South & Rho Beach Towel Review


The beach towel from South & Rho is something new and refreshing on the beach towel market. The idea was to offer a towel that is comfortable, large and works great in any circumstance. South & Rho is a young company based in St. Louis, Missouri, dedicated to creating beach accessories that will make your day by the water even better. They’ve put a lot of effort into designing this beach towel, and the results of their work are easy to see.

The first thing that catches the eye is the quality of this towel. It’s really well-made, using only the finest quality cotton. This makes it incredibly soft to the touch, and enjoyable to lie on. The cotton fibers are responsible for the exceptional performance of this towel – you’ll be surprised by how fast it can get you dry. Another plus is that it dries off pretty quickly when wet.

One of the things that separate the South & Rho beach towel from the competition is the addition of smart features. For example, there is a wide and deep hood on the back of the towel that goes over the chair back, preventing the towel from sliding when you get up. On the front, there is a small pocket which you can use for stashing your phone, sunglasses, or some sunscreen.

This good-looking towel has a nice print too – a white base combined colorful stripes give it a stylish look. Compared to a regular beach towel, this one is significantly larger, meaning that every adult can enjoy it properly. We also want to mention that South & Rho company is partnered with Charity Water Organization and that $1 from every purchase goes to a charitable cause. If you like this beach towel so far and want to learn more, be sure to read the rest of our review below.


With innovative thinking and a desire to solve problems, South & Rho came to the current design of the beach towel with plenty of new things to offer. While most of us look at beach towels as something simple, there’s still room for improvement, and this one is going in a great direction. The secrets behind this are high-quality materials, stylish design, and several nice features. Take a quick look at what the South & Rho beach towel has to offer:

  • High-quality 500g/m2 cotton for top-level comfort
  • Quick absorption and drying
  • Hood on the back for sliding the towel over a chair
  • Front pocket for keeping small items close to hand
  • Lightweight and easy to pack in your bag
  • Larger than most other towels



Length: 68 inches

Width: 36 inches

Material: 100% Cotton (500 g/m2)

Hood depth: 8 inches

Colors: Sea Green, Coastal Blue

User Experience


Material: The choice of materials is probably the most important thing when making a towel because this is directly responsible for the performance. Unless you need an ultralight and compact microfiber camping towel, cotton is the absolute best material you can get. Customers say that the cotton used for South & Rho beach towels is high-quality and really soft. No other materials were used in the mix, so you can be completely sure about what you’re getting.

This cotton has a high-density of 500g/m2 (grams per square meter). It gives the towel the perfect thickness – it’s neither too thick (difficult to pack) nor too thin (uncomfortable to lie on). The fibers are well-made, with excellent density and absorption power. Finally, customers say that the towel seems very durable, and can be expected to last a few seasons without any problems.

Absorption and Drying: The main task for any towel is getting you dry, which is why it needs to be highly absorptive. Thanks to the materials mentioned in the previous paragraph, the beach towel from South & Rho does the job really fast because its fibers efficiently collect the moisture.

Another important thing is how quickly the towel dries off. Since you’ll probably be getting in and out of the water several times, you don’t want to come out and lie on a wet surface (very uncomfortable). This beach towel dries off quickly in the sun, which significantly improves comfort when using. Quick drying is also a plus if you’re putting the towel on sand because it’s much easier to shake the sand off when then towel is dry.

Size: Compared to most standard beach towels, this model is significantly larger. Standard size is somewhere between 60×30 inches, and this model adds a few inches in every direction (68×36 inches). This is done on purpose, of course, because it’s much nicer to lie on a towel with your whole body. It’s large enough to cover the whole chair, or you can put it on the ground. However, it’s still pretty compact when folded, so you can fit it nicely in a beach bag.

Comfort: Every single one of us enjoys a comfortable towel, and comfort ranks pretty high on our list of priorities when shopping. Based on user experiences, this one will pleasantly surprise you. It feels really soft and goes very gentle on your skin, regardless of whether it’s wet or dry. Also, it’s thick enough so you don’t feel like you’re lying on a piece of paper.

Design: People who bought it really enjoyed the additional features. The small pocket on the front is a great idea – it’s great for keeping your phone (fits even plus models), sunglasses, or a bottle of sunscreen. It can also be used for keeping headphones and avoid losing them. This is an excellent alternative to putting things on the ground.

The towel also comes with a hood (sleeve) on the back, designed to slide over the back of your beach chair. People say this is a great solution, as it prevents it from moving when you get up to get a drink or take a dip. An additional benefit is that you don’t have to constantly re-adjust it (as you would do with a regular towel).

Finally, we also want to compliment the looks of South & Rho towels. The print is nice and makes it look pretty stylish. Being mostly white is a plus since darker-colored towels get warm in the sun much faster, and are prone to fading. On the other hand, lighter towels get stains much easier, but this one is easy to clean so you have nothing to worry about.


  • Excellent size
  • High-quality material
  • Beautiful design
  • Convenient hood and pocket
  • Lightweight to carry


  • Only two color choices are available

Overall Rating

Overal_RatingPrice: 90% – Truth be told, this is not the cheapest beach towel that you’ll come across. However, there is a good reason for this. We’ve already mentioned that it’s made of quality materials, which unavoidably raises the price quite a bit. On the other hand, this also guarantees that you are dry and comfy on the beach and that you can use it for several seasons. While picking up the cheapest beach towel may be tempting, they won’t be able to match the performance of the South & Rho towel.

  • Material: 100% – We really like the choice of cotton as the main material. As we said, it’s probably the best material for making towels in general, because it’s really good at absorbing moisture (not to mention that it feels fantastic too). South & Rho uses heavyweight cotton for these towels, which makes a difference that you can feel as soon as you lie on the towel.
  • Design: 95% – We like that this towel is not covered with excessive colors and prints. This gives it a sleek and enjoyable look regardless of where you use it. Furthermore, we appreciate the additional features it comes with (pocket, hood) because they are the things that truly make it stand apart.
  • Overall: 95% – There’s plenty to like about this towel. It’s well-made, durable, and performs great. It also has a few useful additions and looks good. If you spend a lot of time at the beach or pool, this type of towel will definitely make your stay even better.

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As you’ve had the chance to see, this is not an ordinary beach towel and we say that in a very positive way. The South & Rho beach towel gives you plenty of size and comfort for lounging and relaxing no matter where you go. Furthermore, its features make using it incredibly convenient and enjoyable. The customer service is pretty good too – if you have any type of problem with your towel, they will make sure to solve it quickly.

We really liked this towel, and hope that South & Rho company keeps up the good work and comes up with even more new ways to improve beach accessories and equipment. The towel is a fantastic addition to your beach day checklist, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy it!


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South & Rho Beach Towel Review