Orsen Airfresh With Walkie Talkie Review


The Orsen Airfresh is a full face snorkel mask designed to reduce carbon dioxide build-up for a safe snorkeling experience. If you don’t like the traditional snorkel masks but are concerned about the safety of full-face masks, this is a confidence-inspiring option.

It utilizes a patented automatic airflow exchange system that lets in plenty of fresh air, effectively expels the exhaled air, and minimizes airflow resistance and carbon dioxide build-up. The design also eliminates the common issues snorkelers experience such as water leakage and fogging.

With a 180° field of view and an optimized lens shape, this mask provides an incredible view. You can also capture what you see by mounting a camera onto the camera holder. This one-of-a-kind full face snorkel mask also comes with a walkie talkie that lets you converse in real-time with your snorkeling buddy. You can also connect it to your cell phone and listen to music and answer calls while snorkeling.

Read the full review below to learn how the Orsen Airfresh snorkel mask works and what kind of experience you can expect with it.


The Orsen snorkeling team’s mission is to develop innovative systems that will improve the snorkeling experience. With the Orsen Airfresh, they wanted to create a CO₂ safe standard full face snorkel mask that would offer a safer full-face snorkeling mask experience. They spent three years designing, testing, and refining this mask to achieve minimal airflow resistance and CO₂ build up.

The result is an innovative full face snorkel mask featuring a patented automatic airflow system and an optimized snorkel tube to maximize air circulation, make breathing properly underwater effortless and minimize carbon dioxide buildup way better than standard full face snorkel masks. The Orsen Airfresh also features an in-water radio communication system that enables real-time snorkeler-to-snorkeler communication and also lets you listen to music and answer calls while snorkeling.

All the other aspects of a snorkeling mask are also well thought out. The design is fogging and leakage resistant. The fit is adjustable and comfortable. The viewing part has a 180° field of view and an optimized lens shape for superior underwater visibility. The snorkel tube attaches and detaches easily and also folds for transport and storage.  All these features make for a safer and more comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling experience. Here is an overview of the features:

  • Full face snorkeling mask with a patented automatic airflow exchange system
  • CO₂ safe standard mask with a CO₂ build-up that passes CE certification
  • 180° field of view and optimized lens shape for a panoramic view  
  • A snorkeling walkie talkie with a transmission distance of up to 150m
  • Action camera mount holder for attaching a camera 
  • Anti-fog design with separated inhalation and exhalation system and breathing and viewing parts
  • Water-tight and anti-leak dry-top snorkel mask  
  • One-way drain valve for draining any water that may get in
  • Comfortable face cushion made of a surgical grade and FDA approved silicone      
  • Anti-loose, break-resistant, and easy to adjust buckles for a secure fit  
  • Foldable snorkel tube for ease of storage and transportation


Specifications_(2)Type: Full Face Snorkel Mask

Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/Extra Large

The base of Chin to Bridge of Nose Measurements for S/M: 3.9 – 4.7in/10 – 12cm

The base of Chin to Bridge of Nose Measurements for L/XL: > 4.7in/12cm

CO2 Build-Up: 800ppm

Battery: 2400Ma., Up to 3 hours of battery life

Walkie Talkie Range: Up to 150m

Walkie Talkie Waterproof Rating: IP68

Color Options: Pink, Blue, and Green

User Experience

User_Experience_(3)Fit and Comfort: This snorkel mask is designed with a flexible fit that fits any head shape or size. It comes in two sizes: small/medium and large/extra-large. The easily adjustable strap and buckle allow you to fine-tune the fit and secures the mask so it stays put while snorkeling. As for comfort, the face cushion is made of a surgical grade and FDA-certified silicone that doesn’t irritate the skin or cause allergies. Overall, it is comfortable to wear for extended durations.  

Breathing Underwater: Since this is a full face mask, you can breathe normally through your nose or mouth or both when underwater without inhaling or gulping water. It features an automatic airflow exchange system that allows air to circulate in and out freely.

Plenty of fresh air comes in through the breathing part and exhaled air is expelled automatically through a separate opening. With this reduced airflow resistance, you don’t have to breathe laboriously to get rid of exhaled carbon dioxide and take in enough oxygen. You can breathe in a relaxed manner and focus on the snorkeling experience. 

Safety: Safety is a serious concern with full face snorkel masks as carbon dioxide can build up to harmful levels if the mask is poorly designed. The Orsen Airfresh is a CO₂ safety standard snorkeling mask that passes CE certification for CO₂ build-up.

The Orsen Airfresh system that allows plenty of fresh air to enter the mask and expels the carbon dioxide you breathe out automatically minimizes CO₂ build up better than other systems. The CO₂ build-up in this mask is below 800ppm, which is well within safe limits. 

