Old Town Next Canoe Review


The Old Town Next Canoe is a 13-foot compact hybrid make that allows for fast, easy turning, and smooth paddling.  This single paddler canoe can be operated with either a single blade or double blade paddles.

The design features an open hull with an adjustable seat that allows for stability, comfortability, and performance on the water.  The Old Town Next Canoe’s key features include but are not limited to;

  • Its low profile and narrow width allow for smooth paddling and easy turning, even for an amateur!
  • An adjustable seat with straps attached to it to ensure its hold on the frame. The removable seat with back support can be rearranged to face backward or forward to ensure proper weight distribution, ease of maneuver, and endurance of longer trips on the water.
  • The availability of foot braces allows for proper readjustments to ease the paddling process, not typical for a canoe!
  • Its 13-foot open hull makes the Old Town Next Canoe narrow and compact thus, it is easier to paddle with a single or double-blade paddle. Its short length design also makes maneuvers on the water easier which makes it an ideal fishing canoe and even great at tracking due to the stability that comes with the open hull design.
  • Its lightweight feature makes it perfect for a single paddler and easier to move from one place to the other.
  • Its paradoxical characteristic of a large weight and storage capacity that co-exists with its compact feature, allows for plenty of space to store your outdoor gear, be it fishing or camping equipment. An added plus to this canoe is its three-layered hulls, which means even more storage space, owing to the elimination of foam bulkheads to its design.


  • Length: 13 foot
  • Width: 29 inches
  • Depth: 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 59 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Hull weight: 59 pounds
  • Seat width and size: 21 inches/6 pounds
  • Material: 3-layer polyethylene

User Experience


Portability and set up

The canoe’s relatively lightweight of 59 pounds eliminates the need for hulk-like muscle strength to transport it and to move it in and out of water. Its comparatively shorter length compared to other canoes allows for convenience to move it.

The adjustable boat seats and foot braces allow for an individual to set up their seating to their desired level of comfortability for easier operation of the boat.


The canoe’s high weight capacity which is supplemented by the open hull feature makes more room for your gear. Load up your fishing gear, your camping gear, and the oh-so-precious personal effects every time you go for your unforgettable paddling experience. The downside to the ample storage space is you may need to invest in some dry bags due to the non-dry storage build of the Old Town Next Canoe. This is to prepare for those unexpected rainy days. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nature’s beauty with a frustrating bag full of weight personal effects!

It’s seating and foot brace system allows an individual to enjoy a whole day in the outdoors without the risk of irritable back pain or any other sort of discomfort brought on by longevity on the vessel.

The Old Town Next Canoe, however, is limited to a single paddler, so this may not be the ideal vessel for that paddling trip you have been planning with your best friend.


The distinctive design of the canoe and kayak hybrid combo of the Old Town Next Canoe has upped its performance game.  This vessel tracks straight and smooth and on water, it is very stable. The design has also allowed for easy turning and longevity on the water.

The seat adjusting system and movable foot braces increase performance by ensuring proper support and comfort for different individual heights and seating position while paddling.

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  • The adjustable seating and foot braces system ensure comfortability and longevity on your trip
  • The open hull feature creates a narrow and compact design that allows stability, easy maneuvers, and good tracking
  • Plenty of storage space
  • The low profile design allows for easy paddling
  • It is lightweight which allows for easy transportation and moving


  • Single paddler vessel
  • Needs dry storage equipment to protect gear and personal effects from rain, etc
  • Does not have any specialized fishing features

Overall Rating


Based on our assessment, here are our ratings of the Old Town Next Canoe:

  • Price: 80 % – The relatively competitive for what the product offers, however, it may be on the higher side for beginners.
  • Material: 100% – the use of a triple-layered polythene material ensures the durability and strength of the boat. The material gives the boat a smooth surface with a stronger and stiffer feel. The material allows for the boat to be hulled through different conditions such as sand and grass.
  • Design: 100% – the hybrid and versatile 2 in 1kayak and canoe feature brings out the best of the product. The design ensures maximum performance whilst maintaining safety, stability, and comfortability.
  • Overall: 90% – the Old Town Next Canoe brings out the ultimate outdoor paddling experience in style, comfort, and full performance. This boat merges the parts of the kayak & the canoe that we love. It would have been perfect if it had room for another paddler and dry storage. But essentially, it is definitely worth the investment.

Globo Surf Overview

The versatile kayak-canoe Old Town Next Canoe Mashup is one of the best of its kind for that momentous paddling experience every time you are on it. If you are looking for a hassle-free, lightweight single paddler boat for the ultimate outdoor pleasure, the Old Town Next Canoe is definitely your choice.

The Old Town Next Canoe is a multipurpose boat to keep. Use it for fishing, camping, an all-day paddling adventure. You won’t go wrong with this choice. And for your longer planned outdoor trips, remember that you always have ample storage space.

Now here is a single-paragraph core outline of the Old Town. Lightweight means no moving hassle. A compact, narrow, and low-profile build ensure easier maneuvers, turns, and tracking on the water. Use a single or double-bladed paddle. Adjustable seating and foot braces are placed to ensure comfort and smooth paddling. The open hull feature equals ample space for all your canoe gear. Just make sure you are a single paddler and you bring with you extra dry storage equipment.

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Old Town Next Canoe Review