How To Clean Boat Hull: Easy Step by Step Guide


Without proper care and maintenance, the boat hull can be prone to damage.  Barnacle growth, rust, and corrosion are some of the problems that can be apparent. It will ruin the overall look of your boat. Luckily, cleaning the boat hull is an easy task! 

If you want to know how to clean a boat hull, keep on reading! We’ll walk you through some of the easy steps to complete this task regardless of the type of boat that you have. 

A Step-by-Step Guide for Cleaning Boat Hull 

Basic cleaning should be a part of your boat’s regular maintenance. You should do this about once a month if you use your boat regularly and you would like to protect the hull from damage. Below is a quick guide on how you can do this. 

1. Rinse the Hull 

Get your boat ready and start rinsing. You can use a pressure washer to do this task. However, make sure to choose the lowest pressure setting to avoid damaging the hull. A garden hose can also do the job, as well as a bucket with water. 

The purpose of the initial rinse is to get rid of mold, algae, and salt build-up, among other things that are possibly forming on the hull of your boat. This will make the next steps easier. 

2. Pick a Cleaner

Choosing the right cleaner is one of the most important when it comes to how to clean a boat hull. You also have to consider the extent of the cleaning that needs to be done. Look at the ingredients used in the cleaner to be sure that it does not contain toxic ingredients, especially those that can endanger marine life. 

Once you have chosen a good cleaner, mix it with water, or follow the instructions on the label according to the manufacturer. 

What is the best boat hull cleaner?  

Biodegradable cleaning gels and liquids are the best boat hull cleaners. They are tough on dirt but free of harsh chemicals, which means that they will not endanger marine life. For stubborn dirt, non-corrosive acids are also great choices for hull cleaners. 

3. Scrub the Hull

Now that you have the cleaner ready, it’s time for some elbow grease. Use a scrub to clean the hull. You can also use a microfiber cloth for the job, which is a great way to prevent scratches when you are cleaning the boat hull. Dip the cloth in the cleaning solution you earlier made, wring, and wipe the hull. Start from the bow to the stern. After scrubbing the hull, rinse it with fresh water. Once you are done scrubbing, you might also want to consider using boat polishes or boat waxes to make the hull gleam! 

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How to Clean Boat Hull Under the Water 

In some instances, you do not have the time to get the boat out of the water. If this happens, then you need to clean the hull while the boat is in the water. 

1. Find the Right Spot 

The first thing to do is to position the boat in the right location. Learn how to anchor a boat so that you can work properly. You should also find a place where there is enough sunlight so that you can work properly. 

2. Gear Up for Cleaning 

Get ready for cleaning the hull underwater. You need to wear swimming goggles to help you see better. Electric hookah dive systems can also help so that you can work more comfortably without full scuba gear

3. Brush the Boat 

This is the most important part of the process. Use different kinds of brushes depending on the extent of the dirt. If you are doing deep cleaning for the hull, you might need to use an orbital sander, which is great for tackling tough dirt. If you do not want to go underwater, on the other hand, you can use a C-pole boat cleaner, which you can use while you are on the deck.



Q: What is the best cleaner for a fiberglass boat?


The best cleaners for fiberglass boats are biodegradable and non-abrasive products. Fiberglass can be easily damaged if you use harsh chemicals, so be careful when choosing cleaning products. Gel-type cleaners are also great for large surfaces since they are easy to apply.

Q: Can I use vinegar to clean my boat?


Yes, you can use vinegar to clean your boat. This is a cheap but effective cleaner. Mix one cup of white vinegar with two gallons of warm water and use it as an eco-friendly cleaner.

Q: How do you get brown water stains off a boat hull?


To get brown water stains off a boat hull, you will need an instant commercial cleaner with powerful ingredients. Regular soap and water will not be enough. Look for a cleaner with oxalic acid as the main ingredient. It will be effective in removing unsightly waterline stains and grime.

Q: Can I use bleach to clean my boat?


Yes, you can use bleach for cleaning your boat. Regardless if it is fiberglass, aluminum, or any other material, bleach is an effective choice for a cleaner.

Q: What can I use to clean the inside of my boat?


To clean the inside of your boat, you can use a degreaser, brush, and scrub pad. You can also use a magic eraser, which can be effective in removing stains on boat seats and other surfaces in the interior of your boat.

Globo Surf Overview 

The hull is the part of the boat most exposed to harsh elements, making it easily prone to wear. With the right knowledge of how to clean a boat hull, you can save a lot of money and keep your boat in its peak condition. You don’t have to be a pro to figure out how to do it correctly. Take note of the things mentioned above to restore your hull to its full glory!

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