In comparison, the typical carbon dioxide concentration range in a well-ventilated room with occupants is 350-1,000 ppm and standard full face masks have a carbon dioxide concentration of more than 6000ppm. This makes the Orsen Airfresh one of the safest full face snorkel masks.

Underwater Vision: This mask has a 180-degree field of view, the widest of any snorkeling mask available today. The lens shape is optimized to provide 30% more viewing area than standard. It offers an unobstructed panoramic view of the underwater world. The separated breathing system and viewing part prevent the lens from fogging up ensuring that the vision is crystal clear. You can see the breathtaking aquatic life and treasures easily. With the action camera holder, you can also mount a waterproof camera and record your snorkeling trips.

Fogging and Leaking: This is a submersible dry top snorkel that doesn’t let water in when underwater. The full-face design creates a watertight seal, the dry-top snorkel ensures water doesn’t get in from the snorkel tube and any water that manages to sneak in is expelled through a one-way valve.

It also features an innovative anti-fog design where the air you breathe in is separated from the air you exhale and the breathing part separated from the viewing part. This prevents the mask from fogging up and the lens remains clear. Fogging and leakage aren’t problems with this mask and you won’t have to pause snorkeling to clear your mask of fog or moisture.

Walkie Talkie: One other thing that makes the Orsen Airfresh an outstanding snorkeling mask is that it comes with a walkie talkie that lets you converse with your snorkeling buddy in real-time. You can also connect the radio to your cell phone via Bluetooth and listen to music and receive calls while in the water. The snorkel talkie has an IP68 water resistance rating and thus can withstand water pressure up to snorkeling depths. It has a wireless transmission range of up to 150m.


  • The automatic inflow of fresh air and outflow of exhaled air
  • Impressively low levels of carbon dioxide build-up
  • Easy natural breathing through the mouth and nose
  • A full field of vision for uninterrupted visibility
  • Ability to mount a camera
  • Ability to communicate with your partner in real-time
  • Anti-fog and anti-leak design
  • Face cushion doesn’t cause irritations or discomfort
  • The snorkel tube is easy to attach and detach and also foldable
  • A strong and secure buckle that doesn’t loosen or break easily


  • Designed for leisure surface snorkeling, not deeper free diving as you can’t equalize the pressure.
  • A bit expensive but the peace of mind you get with a CO₂ safe standard mask is well worth the money. The in-water walkie talkie that comes with it also makes it an outstanding offering.

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Overall Rating

Overal_RatingDesign: 90% – Orsen Snorkeling team took the time to test and minimize the airflow resistance and CO₂ build-up and refine the design of this mask. The automatic airflow system with separated inhalation and exhalation is brilliant. All the other aspects of the design are top-notch –180-degree panoramic view, anti-fog, and anti-leak design, fit, comfort, and foldable snorkel tube. 

Safety: 90% – Thanks to the patented Airfresh system that lets in plenty of fresh air and expels exhaled carbon dioxide automatically, this mask is very effective at minimizing carbon dioxide build-up. It is a CO₂ safe standard full face mask whose CO₂ build-up passes CE certification.

Price: 90% – This is a higher-priced full face mask but this is a good thing. When it comes to snorkeling masks, cheap knock offs can put you at serious risk. It is always smart to pay a higher price for a high-quality, well-designed, and well-tested mask. The walkie talkie included is a nice bonus. 

Overall: 90% – We’ve reviewed some of the best full face masks and the Orsen Airfresh is a one of a kind creation. With the low CO2 buildup, it is one of the safest full face masks we have seen. Breathing underwater with it is effortless and the visibility is brilliant. It is well designed and tested and a truly innovative full face snorkel mask that should make for a phenomenal snorkeling experience.

Globe Surf Overview

Full face snorkel masks offer spectacular visibility and superior comfort but safety is a serious concern as carbon dioxide can build up to life-threatening levels. If you would like to snorkel with a full face mask, it is vitally important to choose a well-designed and tested mask that offers a high level of safety while underwater.

The Orsen Airfresh is a CO₂ safe standard mask that minimizes carbon dioxide build-up better than typical full-face snorkeling masks. If you’re looking for a safe full face mask that will make you feel much safer while underwater, this is a confidence-inspiring option.

The fantastic visibility, comfort, anti-fog, and anti-leak performance will enable you to snorkel for longer and make the most of your time underwater. With the walkie talkie it comes with, you will also be able to converse with your partner in real-time. After all, what good is snorkeling if you can’t point out the breathtaking things you see to your snorkeling buddy!

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Orsen Airfresh With Walkie Talkie Review