How To Properly Inflate Beach Ball?


Spending the day at the beach can be very exciting, especially if you’re using beach volleyball. However, repeatedly hitting the ball and leaving it in the sun can cause the air to escape. This will make it impossible to continue with your fun time at the beach.

Luckily, there are several ways you can inflate a beach ball and save the day. In this article, we will present you with the traditional beach ball inflation process, as well as a few variations that you can utilize next time you are preparing for the beach. 

How to Inflate Beach Ball Properly 

Things you will need:

  • Beach ball
  • Bike pump
  • Soap

To complete the inflate the ball, you will have to go through a few simple steps. The fun can begin as soon as you fill the ball with air! 

Firstly, you need to find the air spout of the ball. Keep pulling on it until it is sticking out of the surface. The next thing you should do is open the spout. Then, proceed to wash it with lukewarm water and soap. Rinse well and continue the beach ball inflation process.

Fill your lungs with as much air as possible and then seal your lips around the ball spout. Slowly exhale into the ball. Then, make sure you plug the spout opening using your tongue while you open your mouth and then inhale again.

You should repeat the process 5-7 times or until your beach ball is completely inflated. When you are done, close the spout very quickly so the air does not escape. Press the air spout back into its original position and start playing!

Alternative Beach Ball Inflation


Using Canned Air

The regular way to inflate beach ball can be a slow process, especially if the ball is big. You may easily get tired of blowing the air into the ball. Not seeing the desired result is certainly frustrating. Luckily, there are other ways you can inflate your beach ball. 

Next time you want to pack your beach bag, try using canned air to inflate the ball. Such a product is typically used to blow off the dust from computer keyboards or other sensitive electronic devices. It has a small tube that is used to direct the air towards the desired object. To start the inflation process, you should locate the air spout on the ball.

Pull-on the spout until it starts sticking out of the surface. The next thing you should do is open the air spout. Then, carefully insert the tube into the spout. Canned air products typically come with a trigger that needs to be pressed for it to work. Activate the trigger when you have securely connected the tube and the spout. 

Make sure you are firmly pressing the trigger until the ball is fully inflated. Depending on the size of the ball and the size of the can, you may need more than one to complete the process. Some canned air products work better without the tube, so if you notice that the ball does not inflate properly, remove the tube and start the process without it. 

Using a Pump

You can inflate your beach ball using a manual or an electric pump. No matter which choice you make, the first step is the same. Start by pulling out and opening the air spout. Then, carefully insert the pump nozzle into the spout opening. If you correctly insert the pump, it will create a tight seal with the beach ball material. If not, there’s a chance some air may escape, which will make it harder to inflate the ball.

In case you can’t manage to get a tight seal, you can use some duct tape. Simply lay it around the pump to keep it connected with the spout. Keep pumping the air into the ball until it is fully inflated. Make sure you don’t overdo it to avoid the risk of damaging the ball. 

Using a Hairdryer

If you don’t own a pump, there’s no need to be worried. You can inflate your beach ball with the help of common household items. All you need is a hairdryer that has a ‘cold air’ function. Make sure you never use hot air for this process because it can damage or deform the material of the ball. 

Pull out and open the air spout of the ball. Place the hair dryer against the spout to begin filling the ball with air. Because your hairdryer is much bigger than the air spout, the inflation process may take a bit longer. If so, don’t be discouraged and try to find a perfect spot for the hairdryer.

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Using a Vacuum Cleaner

You can even use your vacuum cleaner to inflate your beach ball, but only if it is equipped with a ‘blow’ option. All you need to do is locate the air spout, pull it out, and then open it. Hold the nozzle up to the spout and turn your vacuum cleaner on.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to convert your regular vacuum cleaner to blow air. To do this, you should remove the bag and connect a long cleaning nozzle to the hole for the bag. This will make air shoot out of it, which can be a good solution for inflating your beach ball.

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Nothing beats an exciting day at the beach! However, if your beach ball is not properly inflated or it starts leaking air, you will have to stop the fun. Luckily, there are many different ways you can inflate a beach ball.

Whatever ball inflation method you choose, it is important not to overdo so you don’t damage the ball. Besides, if you decide to try inflating the ball with common household items, make sure you never blow hot air into the ball. Pack your beach bag essentials and get ready for an adventure!

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