Sevylor Fiji Tandem Kayak Review


Sevylor Fiji Inflatable kayak is defined by its outstanding features that make its use comfortable and safe. The removable seats enable carrying an extra person or pet companion on board while the kayak stability is maintained. Other features include:

  • The Sevylor 2 person inflatable kayak is made from the 22-gauge PVC material which is rugged and fit for lake use. The final product is a lightweight kayak that can support up to 400lbs.
  • The thickness of the Kayak increases its stability on the water even when pulled over the rocks.
  • The Airtight system prevents leakage since it comes with mini double and double lock valves that use locking points during inflation or deflation.
  • The spray cover prevents water splashing while riding the kayak thus leaving you dry on the top.
  • The inflatable kayak consists of air chambers that come in handy in the event one gets punctured or dented. The other chambers will remain inflated.
  • Two people can ride on board because of the removable seat that comes with the package and the thickness of the kayak to sustain the weight.
  • The package includes a paddle, repair kit, and a carry bag as matching accessories. The paddle is easy to fix given that there is a manual guide.
  • This Sevylor Fiji Inflatable Kayak is NMMA certified; the program was intended to help the manufacturers of boats to comply with safety and construction standards of the industry and the federal regulations.
  • Fiji is not a competitive kayak hence can be used on lakes and rivers that are calm. However, you will need a skeg to be in full control.
  • The tandem kayak has a flat bottom which makes it agile and friendly for beginners.
  • It has a 90 day limited warranty and great customer support.



Use: Recreational

Length: 10’4”

Width: 2’9”

Material: 22-gauge PVC construction

Weight: 400lbs

Number of chambers: Three air chambers.

Number of persons: 1-2

Manufacturer: Coleman

Warranty: 90-day limited warranty.

User Experience


Usability: The Sevylor Fiji Inflatable Kayak can be used on lakes, rivers, and rapids. It can also be easily inflated by either a foot pump or a 12V car pump. It is also stable to ride on a windy day with strong waves. However, the paddle keeps moving and will drench you with water every time you row. Therefore, it’s advisable to purchase a better one for a comfortable ride.

The Sevylor 2 person kayak is affordable to a wide audience hence an advantage for those who seek a pocket-friendly kayak. The kayak can be easily deflated and folded for easy storage. The material used during the kayak’s construction is of good quality. The multiple chambers enable the kayak to last many hours on the water without deflating in the event a puncture occurs. It is advisable to inflate the Sevylor 2 person kayak the right way as the instructions state. With a Coleman skeg, the kayak becomes easy to steer especially if the people on board know how to grow together.

Downsides: The weight capacity of the Sevylor Fiji Kayak is not as stated. The 22-gauge material can get punctured easily despite having three air chambers. On the other hand, it is recommended to get a square 3-inch floatation cushion that is thick under the seat to support the sitting posture.

Apart from being a decent quality for its price, the air valves are not the best since you might have to put more air into it daily. Moreover, the paddles have a modular design such that when used, the paddles leak water. Most users recommend the package to come with a storage case.

The middle seat is good and supports the back but you can equally use a cooler and drysack behind the seat to add more support.  The back seat of the Inflatable Kayak does not support your back thus you end up trying to paddle while laying back which causes the arm, back, and neck to ache. In addition to this, it is advisable not to use this kayak in rivers with rapids. To top it all, the splash guards are very effective in their role of keeping you dry.


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Delivery time: The Fiji Kayak arrives on time and is well packaged. It also comes with few accessories such as a carry bag, paddle and the repair kit.


  • Budget friendly for a wide audience.
  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to pack and transport.
  • Suitable for beginners in kayaking.
  • Can be used on flat water or whitewater.
  • NMMA certified and has secured valves.
  • The package comes with a paddle, repair kit, and a bag to carry in.
  • Large weight capacity to paddle with an extra person on board.
  • Comes with two seats whereby one is removable and the other fixed.


  • Has no storage case.
  • Slower and hard to steer without a skeg.
  • The package does not come with a skeg.
  • You may need to purchase an extra paddle for two people on board.
  • The paddle that comes with this kayak is nothing to be comfortable about this you may need to upgrade.
  • The kayak does not support paddling with the weight of 400lbs as stated.
  • The back seat does not support leaning back.

Overall Rating


Based on our assessment, we had to rate the Sevylor Fiji Inflatable Kayak and these are our ratings.

  • Design 92%: The tandem kayak is designed to suit the needs of both a beginner and an expert which makes it stand out.
  • Stability 90%: The kayak has a flat bottom that makes it maintain stability on the water even when having two people on board.
  • Price 100%: The price is fair and easy to satisfy a wide audience. It is easy to budget on it and still include other necessities such as a new extra paddle.
  • Material 95%: The material used is of good quality and its construction makes it safe to paddle onshore when punctured.
  • Durability 95%: Under several circumstances, the kayak can be damaged, but with proper repair and maintenance it can last longer to meet your needs.
  • Storage 90%: When it comes to storage, the kayak does not come with a storage case thus it requires one to pack it and store it in a place of your choice.
  • Warranty 92%: The kayak is granted a warranty of 90 days limited which may not be enough time for the intended user to carry out their observations on the kayak’s performance and uprising issues.
  • Overall 93%: The Sevylor Inflatable Kayak is the best option when seeking to purchase a kayak for family use or camping. It provides comfort and safety during the ride.

Globo Surf Overview

Following the review above, the Sevylor 2 person inflatable kayak is pocket friendly and ideal for beginners in kayaking. It is a great kayak based on the features mentioned above. When looking for a stable and strong kayak to suit your family’s needs, this is the best kayak to opt for.

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