Cheeky PreLoad Fly Reels Review


The PreLoad Fly Fishing Reels by Cheeky Fishing are a set of three different reels that come already spooled up with lines so that you can simply attach them to your rod and start fishing. The company’s goal, which has not changed since its foundation in 2009, is to make fishing products that push the limits both for performance and for looks, and the PreLoad Fly Fishing Reels fit perfectly into this idea. 

Correctly spooling a reel is a time-consuming process that may also scare off many potential fishermen, who are maybe curious to get into the sport but intimidated by the wealth of technical details they find themselves faced with. The elegant solution devised by Cheeky Fishing provides an easy and straightforward method to concentrate less on the gear and more on the enjoyment of hunting through the waves.

The reels come in three different line weights so you can choose to take on fish of almost any shape and size and are made out of premium materials that combine excellent strength with a lightweight. Furthermore, the people at Cheeky Fishing have made a special effort to keep things affordable, so these excellent reels can be yours for less than 100 dollars. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a deal the likes of these in the whole wide fishing world.


The Cheeky PreLoad Fly Fishing reels come with three different line weights, which you can identify by their names. The 300 reel has a weight of 2 to 4, the 350 reels from 5 to 6, and the toughest, the 375 reels from 7 to 8. They are all lined with 20-pound backing designed by Cheeky and feature a 9-foot loop-to-loop tapered leader. The width of the spool is only around one inch so it will fit nicely in combination with new generation rods, which are only getting thinner and lighter.

The reels are made from cast aluminum which allows for great performances when it comes to brute strength all the while remaining lightweight and portable. Another notable feature is the excellent drag system designed by Cheeky which has a stacked, alternating disc system that eliminated startup inertia while providing more than enough power to battle the heaviest fish. Here is a list of the most notable features you’ll find on the Cheeky Fishing PreLoad Fly Fishing reels.

  • Available in three different line weights, 2-4, 5-6, and 7-8
  • Lined with 20-pound backing
  • Easy to convert from left hand to right hand
  • Silent retrieve
  • Excellent drag system with little startup inertia
  • Tapered loop-to-loop leader
  • Reel case included
  • Leader included
  • Lightweight yet durable



Line weights: 2-4 (300 line), 5-6 (350 line), 7-8 (375 line)

Reel weight: 3.9 oz, 4.4 oz, 4.7 oz

Spool width: 1 inch

Material: Cast aluminum

Right/Left conversion: Yes

Backing Capacity: 100 yards

Easy release spool: Yes

Drag system: S-Power

Floating line length: 90 feet

User Experience


Construction and use: The PreLoad Fly Fishing reels by Cheeky feel nice and solid in the hand, despite not giving you the same feeling of strength as reels that are fully-machines. Nevertheless, you feel comfortable enough to take on a very wide range of fish and, especially if you are a beginner, you probably won’t even feel the difference. The spooling handle is nice and tapered and feels good to hold, but most of all the connection between the spool and the rod frame is tight and solid. Having this is crucial to make the reel feel like an integral part of your rod and prevent any unwanted distractions at the least indicated moment. Overall the construction is satisfying and has never proved to be a problem, making you quickly forget that you’re only holding a cast aluminum reel. 

Drag: Drag is one of the most important features to look out for in a fishing reel, and the PreLoad Reels from Cheeky don’t disappoint. The feel is not quite the same as that of a high-end reel but for this price point, it’s hard to do much complaining. Startup inertia is still present but is kept very well under control by the stacked alternating disc system that Cheeky has incorporated in the reels. Smoothness is excellent when the line is pulled along at high speeds and only begins to falter when they decrease. The maximum drag pressure we were able to achieve is just under 5 pounds. Line retrieval, on the other hand, is nice and smooth and almost completely silent.

Durability: Toughness and strength were never an issue with the PreLoad Fly Fishing reels by Cheeky Fishing. Despite not being as fully-machined reels, they are more than capable of taking a beating and still survive. The lines and the spools, especially the tougher, 375 lines, can do battle with trouts and salmons and you’ll find that you might be the one the crack before your gear does if the fighting goes on for long. As far as care goes, we all know that it’s best not to drop your gear or mistreat it too hard, but in the case of the PreLoad Fly Fishing reels, you can be confident that they can take a hit, just don’t push it too hard to find out where is the limit.


  • Easy to attach to the rod and feels safe once you do it
  • Very good line and backing
  • Tough build can take several hits before giving up
  • The lightweight and thin spool is easy to carry


  • Drag is not always as smooth as we would like

Overall Rating


Usability: 97% – With this line of products, Cheeky Fishing has succeeded in creating a simple, flexible tool that is easy to use and gets your mind off the hassle of tying knots or messing around with lines. The reels are nice and portable and feel strong and secure when fastened to your rod, working well in combination with all your other fishing equipment. While some seasoned anglers might be skeptical about a spool you don’t load, even they might learn to be seduced by a reel that does not require long winding or complicated knots. Beginners, on the other hand, will surely appreciate the simplicity of the setup and the nice feel of the handle, coupled with a smooth and silent line retrieve and a trustworthy and advanced drag system.

Material: 97% – The cast aluminum build of the Cheeky PreLoad Fly Fishing reels leaves very little to complain about since any reel that is built better than they will also have you shelling out a considerable amount of extra money. The reels feel nice and solid in the hand but are also very lightweight and never feel unwieldy and difficult to turn. The handles and spool center cap are premium and provide a nice cherry on the top to round off an excellent package, especially considering the price point.

Price: 99% – Price is where the Cheeky PreLoad Fly Fishing reels shine, simply because there is no other product on the market that does what they do while costing so little. Reels like these usually set you back several hundreds of dollars and will make a beginner cringe and squirm uncomfortably while flipping through online reviews. Luckily for them, Cheeky Fishing has made it an explicit goal to provide something for all fishing enthusiasts, regardless of their level, and that’s where the PreLoad Fly Fishing reels come in. Budget is often the primary concern of the vast majority of people looking to get into fishing and it’s clear that the people at Cheeky know this. For those looking for an inexpensive way to get into the sport or even for pros who want to have a backup, the solution might be staring you in the eyes at this very moment.

Overall: 97% – The PreLoad Fly Fishing reels from Cheeky Fishing are not the most advanced, the most durable, the most effective, but they just seem to make a lot of sense. They combine a wealth of very good features which make them an excellent choice for those wanting to take their fishing game to the next level, but most of all do it at a price point that you will not find anywhere else on the market. A product that scores high on many different scales and that won’t excessively weigh on your wallet is rare to come across, so we can’t help but recommend that you take the PreLoad Fly Fishing reels into high consideration when planning your next purchase.

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Globo Surf Overview

The Cheeky Fishing PreLoad Fly Fishing reels have proven to be great and easy to use, light to carry, and not expensive, which are several features that are very hard to match in today’s market. We like products that let you focus on the things you like rather than create additional problems, and these reels seem to fit this definition perfectly. We hope to see more gear like this in the future, gear that makes us remember to concentrate on the good things in life and forget the technicalities.

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Cheeky PreLoad Fly Reels Review