draining and drying, and comfortable as great water shoes should be. The quality is amazing, and a pleasant surprise gave the price.

They are pretty good looking shoes too and since they don’t look like water shoes, they also work as casual sneakers you can wear at home and around town. If you think these aqua shoes by SIMARI will meet your needs, we wholly recommend them. You will be very happy with them and they will serve you well!

Do the SIMARI water shoes for men and women sound like the perfect aqua shoes for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comment section below.

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