LUZPAC Solar Goes Mobile Review


We love our smartphones but it can often feel as though their batteries don’t love being on for too long. This can happen on the worst occasions and if you are far away from a power source then this can present a big problem where you are without a working phone.

Thankfully solar power technology is improving and getting cheaper all the time. This has allowed consumers to have access to renewable sources of power that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to and the LUZPAC solar bag is the perfect example of that.

It’s a great bag in its own right but one that also has solar panels on the side that are going to allow you to easily charge your smartphone while you are on the go. This could be when you are at the beach, pool, or just out for a bit of shopping.

Here we will look further into the features that make this a great bag and also its specifications too. After that, we’ll look into what it’s like to use and give it a rating in some key areas to see if it’s a bag that is going to be ideal for you.



The LUZPAC bag has a few impressive features that help it to stand out from the crowd. It can effectively use the sun’s rays to give your devices a quick boost but the bag is also high-quality and able to perform to an impressive level. Here we look at some of the key features that set it apart.

  • High-quality material
  • Durable solar panel
  • The panel is detachable
  • Inside and hidden pockets
  • USB connection
  • A range of color options


Bag size: 50 x 35 centimeters

Panel size: 12.5 x 26 centimeters

Efficiency: 20.4%

Bag capacity: 14 liters and 20 kilograms

Output: 5 volts, 7 watts

User Experience

Usability: This is a product that has been designed to give you a lot of freedom and allow you to enjoy your days out without being paranoid about your phone dying. Just like the best solar lantern, It allows you to have any type of day out and allow you to charge your phone.

The solar panel might be the headline feature of this product but that can detract from the fact that it is a great bag in its own right. The 14-liter capacity that it has will be able to hold a lot of items and makes it ideal for a full day out.

It is also highly durable too and can hold up to 20 kilograms in weight. That will allow you to not have to worry about overloading your bag whether you are spending a day out by a pool, the beach, or anywhere else.

The detachable nature of the solar panel also means that you are going to be able to take it out even when you’re not expecting any sunshine. This is a great bag and the solar panel that it has is a huge added positively to an already great product.

Features: While it is a great bag, it’s the solar panel that really sets it apart from its rivals and allows you to enjoy the huge amount of benefits that it has. The charging rate will allow you to enjoy your daily activities whilst your phone charges in the background.

When the solar panel is in full sunlight, it’s going to be able to fully recharge in two hours and give an output at 7 watts, with 5 volts at 1,400 mA. That means that your phone is going to charge quickly and will allow it to charge even when applications are running.

That level of efficiency makes it a great product but that is going to be affected by the amount of sunlight there is. It’s still going to be able to charge in cloudy conditions but just not as fast as it otherwise would have done. There are other great solar chargers out there that have multiple panels for those looking for more power.

The flexible nature of the solar panel means that it easily sits on the bag and it’s not going to be too obstructive. The panel isn’t a burden to the use of the bag which allows you to simply enjoy your day while the panel does its job.

Another great aspect of this solar panel is that it is detachable and able to be carried on other adventures too. If you are going backpacking, then you will be able to attach it to your solar backpack and get more use out of it before attaching it back to your LUZPAC bag.

Durability: While other key features are going to be important, it’s all for very little if you don’t have a product that has a good level of durability. Thankfully that’s another area where this bag is going to be able to perform very highly.

As we have seen there, the solar panel is flexible and this also helps with the durability too. It means that you won’t be paranoid about knocking anything into the panel and that is also helped by the feature of it being water repellent too.

The bag is durable as well as the solar panel. You would be able to use both with confidence, knowing that you’re not going to be left without power if it breaks. Overall this is a product that has a high level of build quality and a great design.


  • Quick recharge time
  • Durable bag and panel
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Water repellent
  • Great color options


  • Compact panel

Overall Rating


This is a product that is going to be able to give you a great level of support time and time again. This is going to be especially important if you have a phone with a poor battery or are going to be out for a long time. Here we look at some of the most important features and rate how well they perform in those areas.

  • Price: 100% – There are two parts to this product and when added together, they make for a very well-priced item. It has a high-quality solar panel that is going to be useful to you and on multiple occasions, especially with the fact it’s detachable. The bag is also a high-quality product and you will end up using this product all the time and never coming close to running out of battery. The level of build quality and also the uses that you are going to have made this bag a great investment.
  • Material: 95% – The material that the bag will use on the outer shell will actually change depending on the color and design that you use. There is the yellow glossy vinyl, the pearl silver PU and there are also the likes of the coated nylon of the green and grey models. These are all very well made and make for a high-quality design. The solar panels have a similar level of quality with an anti-reflective coating, an EVA polymer layer, and back lamination for waterproofing. That will give the panel a high amount of durability and efficiency.
  • Design: 90% – The design of the bag is very smart and simple. It takes the look of a lot of beach bags with the wide-open design and the large loops that are going to be able to sit on your shoulder or be easily carried by hand. The colors are bright and stylish and the solar panel can slot into the side of the bag as you can direct it towards the sun. It is comfortable to hold and to carry, and the overall design is simple but also highly effective.
  • Overall: 95% – This is a great product and one that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. The constant charge that it’s able to give will be a lifesaver and will allow you to head out there with confidence.

Globo Surf Overview

Many people have been in that situation where they are due to head out for the day but are worried whether or not their phone will be able to last for the day. This usually leads to a lot of tactically switching off the phone or desperately placing it in battery save mode to try and get a bit more time out of it. The likes of solar watches have been around for a long time, but that capability hasn’t stretched to smartphones.

With this product, that will all be a thing of the past as it will be able to add a charge to your phone, even after the sun goes down and it unloads its stored power. The detachable nature of the panel also means that you will be able to take it on other adventures, whether that is backpacking, fishing, or anything else.

The LUZPAC solar bag is a highly recommended product as it’s one that you are going to get more than your money’s worth out of. It has been made with a high level of quality and with a great design to leave a product that is going to save you time and time again.

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LUZPAC Solar Goes Mobile Review