MMH 5wt Fly Fishing Combo Review


This is a well-designed fly fishing combo with features that make fishing easier and more efficient. It’s an excellent setup for catching trout, bass, carp, and many others. This is possible thanks to the progressive action graphite rod, high-quality aluminum reel, and pre-loaded backing and line among other things. Take a look at the list of things you get if you choose the MMH combo:

  • Medium fast, progressive action graphite rod
  • Backing and WF5F floating line pre-loaded
  • Durable precision-cast aluminum reel
  • Four rod pieces for easier packing
  • High-quality hard rod case with reel holder attached


Length: 9 feet

Rod Weight: 5-Weight

Material: Graphite

Action: Medium fast, progressive

Pieces: 4

Handle: Natural cork

Reel Material: Precision-cast AB2 56 Aluminum

Reel Weight: 5-Weight

Retrieve: Left hand (can be switched)

Case Length: 32 inches

Case Material: 600D Cordura® nylon, PVC

Total weight: 2.36 pounds (rod, reel, and case)

Included accessories: Pre-loaded 5wt fly line and backing

User Experience

Rod: Users are impressed with the strength of this rod, saying that it’s very durable and hard to damage. As we mentioned earlier, it’s made of graphite, the most popular material for making fly fishing rods. This is a medium-fast action rod with progressive action, meaning that rod bending is limited to the upper section and it progressively bends under larger loads. This makes it and a great choice for beginner fly fishing because it’s much easier to handle.

The MMH is a 5-weight fishing rod that offers great versatility. This ‘middle’ weight is very universal and will do well in most situations you find yourself in. In addition, anglers say that the cork handle feels great in the hand and that it won’t cause discomfort even if you’re holding the rod for a longer time. This is a plus because it allows you to tackle most fish without any trouble.

Like most modern fly fishing rods, the MMH combo rod breaks down into 4 pieces. It is designed this way for easier packing and transportation. While a single-piece rod would be ideal (in terms of performance) this isn’t very portable, so having multiple pieces is necessary. However, Adamsbuilt made sure that the MMH rod has even strength throughout its length, so you can expect top-level performance.

Reel: In terms of weight, the reel matches the rod perfectly, making it well-balanced and simple to control. People agree that the reel isn’t difficult to adjust and use, making your job by the water significantly easier. As a bonus, it’s made of AB2 56 aluminum alloy which is lightweight but pretty strong at the same time.

This fly fishing reel is designed to have a left-handed retrieve, but users say that it’s possible to switch it without much trouble. Even though we said that it’s tough, keep in mind that both the reel and the rod are designed for freshwater use, so you should avoid using it in salt water (it might corrode).

We really like that the MMH reel comes pre-loaded with backing and a fly fishing line. The included line is a high-quality WF5F neon yellow line, very well balanced and floating on the water surface. It matches the weight of both the rod and the reel, so everything functions together perfectly. Many anglers say that getting a pre-loaded reel is a huge help since it saves you the effort of doing it yourself (or going to a shop).

Case: Customers are very impressed with the quality of the provided carry case. Protecting your fishing rod during transportation is essential because it can get damaged easily, and reparations can be very expensive. If you get the MMH fly fishing combo, Adamsbuilt has you covered.

The case in question is a hardshell case with a PVC base and 600 Denier Cordura nylon cover. This combination gives it exceptional toughness and guarantees that the case won’t bend even if you put pressure on it. It has an attached reel holder and a nice zipper on the side for easy packing. Furthermore, you also get a removable shoulder strap. It’s the best transportation option because it makes it possible to take this rod and reel combo on any fly fishing destination.

Setup and Use: Thanks to their excellent design, the rod pieces come together very easily, and customers say they lock securely. Since the reel is already in place, you don’t have to waste any time attaching it to the rod. Like we said when describing the reel, you’ll get it with the backing and the 5wt fishing line already in place. This definitely makes the setup process significantly quicker, as you only need to attach the fishing leader, the tippet, and choose the perfect fly for trout.

With the MMH combo, you can count on excellent precision and distance. The 5-weight line is easy to cast and effortlessly carries various nymphs, dry flies, or any other lure you choose. According to anglers, the medium-fast action of this rod gives you great sensitivity and allows you to bring the fish in faster.

Finally, the fact that the reel allows you to switch the retrieving side is a big plus. As you know, different anglers have different preferences when it comes to the overall setup, and this includes the reel too. Some people prefer controlling the rod with their left hand and reeling in with their right, so it’s really nice that the MMH combo makes this possible. In combination with all the other features, we can say that this is a very user-friendly combo.


  • Fantastic for learning
  • Great weight balance
  • Easy to control
  • Backing and line included
  • Ambidextrous reel


  • Some users find it a bit heavy

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Overall Rating

  • Price: 90% – The price of the MMH is pretty good considering everything you get. As we’ve mentioned earlier, both the rod and the reel offer top-level quality, and you get the backing and the line already in place. While it’s not the cheapest set, we feel it’s well worth the money because of the top-level fishing experience it gives you.
  • Material: 100% – We really like the choice of materials here because they are the key to MMH combo’s great performance. The light but strong graphite rod casts exceptionally well, while the aluminum reel makes it easy to control the line and tackle the catch.
  • Design: 100% – The 4-piece MMH combo has a convenient and user-friendly design that we really liked. While it’s not packed with many fancy features, it has excellent length, weight balance, and grip comfort. Thanks to this, you can count on it to be reliable in every situation. In addition, we also liked the tough carry case it comes with because it provides top-notch protection.
  • Overall: 97% – We can wholeheartedly recommend this fishing combo to anyone who wants to give fly fishing a try. This type of setup makes it fairly easy to learn fly fishing techniques and tricks, and will certainly make you love the sport even more.

Globo Surf Overview

If you want to take your fishing game to a new level and become more successful, the MMH 5wt fly fishing combo is a good way to go. While it’s best for beginners, every angler can enjoy what it has to offer. It’s responsive, easy to use, and overall a great tool for finally catching the fish you want. For a pretty decent amount of money, you’ll set yourself up with a reliable companion that you will enjoy on countless adventures.

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MMH 5wt Fly Fishing Combo Review