3 Ways How To Carry Skis


Let’s face it, skis are long and can be cumbersome to carry around. Do it the wrong way and you may just end up hitting everything in your path. Consider also the skiing dangers and risks.

Carrying skis the right way ensures that you not only look like a seasoned pro but will help you conserve your energy for what matters—skiing down those awesome slopes.

First Link the Skis

Do you think skis are cumbersome? Try carrying skis individually! The best thing is to first ensure that the skis are linked together. This makes for easy carry and prevents you from looking like an amateur.

You will find two bits at the center of the skis. These are the ski brakes and their main function is to prevent the skis from sliding once they detach from the ski boots. To use the ski brakes to link both skis, start by placing the skis together in such a way that the inside sides of the skis are joint together.

Second, you will pick the skis up with the underneath brake. However, if you say you were to pick them up using the higher ski, the weight of both skis will not be supported and the upper ski will come loose.

Simply take a good look and pick up the skis with the support brake. It is that simple!

Note that you should always wear a ski helmet when heading up the slopes.

Here Are 3 Main Ways How To Carry Skis

1. Carrying the skis vertically

This is among the simplest ways of carrying skis. Begin by linking the skis as we saw above. Next, pick up the skis and then cradle them right between your forearms.

Lastly, hold the skis on either side of the bindings. This ensures that you achieve a more balanced weight.

If it is easier for you, simply hold out your arms and tell a friend to place the skis onto your arms. Just make sure that you are careful not to hit people as you walk with the skis on your arms.

Keep in mind that you will tire very easily when walking with the skis in this way so the technique is not recommended when walking too far. It’s a good idea to practice the method in an open space before you can use it in a setting where there are other people around.

If you are a beginner, ensure you are wearing the best ski boots for beginners.

2. Holding by the side

If you are in a crowded spot, the best way on how to carry skis is by holding them by the side.

Start by picking the skis using the binding. This is the part that will stick out when you are attaching the skis to the ski boots.

Hold the skis by the lower skis supporting break. Lift them off the ground using a single hand while holding the two skis with the other hand.

3. Over the shoulder

This is a popular way of carrying your skis. It is an advanced method but the great advantage is that it takes most of the weight off your arms.

You are thus able to conserve a lot of energy which you will use when skiing downhill. If you are going to walk a long distance then this is the best method for carrying the skis.

While it may be challenging at first to master the technique and to carry that weight on your shoulders, a little practice and you should be able to carry the skis in the most energy-efficient way.

After linking the skis together, pick them up, and place them on the shoulders. Ensure that the weight of the skis is distributed evenly on your shoulders. The tip of the skis should point downwards.

Place one arm on the skis to apply for support and ensure that they are held in place gently.

You will use the other arm to hold the poles. You may need the best ski backpacks to carry your other gear.

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Holding The Poles

Even while carrying the skis is a necessary skill, there is more. Skiers also need to contend with carrying the ski poles.

These add to the complexity of carrying your skiing gear up the hill. However, with practice, you will be able to carry these efficiently.

The first step is to hold your skis on one hand and then with the other hand, hold both poles.

Then take the ski pole fabric and put them over the ski bindings. You will do all this while you hold the skis over the shoulders. This will cause them to hang on without being held and will leave you with a free hand.

Also, one of the most important skills to have with you at all times is how to get up after a skiing fall. It will come in handy quite often when you finally get on your skis and will help you prevent serious injuries.

How To Handle The Skis During A Break


There will be metal racks all over the ski station for holding both skis and snowboards. While they will mostly be safe, there could be a thief just waiting for the perfect opportunity to take your skis.

Even while you are at a restaurant, it’s always a good idea to have a straight line of sight to where they are. If you are in an area where there are no ski racks, then you can dig the skis into the snow and stand them vertically up.

Globo Surf Overview

Carrying skis the wrong way will cause you to tire quickly expending the energy that you need when you finally get up the slopes. With these methods, however, now know how to carry the skis and ski poles with ease. You can get to your chosen ski area with your ski gear fast and easy.

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