How To Take Care Of Your Wetsuit – 5 Step Guide


If you’re into water sports, you probably already have a wetsuit, trying to save money for it, or just looking up the possibilities and the best choices before you decide it is time to go and buy it. Their purpose is not just to make you look cool or feel like you have superpowers, but they also keep you warm, protect you from the direct sunlight, provide buoyancy, and are all in all a good investment.

Because they can be quite expensive, it is a piece of valuable knowledge about your wetsuit care and how to preserve it, keep it “fresh” and save its quality as long as possible. It doesn’t take much time, usually, a few minutes is more than enough, and the results will keep your wetsuit almost as good as new for a long period of time.

So, here are the tips on how to keep your suit healthy and usable longer than it will be if you decide to ignore them. Not to mention the fact these tips will also save you a few (hundred) bucks.

1. Rinse It With Fresh Water

Each time you use it after you’re done, rinse it with fresh water, even if you plan on getting back to another session.  Rinsing is important because the salt from the seawater will affect your suit and shorten its lifetime. Avoid using detergents or washing soaps, as they are too harsh and could damage your wetsuit.

Also, remember to use only cold water, as hot water could affect its flexibility. When you get home, rinse it from the inside with the cold water, and let it dry.

2. If It Smells Funny, Wash It

You’ve finished your adventure, came home from the beach, and noticed your wetsuit smells kind of funny, and just rinsing it doesn’t help. As stated above, you shouldn’t use detergents or washing soaps you use for your normal laundry.

There are special shampoos made for wetsuit washing. You shouldn’t use even them all the time, just when you feel the smell from your suit, and rinsing does not help. Another option is a mild solution of baking soda, but the shampoo is a far better choice. Also, baby shampoo will do if you can’t find the one for the wetsuit or the nearest surf shop is far away. Or if you need to wash it immediately and can’t wait to go and buy one.

When you get back home, soak it in a bucket with the shampoo or baking soda solution, and leave it for about half an hour. Then take it out, turn the suit inside out, and put it back in for another 30 minutes. Then, after it being soaked for an hour, take it out and rinse it with the cold water, inside and outside. After that, let it dry.

Besides removing the smell, washing it with the wetsuit shampoo will also help you wash away any saltwater leftovers that could affect the quality of your suit.

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3. Don’t Use The Machines To Wash Or Dry Your Wetsuit


Always rinse, wash, and dry your wetsuit by your hand. Be patient, don’t rush, and don’t use the washing machine to wash it, or dryer to dry it. Avoid using any kind of products, like bleach, washing detergent, stain remover, softener, as they could only harm. Also, don’t iron your wetsuit, either.

The tumbling during washing in the washing machine will damage the materials and could also affect the taped seams which will start leaking the water. Avoid any sharp edges as they could rip your wetsuit.

4. Avoid Drying It In The Sun

Don’t leave it to dry under direct sunlight. Also, it is not a good idea to leave it to dry slung over your balcony, or even wire hanger. The best choice is to use a wooden hanger (the plastic one will do, also) and leave it in the shade. It is not forbidden to dry it outside, as long as you avoid leaving it in the sun.

If you need it faster than you’ve thought, there are a few tips on how to make it dry a bit faster. First, hang it straight, inside out in the shade, and leave it for about 20 minutes. After the water starts to drop to the bottom of the wetsuit, squeeze it out starting from the shoulders, then going down both arms and legs.

When you’re done, leave it for another 20 minutes before you repeat the process. After you complete the process, let it dry for at least another hour or two. After that, try it out, it should be dry enough for you to wear it without any issues.

5. Store Your Wetsuit Properly

One of the most important things about your wetsuit care is the way you store it. If you’re done for the day but will surf again soon, hang your wetsuit. Don’t use wire hangers. If you have a surf store near you, they will probably have the wetsuit hangers. If you don’t have a surf store, the wooden or plastic hangers will do. Hang your wetsuit from the waist and keep it away from the sun.

If your surfing season is over or you have to take a longer break before you hit the beach again, don’t leave it on the hanger. Once your wetsuit is dry from both the inside and the outside, the best thing to do is turn it inside out, then fold it and keep it in a drawer.

Globo Surf Overview

Wetsuits are not just cool looking, but really useful and helpful during the time you spend surfing, skimming, or scuba-diving. They keep you warm, protect your body, and help you with buoyancy. But being made with a specific purpose, they require special care, and this guide will help you with some basic knowledge on how to preserve your wetsuit quality.

They are an expensive investment but are without any doubt worth the money and the effort, and with the usage of the above-explained tips, they should provide you with hours and hours of amazing time you’ll spend on the beach, enjoying your favorite activity, and looking like a superhero while doing so.

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