Aloe Vera For Acne Scars: Old And New Scars Solution


You see these people who say ‘fighting acne isn’t as difficult as fighting the dark spots it leaves behind’? They are probably right!

Treating acne scars can be quite a struggle. The situation gets worse when you have to deal with scars rooted deeply in the skin, as these can be extremely hard to treat.

But the lily of the desert, aloe vera, has been shown to accelerate the healing of lesions and scars caused by acne breakouts. Experts, therefore, recommend aloe vera for acne scars because not only does it speed up healing but also prevents further outbreaks.

The incredible aloe vera anti-inflammatory properties act on the scars and reduce their visibility, leaving you feeling more confident and happier in your skin

Why Aloe Vera Is Good For Acne Scars

There is a reason aloe vera is found in almost every skincare product – it has impressive anti-inflammatory properties. This simply means that it can help reduce redness and swelling on the skin.

So, how exactly does aloe vera help acne scars, you may ask?

Well, applying aloe to a red, swollen pimple will help diminish pain and tenderness. Aloe vera promotes healing too, so it might aid in the healing of open acne blemishes.

There is more. Aloe vera also soothes the skin. You see, just as it calms the sting of sunburn, aloe vera gel can also mollify many other skin irritations and conditions including acne.

If the acne treatment you are using is leaving your skin irritated or dry, try aloe vera gel. This will relax and moisturize your skin and your breakouts will be much less.

Aloe vera also contains aloin, a compound that has been found quite effective in treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This depigmentation agent helps lighten dark skin areas, leaving you with an even skin tone. And since aloe vera lessens inflammation, you can use it to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, aloe vera promotes the production of collagen and elastin fiber, which are responsible for fixing scarred areas. They also help reverse signs of aging.

In other studies, aloe vera has been found to boost the immune system, when ingested as juice. What aloe vera juice does is that it increases the response of the immune system to the inflammation caused by acne, which in return, reduces acne scarring.

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Can You Use Aloe Vera With Other Acne Treatments?

Absolutely! Aloe vera has been found to boost the efficacy of acne medications.


It has amazing antibacterial properties, which inhibit propionibacteria acnes, the bacterium that causes acne. This bacterium breeds and thrives in the pores of the skin, causing pimples.

When you scrub your face with an aloe vera mask, you unclog the pores, leaving the bacterium with no place to live. The more you use aloe vera for acne, the more you destroy the bacteria’s habitat, and the fewer pimples you will have. And if no pimples are forming on your face, there will be fewer scars to deal with in the future.

How To Use Aloe Vera For Acne Scars

How you prepare and use aloe vera for acne scars will highly depend on the overall condition of your skin. Some scars will disappear within a few applications of aloe vera, applying 20-30 minutes a day. Others will require you to leave aloe vera on your face overnight every day for weeks to start seeing any changes. Here are a few ways to prep and use your aloe vera.

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Using Aloe Vera On Oily Skin

  1. Boil an aloe vera leaf: The most effective way to use aloe vera for acne scars is to turn the leaf into a paste. Just fill a pot with water, dip the leaf in and boil it until it is soft and squishy. Then remove the loaf from the pot and dip it in cold water to bring it down to room temperature.
  2. Grind the leaf: With the aloe leaf being soft and pliable, it will be easier for you to grind it into a paste. You can use a mortar and pestle for this or just put the leaf in a bowl and mash it with a cooking stick. Work the leaf until you obtain a thick, gooey paste.
  3. Add honey: Honey has antibacterial properties and that’s why it is considered an effective ingredient in acne treatment and healing of open wounds like acne lesions and scars. Add 5 to 6 drops of honey into the paste. You can add more if you like, but just be aware that honey makes your face feel sticky in a way, so use the amount you are comfortable with. Stir the mixture to form a smooth paste.
  4. Apply to your face: Smear the mixture on your face, concentrating on parts that have the most scars and acne. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Repeat once a week to prevent acne and heal open pimples before they scar.

Applying Aloe Vera On Dry Skin

  1. Decide the aloe vera you want to use: You can make aloe vera gel at home by boiling a freshly cut aloe leaf or use off-the-shelf aloe gel.
  2. Mix with olive oil and shea butter: Olive oil provides additional moisture for dry skin. It also coats minor acne wounds and hastens their healing process. Shea butter helps thicken the aloe vera gel into a workable paste. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties too.
  3. Apply the mask to your face: Spread the mask consistently over your face, concentrating on areas with the most pimples and scars. Let the paste sit for about 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat once a week to help moisturize the skin and treat acne wounds.

