Ice Chainsaw For The Ultimate Ice Fisherman


If you want a successful ice-fishing session you need to consider a few safety measures, key points, and tricks before you set your foot on the ice. Using an ice chainsaw can lead to plenty of fish in your bucket, but it will only be worth it if no one is harmed in the process. When you’re cutting ice with a chainsaw you need to think about the location, safety, environmental damage, maintenance, and convenience. 

At first, glance using a chainsaw doesn’t look that complicated. Still, it would be best if you follow this comprehensive article we’ve put together for you. Keep on reading to find out how to use a chainsaw to cut ice properly. 

Ice Chainsaw – General Notes

These power tools use harmful oil and that’s why cutting ice with a chainsaw is usually illegal on lakes and rivers in the USA. So, check your local laws before getting started to make sure nothing prohibits you from doing it. 

Even though these rules might be annoying sometimes, they are in place to protect yourself, the water you drink, and the environment you live in. Beginner anglers should pay close attention to rules when using an ice chainsaw. You could end up hurting yourself badly if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Still, if you’re allowed to cut ice with a chainsaw, you can read more about it down below. 

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What Do You need?

Having essential fishing gear with you is obligatory for any type of fishing. Hopefully, you don’t have to waste a lot of money to get everything you need for ice fishing. All you need are colored jigs, a winter-friendly spinning reel, and a quality rod. 

Also, don’t forget about the lure. Keep in mind that every part of your gear should be designed for winter. Search for winter gear on the market instead of using your regular one to avoid getting it frozen. 

Having clothing with waterproof and insulation capabilities is also recommended by many experienced anglers. Since you’re going to be outside for a long time it would be best to wear gloves and ice fishing boots. 

Lastly, you are going to need quality ice chainsaw. The good news is that you can use a traditional model, the one you would use to cut wood. Cutting ice with a chainsaw can be fast and efficient, you just have to make sure it has non-slip handles and that you can handle it easily. Use winter gloves if you don’t have non-slip handles. 

If you start researching the market you will find out that ice-cutting chainsaws are not much more expensive than average tools. Ice fishing rods are also very useful if you’re interested in ice-fishing. The cutting process can be messy so be warned and prepared. 

Ice augers are another ice-cutting tool that people regularly use. This tool is used to cut circular holes in the ice. They don’t require any oil usually and have a diameter of about 8 inches, which is great for both the fish and the environment. Using an ax is also an option, but that will require a lot of hard work and even more mess. 

How to Ice Fish properly?

The last few years drastically changed the ice fishing methods and required tools. Anglers are now able to drill and watch out for hundreds of holes thanks to powered and fast chainsaws, augers, and light gear. This leads to success and buckets full of fish. 

Having a sonar device will allow you to check the underwater activity without having to test it every couple of minutes. Also, a sonar device is useful when it comes to finding a perfect spot to drill the hole – just do it a couple of feet away from where the fish is concentrated.

Determining the depth of the water can also be done with devices like this, so if an accident happens you will know what to do. Drilling in a weak spot with an ice chainsaw can also be avoided with a sonar device if you test the ice thickness beforehand. 

Using advanced reels mounted on short fishing rods is recommended for modern and experienced ice anglers. This allows them to use their tools successfully and properly without struggling to handle chunky rods. 

According to experts, you can ice fish at any time of the day. It just depends on the type of fish you’re catching. So, it is best to prepare beforehand by asking other fishermen when different fish species are active during the day. 

The Messiness and Drilling

When it comes to drilling the hole it is not much different than drilling a hole in a tree. Make sure you learn how to handle the chainsaw safely if you never used it before. Also, you need to make sure you won’t pollute the waters and poison the fish. Just use hot water and soap to clean the top part of the chainsaw. 

There’s no need to worry about rust since you can get rid of it with some canola oil. It is non-toxic for marine life and environmentally friendly. Besides, it has mild antifreeze properties and a cheap price tag. 

In case the ice is thick, you will need a long bar on the chainsaw. Slowly insert the blade into the ice to cut it down carefully, you don’t have to do anything else. Don’t let the ice overpower you, hold the grip tightly, and try to fight the resistance.

Globo Surf Overview

Using a chainsaw to cut ice might not be easy as you think at first. It requires a lot of preparation and thought put into it. Make sure that your chainsaw is safe for the environment by cleaning the top part of it first. Also, you should secure your grip and hold it tight. Don’t worry too much about the mess since it is only ice, but don’t ruin the environment with toxic chemicals and oils. Try alternative options to chainsaws by researching the market.

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