How To Remove Sand From Your Pool


During the summer, having a swimming pool is one of the biggest blessings. Especially if you don’t live near the seaside, this could be your only way of really relaxing during hot, summer days.

If you want to keep your swimming pool healthy and enjoyable for a great amount of time, there is a lot of maintenance you’ll have to do, like vacuuming, cleaning, and treating your pool. And one of the biggest “enemies” of your swimming pool is sand.

How Did Sand Get Into The Pool In The First Place?

It doesn’t matter if you live by the seaside or don’t have a beach nearby, because the wind could carry sand and dust for more than 6000 kilometers (3700) miles you’ll probably have that kind of a problem, so it is really useful what to do to remove the sand from your pool.

And besides the wind carrying dust and sand, another possibility is a cracked lateral or a standpipe of your sand filter.

But whatever the reason is, if you want to fully enjoy your pool time without that uncomfortable feeling on your feet or without your pool bottom looking dirty, you should take the sand out of your pool as soon as possible.

Preparing The Pool For Cleaning

Start by cleaning your skimmer baskets by removing all debris and check the water level. It must be in the middle of the skimmer inlet. After that, go to the pool pump and turn it off. Switch the multiport valve to the backwash option and turn It on. Go to the sight glass, the compass-sized thing with Plexiglas where you could see the water running through the waste drain. It is located on the side of the pump near the waste drain

Run it until the water in the slight glass becomes clear. When the water is clear, turn the pump off and switch the multiport valve to waste. Then it is time to take the leaf net and collect any floating debris. When done, place the pool brush onto the telescopic pole and brush the sides of the pool and steps. Then take the pole and move anything that has collected in the corners of your pool so the vacuum can reach it.

Because you’ll lose a lot of water, overfill your pool. Now when all of the sand in the pool is gathered on the bottom of your overfilled pool, it is time to start vacuuming.

Preparing The Equipment To Remove The Sand Out Of Pool


Before you get to remove the sand from your pool, make sure your sand filter is not broken. If your lateral pipe is broken or it is time to change the sand in your sand filter, first locate the problem and solve it. Then, when your sand filter is working properly, it is time to start vacuuming.

You’ll need:

– Pool Pole

– Vacuum Hose

– Vacuum head

– Vacuum plate

– Filter system

Once you’ve got your equipment, start putting it together. First, attach the vacuum head to the pool pole. Add the swivel end of the hose to the head. Attach the plate to the skimmer, and make sure it is locked in place.

While your vacuum is turned off, set your filter on the “Waste” setting. If you don’t do that, all of the sand will get into your filter and stuck in your lateral. When done, start priming the vacuum hose and turn the vacuum on.

Once it is on, move the free end of the vacuum hose to one of the jets, and hold the open end over it so water pushes into the hose. Seal the open end with your hand and move to the skimmer, where you’ll place that open end into the vacuum plate, which will create the suction.

Before you put your cleaner into the pool, check if everything is working as it should. Try your vacuum cleaner by putting your hand under it. If you feel the suction, you’re good to go.

Vacuuming The Pool

When you get the cleaner inside your pool, aim the spots you see the sand has gathered. As mentioned before, you’ll lose lots of water during vacuuming, so it is recommended to go as fast as possible but be careful not to go too quickly or you’ll spread the sand.

Watch for the skimmer line. If the water drops below it, fill the pool with your water hose. Move your cleaner against shallow and deep ends of the pool. When you don’t see sand anymore, remove the cleaner from the pool, disconnect the vacuum parts, and turn the pool pump off.

Go to the skimmer baskets, clean them, and place the cover on. After it is all done, go to the multiport valve and switch it back to the filter. Then turn the pump on.

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Globo Surf Overview

If you own a pool, you’ll probably have a problem with sand in the pool sooner or later, even if you don’t surf, or haven’t even visited a beach in the near past. It is something that you should address as soon as you see it and keep your pool clean.

These tips and guides should help you with the questions you have about sand in the pool and how to remove it. It is not hard, it won’t last long and if you follow the instructions, you should be able to return to your scheduled fun in a no-time.

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