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Using Aloe Vera On Sensitive Skin

  1. Choose the type of aloe vera you want to use: Buy bottled aloe vera gel or make yours at home.
  2. Mix with cucumber juice and yogurt: Pour a workable amount of aloe vera gel in a clean bowl and mix with 5 drops of cucumber juice and 3 teaspoons of yogurt. Stir to form a paste.

Cucumber soothes and cleanses the skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid that has a soothing effect on sensitive skin. It tightens skin pores too and destroys the breeding ground for the acne-causing bacteria. This helps prevent future breakouts.

  1. Apply to your face: Apply the paste consistently to your face, concentrating on acne and scar-prone areas. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Repeat once a week.

Aloe Vera Creams For Acne Scars


There are many aloe vera lotions and creams in drugstores and beauty shops today, all claiming to be the best in treating acne scars.

But does aloe vera help acne scars while in this form?

Okay, so here is the thing.  For aloe vera to work on acne scars and for you to see results, the concentration of aloe vera in the cream you buy must be above 80% of the entire product. Below this, it may take ages for your scars to go away, and sometimes, they may not clear up at all.

That’s why experts recommend using 100% aloe when it comes to treating acne scars. And the healthiest way to go about it is to grow an aloe vera plant in your garden. That way, you can have enough supply for your treatment and avoid wasting money on lotions that probably won’t ever work.

If you can’t access fresh aloe leaves, buy commercially manufactured aloe vera gel from your local drugstore. However, you need to make sure it is marked as pure aloe vera and contains the mildest preservatives. Some of the chemicals used as preservatives can react with your skin and worsen its condition.

If you go for an aloe vera lotion, be on the lookout for ingredients that may exacerbate your pimples. This is especially true if you have highly sensitive skin.

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How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Now that we have answered the most frequently asked ‘does aloe vera help acne scars?’ question, perhaps you are now wondering how long results take.

Of course, we all have different skin types, all of which respond differently to a treatment. Some people will experience scar lightning after only 2 to 3 applications, while it may take several weeks, sometimes even months, for others to get similar results. Results will vary too based on how old the scar is, its size, and its shape.

But patience and consistency are key when it comes to treating acne scarring. If you are using aloe vera for acne scars and haven’t seen any results after a few applications, don’t give up yet. As mentioned, skins heal at different rates; yours could just be taking a little longer.

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Risks Of Using Aloe Vera For Acne Scars

Aloe vera is a safe product to use for the treatment of acne scars. It is gentle on the skin and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients as some of the store-bought acne treatments and medications we have today.

However, people with sensitive skin are advised to do a patch test before applying aloe vera on their faces. Simply spread a small amount of the gel over a hidden area of the skin and wait for an hour or two to see if there will be any reaction. If you experience inflammation or reddening, you are likely allergic to aloe vera and you should not use it on your face.

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Q: Does Aloe Vera Help Acne Scars?


Yes, aloe vera does help acne scars. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin fibers, which help repair scarred areas. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent further breakouts that could result in more scars.

Q: Is It Good To Put Aloe Vera On Your Face Every Day?


You can put aloe vera on your face every day, but this will depend on how serious your condition is. If you are dealing with mild acne, you can use aloe vera 3 to 4 times a week. In extreme cases, experts recommend using aloe vera 2 times a day, every day.

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Q: Does Aloe Vera Help Lighten Scars?


Aloe vera helps lighten acne scars and make them less visible, all thanks to aloin, a depigmentation agent present in the aloe gel. This compound lightens dark spots resulting from acne.

The plant is also rich in aloesin, a compound that reduces the over-secretion of melanin, a much darker pigment likely to make your scars appear more noticeable. And since aloe vera has anti-inflammatory effects too, it can prevent hyperpigmentation by soothing pimples and treating open acne wounds before they develop into scars.

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Q: Can Aloe Vera Remove Old Scars?


Applied regularly, aloe vera can help remove old scars and reduce their appearance. But this will depend on how old your scars are. Ideally, the earlier you start using aloe vera for acne scars, the more promising the results will be.

Q: Does Aloe Vera Repair Damaged Skin?


Aloe vera does repair dry, damaged skin. It is an excellent moisturizer that enables the skin to lock in moisture and stay hydrated. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that heal and nourish damaged, flaky skin.

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Globo Surf Overview

Aloe vera is a great remedy for both old and new acne scars. It has a host of ingredients that help reduce acne and make scars less visible.

It is one of the safest products to use on your face. You can use aloe vera on its own or mix it with other ingredients like honey, shea butter, or cucumber juice to boost its effectiveness in healing your acne scars.

However, how long it will take to see results will depend on your skin type and how old your scars are.  If you start experiencing burning after continued use of aloe vera, stop using immediately, and see a dermatologist.

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