Marcum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System Fish Finder Review



Marcum LX7 is an industrial-level fish finder will all the things you would need to locate fish deep in the water. The features that make the Marcum fish finder so popular among beginning and expert anglers include: 

  • Has a dual-beam transducer with both 8-degree and 20-degree beams.
  • Its rechargeable battery gives you up to 15 hours of fishing time. 
  • With peak to a peak power of 4,800 watts, the sonar on LX7 can go down to 300 feet. 
  • Its USB connectivity makes software upgrades easy for anglers. 
  • Allowing display customization, the LX7 can be adjusted to suit the angler’s needs. 
  • Coming with easy to access buttons, navigation on the device is simple. 
  • With its 0.5-inch target separation, making the difference between 2 objects is straightforward. 
  • The device is exceptionally good at locating tiny fish. 
  • Its night-vis backlight lets you keep track of fish in dark areas


Length: 11.5 inches 

Width: 11 inches 

Weight: 13 pounds

Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels 

Target separation: 0.5 inches 

Power: 4800 watts 

Transducer cone angles: 8-degree or 20-degree 

Color palettes: 4

Depth: 300 feet 

Accessories: battery charger, rechargeable battery, padded soft pack

User Experience 


The sonar technology on this Marcum fish finder allows quick image generation. In under 0.2 seconds, the sonar targets objects under your fishing vessel and transmits them back to your LCD screen for display. With a 4800 peak to peak power, the sonar is powerful enough to penetrate to a depth of 300 feet, giving the area under your boat a deep scan and showing you every catch you might want to reel in. 

Allowing you to monitor your lure, the sonar technology guarantees excellent fish targeting. Target spacing is extremely crucial in eliminating target clutter. The sonar footprints allow for a 0.5-inch space between varying sonar signals – this eliminates interference. 

In addition to allowing a three-dimension view of the bottom, the transducer on Marcum LX7 is dual-beam. You can choose to watch your surroundings at an 8-degree or 20-degree angle. 

One drawback associated with the transducer on LX7 is that it does not allow side and forward imaging. This means that you can only view what is under your fishing vessel. However, when ice-fishing, this should be just enough to help you reel in a lot of fish. 

Display and Resolution

LX7 comes with an 8-inch display and a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. This display allows you to differentiate between various fish targets, regardless of their size. The display has a digital flasher with a range of color-coded indicators – these can provide information on the depth and the size of the fish target. 

On the Marcum fish finder, you can choose from four color palettes – 1 gray-scale, 1 six-color, and two three-color. With the device’s six-color scheme, you will get in-depth details about the fish size. Besides, the six-color palette makes the target separation very clear. With the six-color palette, you can be 100% sure that the small fish will not get lost among the big fish, and distinguishing between different targets won’t require much effort. 

On the LCD screen, you will be able to view the depth range, interference rejection (IR), sensitivity, current-voltage, and gain. You can view data on your target via the flasher dial, vertical zoom, traditional widescreen graph, and water column vertical. 

If you like to go fishing at night, the LX7 will have your back. Its Night-Vis backlight keeps its display clear even in the darkness. 

Power Usage

LX7 comes with a rechargeable 12V battery. For its size, the battery features an impressive life. Once fully charged, the battery will allow you between 12 and 15 hours of uninterrupted fishing. 

The device also gives you complete control over power usage. Through its impressive range of settings, you can adjust the backlight. If you set the backlight correctly, you should be able to extend the battery life. 


Making software upgrades easily accessible via USB connectivity, the LX7 is one of the few timeless fish finders on the market. New updates come out once in a while and for anglers, the difference brought about by the upgrades is immediately visible. 

Whenever Marcum releases an upgrade, all you have to do is download the upgrade to your computer and then use the USB port to transfer it to your device. 

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Ease of Use

Below the display, LX7 has a set of buttons, including the cone angle, zoom, sensitivity, power, target adjust, IR (interference rejection), and menu. With these buttons, navigating the device is extremely easy. 

With a wide range of settings, LX7 allows deep customizations – you can make it as convenient as you would like for your current fishing conditions and needs. For example, you can adjust the sensitivity to see tiny fish, zoom in to get a better look at the smaller targets, adjust the IR level, charge the color palette, and switch between the device’s cone angles. 


  • Highly adjustable LCD screen display
  • An instant and real-time image display 
  • 5 window displays and the ability to watch 3 of them simultaneously 
  • Regular upgrades from the device manufacturer
  • Conveniently-placed device controls 
  • You get a rechargeable battery and a high-quality charger  
  • 2-year warranty from the manufacturer 
  • Dual-beam transducer with 0.5-inch target separation 
  • Generates clear and crisp images 
  • Makes precise targeting possible


  • Screen visibility is not very impressive under sunlight 
  • No ethernet connectivity 
  • Does not offer side and forward imaging 

Overall Rating 

  • Price: 97% – Allowing flexibility, coming with all the features you need when going after small and big fish, and having an impressive battery life, LX7 offers the best value for your money. 
  • Design: 98% – LX7 has well-placed buttons, perfectly set display windows, and a high definition LCD screen that makes it extremely easy for the user to visualize the data generated by sonar. 
  • Construction: 94% – Marcum fish finder features durable construction, with the accompanying 2-year warranty being good proof that the device can last for a long time. We, however, didn’t like its weight – it weighs 13 pounds – which makes it quite heavy to carry around.
  • Overall 96% – LX7 delivers more than what most anglers bargain for. With its powerful sonar, you can view everything that is happening under your fishing vessel. With its zoom feature, you can enlarge one of the selected screens to get a better look at the smallest fish. Taking advantage of its USB connectivity and the regular manufacturer upgrades, you can make the fish finder timeless. While the fish finder is popular among ice anglers, it can serve every angler perfectly. 

Globo Surf Overview 

If you are looking for the perfect device to make your ice fishing trips productive, you can’t go wrong with the Marcum LX7. We took a deeper look at this device and all we could come up with was accolades for the manufacturer. 

The Marcum fish finder is designed with the user in the mind of the manufacturer – this makes it extremely easy to use. With its modern sonar technology and an up to date LCD screen display, getting a detailed view of your fishing grounds shouldn’t be a problem

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