Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak Review


Sevylor thought about many different things when creating the Big Basin kayak, so it comes with plenty of nice features. Most of these are there to ensure you’re completely safe since safety is a common concern when talking about inflatable kayaks. Other features are there to make sure you’re comfortable while riding, and that the kayak performs well. Take a quick look at all the things that this kayak comes with:

  • Three separate air chambers for added security if the kayak gets punctured
  • AirTight construction system prevents any air leaks
  • Boston valves are secure and easy to use
  • Tarpaulin hull reinforcement
  • Three removable seats can be installed in any position
  • Spray covers at the bow and stern repel water splash and keep the cockpit dry
  • D-rings on the sides for securing the gear
  • Carry handles on the front and back
  • Side handles for better stability when getting in and out
  • Removable center fin for improved tracking


Length: 12 feet 3 inches

Width: 3 feet 1 inch

Weight: 34.8 pounds

Capacity: 490 pounds

Packed size: 18 x 10 x 24 inches

Material: Heavy-duty PVC with Tarpaulin bottom

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Included accessories: Carry bag, pressure gauge, tracking fin, repair kit, user manual

User Experience


Performance: Kayakers are generally satisfied with how the Sevylor 3 person kayak handles. Considering that it’s over 3ft wide, it isn’t too slow on the water – as long as everyone pitches in and grabs a paddle. On the other hand, this width makes it really stable, something which is necessary considering there are three people who are inside.

As we mentioned earlier, this kayak works best on flat water. People are very satisfied with the tracking too, and the removable fin really makes a difference. It even has directional strakes on the sides that additionally help. This is a versatile vessel that can also be used as a tandem or a solo kayak if you want, even though using it as a solo can be problematic.

Comfort: People say that this kayak is comfortable for shorter rides, but not the best for whole-day adventures without taking a break. The kayak seats make sure that all three occupants have a stable and comfy sitting position, and the adjustable backrest gives you nice back support. However, because of the limited leg space, it’s not recommended that three larger adults use this kayak together. On the other hand, it has more than enough space if a child sits in the middle.

We also want to mention the storage (or the lack of it). Paddlers say that even though the weight capacity is great, you don’t get plenty of options for storing your gear. There is some space for a lunch cooler or a dry bag behind the back seat, but it’s pretty limited. Of course, you get more space in the cockpit if you remove one seat, but people can’t help but feel that this kayak could use some bungee rigging on the deck.

Construction and Design: This is a well-made kayak, and many satisfied users can testify to this. Materials used are particularly important when talking about this type of kayak because inflatables can easily be punctured and ruined if bad materials are used. Luckily, the PVC with tarpaulin reinforcement gives this one exceptional strength, and people say they use it worry-free.

Additionally, the body of this kayak is made of three separate inflatable chambers and features Sevylor’s patented AirTight system. This is very important for inflatable kayak safety since even if one chamber starts leaking, you can still safely reach the shore because the other two remain inflated. Also, Sevylor includes a repair kit in the package for quick care and repair.

Setup: Since you need to inflate multiple air chambers, you can expect that setting up this kayak is going to take some time. Users say that inflating takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on which pump you’re using. Unfortunately, the package doesn’t come with a pump, so you’ll have to get one yourself. Consider buying an electric pump – it’s going to make things much easier.

This kayak has three Boston valves (one for each chamber), which are secure and tolerate high pressure. You get a pressure gauge in the package, so you can visually control and adjust the pressure inside the kayak until you get to the recommended level.

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Portability: One of the upsides of owning an inflatable kayak is certainly its portability. When compared to a hardshell, this one is much easier to take with you regardless of where you’re going. Not to mention that this is a 3-person kayak that fits in a single carry bag. For such a large vessel, the Big Basin is surprisingly lightweight. Besides, it’s easy to carry the kayak even when inflated, thanks to the four handles it comes with (two on the bow and stern, and two on the sides).


  • Very stable for a large inflatable kayak
  • Smart tri-chamber design
  • Removable fin helps with tracking
  • Can be configured as a single- or a two-person kayak
  • High-quality build materials with reinforcements
  • Every seat has a water bottle holder on the back
  • Easy to transport when deflated


  • The package comes without a pump or paddles
  • Tight fit for three larger adults
  • Not the best choice for solo use

Overall Rating


  • Price: 100% – There are not many kayaks that can rival this one when discussing the price-to-quality ratio. It’s incredibly affordable, so you should be able to afford it even if you’re considerate about kayaking costs. Buying this one is many times cheaper than buying three separate kayaks for your family, so it’s something worth thinking about.
  • Material: 95% – Considering that it’s an inflatable, the Sevylor 3 person kayak is really tough. Both the body and the tarpaulin floor are strong enough to resist contact with sharp rocks, branches, or anything else you may stumble upon. We also like that it comes with a repair kit, so you can quickly fix it if you have any issues.
  • Design: 85% – We think that the design is pretty good, all things considered. It’s a large kayak that is going to allow you and your friends to enjoy all the benefits of kayaking. This being said, you need to be aware that it can feel cramped for larger individuals, as we mentioned earlier. Also, some deck rigging would be useful since it would allow you to bring more gear even when the kayak is fully occupied.
  • Overall: 93% – There are significantly more positives than negatives when discussing this kayak. It has space for three occupants, which is pretty unconventional and gives plenty of options to people who like to share the fun and go kayaking with kids. Also, the build quality is a really big plus since you will be able to use it for many years.

Globo Surf Overview

As you had the chance to see, the Big Basin kayak is a high-quality product that is very safe to use and performs really well in most situations. This 3-person kayak is convenient for anyone who wants to bring some company along for the ride. It’s very easy to use, and the fact that you can remove the seats gives it added versatility since you can use it like a tandem or even solo. Overall, as long as you can accept its limitations, you will find this recreational kayak very enjoyable. We recommend it to anyone looking for a large multi-person kayak, while still being mindful of the money they spend.

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Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak Review