Sea Eagle SE 370 Inflatable Kayak Review


Made with 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC) makes the Se 370 a strong, durable kayak. Easy to patch up in case of air filtrations, being able to maintain flotation thanks to the three compartments of air. The kayak is airtight, composed of tough high-quality material, with a rubber-like bottom, being able to bounce off certain rocks and other obstacles.

Three air compartments that help the kayak stay afloat even with a big rip in any of the layers.  Allowing it to be fixed on the go, with a simple process.

Designed with 5 tube I-beam floor to make the paddling experience easier, the user is lower, making the kayak more stable with the core of the weight being on the floor, not the side chambers.

Deluxe one way valves that make the inflation process simpler. By creating a one-way airflow, allowing air to go in, without escaping. Making it easy to inflatable kayak that allows you to use a foot pump, making it easier to set up on the go.

Includes two seats that can be attached to the kayak, making it feel as do it was a plastic non-inflatable kayak.

The skegs can be adjusted in case they have been damaged, by applying a little heat with a hairdryer, molding the skegs to your own needs.


Interior: 10 ft., 8” by 10 ft. 1”

Exterior: 12 ft., 6” by 2 ft., 10”

Deflated: 31 by 19 by 8 inches

Capacity: 3 persons or 650 pounds

Weight: 32 pounds

Warranty: 3-year warranty provided by Sea Eagle[i]

User experience


The eagle SE 370 is an easy to use kayak, made to be inflated with a foot pump. It can be assembled even by children, with an approximate 10-minute set up time.

It can be used in lakes, ocean or white water up to class III, with two rear skegs that make the rowing more efficient, gaining speed without losing control.


Capable of bouncing and keeping stability due to the weight being distributed on the floor of the kayak. It will feel as do you are being taken with by the currents while being in complete control.  It’s stable enough to catch some big catfish or other types of fish. Giving a feeling of safety as you reel in your catch of the day or just a catch and release scenario.


It has a huge storage capacity for a kayak of its size. Being able to carry around 650 pounds. It’s the best kayak to take a weekend trip using only the kayak to go hunting or even camping in the wild for a couple of days.


It has a lot of room, measuring around 10 ft inside without the seats. Perfect for a simple paddling around a lake without getting your feet tired. It has a low level of comfort when you add a 3rd seat. The seats don’t have low back support, which makes a long paddling session a bit uncomfortable.


The Se 370 is great for fishing due to its high quality, stability, design, and maneuverability. It has enough storage space to go fishing with a companion, and still have enough space to take your dog with you. Generating the feeling of gliding over the water while you fish.

Even do it can be moved or pushed by high winds, it can be anchored or tied, to stop movement and avoid scaring the fish. Even do this kayak can flip, it’s really unlikely unless your quite clumsy and don’t take advantage of the low gravity point.

The seats are a setback, because of the lack of sturdy back support for long periods of times, this can be avoided by buying the deluxe chairs.


The SE 370 is one of the most portable inflatable kayaks available since the deflation lets you carry it in a bag.  When deflated it has small dimensions, being only 31” x 19” x 8”, which is the space an empty seat has in your car. That means you can take anywhere as long as you have an available seat.

With less than 50 pounds’ com it is allowed to be carried in any major US airline flight as luggage. This makes it the ideal kayak to go in adventures in places far away from you. Like getting to know a different country or a river you have never been too. With the size specifications, it can be checked in as luggage on international flights as well.

Set up and break down.

The SE 370 is easily set up, meant to be used by beginners and professionals. It can be inflated using a foot pump, which allows you to travel without an electrical pump. It takes up to 10 minutes to set up, it is designed to be done by anyone, even children. Once you start to set up, all you need is to locate the valves and skegs in the back and start inflating.

Breaking it down is as simple as setting it up, all you need is to dry the kayak (to avoid water stains) and roll up. The pump, life vests, oars, and kayak can all be fitted in a bag that comes with the SE 370. [ii]


The SE 370 has amazing performance in the water, you feel like your gliding over the water. With its sturdy and low gravity center, it is hard to flip it, making it safe and stable for all users.


  • Easy to use
  • High durability and sturdiness
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Comes with skegs to make the paddling experience easier.


  • Rods fell more like canoe paddles.
  • The seats can be uncomfortable for extended periods of time.
  • Seats don’t have low back lumbar support.

Overall rating

Price 98%. The SE 370 is an affordable high-quality kayak. For the price range, it’s hard to find a better model, due to its convenient size, amazing performance, and durability. It offers some of the best comfort, size and load specifications for the price range.  Perfect for any type of water, being used in lakes, ocean, rivers, and ponds.

Material 95%

Made with highly durable material, the kayak is hard to puncture, making it a great choice for all type of water body you might take it to. With three air compartments, it allows you to keep using it even if there is some type of puncture or damage. It is easy to fix, on the go or at home.

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Design 90%

Designed to be used in all water bodies, it’s simple yet sturdy design helps beginners feel like pros in the water. It can be punctured or damaged without sinking, giving you time to fix the problem. But the seats can make long journeys a bit uncomfortable.

Globo Surf Overview

If you are looking for an affordable, portable and easy to store a kayak, the SE 370 is your best choice. With high stability, maneuverability, speed, family friendly, puncture resistance and overall easy setup, the SE 370 is one of the best inflatable kayaks. Kayaking as a romantic retreat or as an adventure can provide great experiences for a couple that loves the outdoors.

Because of its size, it can even be used by a single person, looking to go on an adventure with their dog. Its uses include fishing, kayaking in almost every water-based environment, like lakes, rivers, ponds and even the ocean, the SE 370 is an all in one kayak for a low price.

With its design and materials, it’s made to last years, even if you plan on using it every weekend or just once a year. As long as you take proper care, like drying before deflation and using some UV protecting spray, you should maintain your kayak as good as new for a long time.

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Sea Eagle SE 370 inflatable kayak review