What Is The Best Time Of Day To Shock Pool?


Regularly shocking the pool is one of the most essential parts of its maintenance. Without proper maintenance, pool water may turn to a green or cloudy color due to algae buildup. That’s why it is very important to know how to shock your pool.

Besides, it is crucial to learn the best time of day to shock the pool is. This will maximize its efficiency and allow you to enjoy freshwater whenever you’d like to relax. Keep on reading to find out what the best time to shock the pool is. 

Best Time of Day to Shock Pool Guide

What is Pool Shock?

Pool shock refers to the increase in the concentration of available chlorine. To achieve this effect, you can either use a commercial product that frees up the already existing chlorine or add more chlorine. Chlorine kills pollutants, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. 

Most pool owners wait until algae build-up or until the water becomes cloudy to use pool shock. But, you should avoid this to stay healthy. Shocking the pool regularly actually helps you avoid serious pool water and health problems. Even though it may seem like a time-consuming process, regular maintenance is a fairly simple task.

Keep in mind that you should always follow the package instructions. Once you’re done shocking the pool, you need to wait for a certain amount of time – usually around eight hours for chlorine-based shock treatments. In case you’d like to use a non-chlorinated option, you will typically have to wait for no longer than fifteen minutes.

Swimming in highly chlorinated pool water can be dangerous, so checking the chlorine levels is highly recommended. You can even use an app to check the water conditions!

The  Best Time to Shock Pool

Evening or night is the best time of day to shock the pool. Experts recommend doing it once the sun goes down for it to work properly. If you decide to shock your pool during the day, it may not be effective because UV rays significantly reduce the levels of free chlorine. 

In case shocking your pool during the day cannot be avoided, you should use special chlorine stabilizers. Adding them will prolong chlorine efficiency, thus enabling the shock to work even under direct sunlight. 

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Pool Shock Frequency

How often you apply pool shock depends solely on how often you use the pool. Doing it every two weeks is considered a good rule of thumb. If you are not using your pool daily, you can typically do it every month or so. On the other hand, if your pool is being used regularly, you should make sure it is regularly shocking. 

Shocking the pool is a normal part of regular upkeep and maintenance. But, there are also other times shocking your pool should be considered:

  • After a period of heavy rain
  • Once the water temperature becomes higher than recommended
  • During prolonged hot weather periods
  • When free chlorine levels are below recommended
  • When the pool is being used heavily or frequently 

In addition to shocking the pool, you should regularly check pool filters and pool pumps to make sure everything is working properly. If you notice something is not working properly, consider replacement or call a professional. Using pool cleaners is another way to keep your pool in perfect condition. 



Q: What Time of Day Should I Shock My Pool?


The best time to shock pool is after the sun goes down, so during the evening or at night. Shocking the pool during the day may be ineffective because direct UV light affects the levels of free chlorine. In case you really have to do it during the day, you should use special chlorine stabilizers.

Q: Can You Shock Your Pool During the Day?


You can shock your pool during the day, even though it is not recommended. The best time to do it is after the sun goes down because direct sunlight lowers the free chlorine levels. However, if you can’t avoid shocking your pool during the day, you should add a chlorine stabilizer in order for it to work.

Q: What Happens if You Swim in a Shocked Pool?


Swimming in a shocked pool is safe as long as you follow the package instructions and wait after the procedure. You should avoid using the pool immediately after you shock it because very high levels of chlorine can be dangerous. How long you should wait depends on what type of shock you use. 

Q: How Long Does Pool Shock Take to Work?


That depends on the shock type. In case you choose a non-chlorinated option, you will have to wait for no more than 15 minutes. On the other hand, if you use a regular shock, you will have to wait for 8 hours.

Q: Can You Over Shock a Pool?


Yes, it is possible to over shock a pool. If you put too much chlorine in your pool, it can damage the pool liner. That is why it is crucial to follow the package instructions. Also, make sure you shock your pool every two weeks. 

Q: Is Shock and Chlorine the Same Thing?


Shock is essentially chlorine in a much higher dose. When you add it to your pool, it quickly raises the chlorine levels and shocks the pool. On the other hand, chlorine tabs are there to maintain a steady level of chlorine in the water. 

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Shocking your pool is crucial for proper maintenance. For it to work, you should know when to apply it. The best time to shock your pool is when the sun goes down because sunlight can make the shock ineffective. 

Always follow the package instructions and wait for the required amount of time before hopping back into your pool. The type of shock you use determines how much you will have to wait after application.

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