10 Benefits Of UV Protective Clothing


We spend the better part of the day or the entire holiday under the sun; going out for swimming, kayaking, riding waves, or taking walks along the beach with our loved ones.  This is the time we unleash our sexy bikinis and beach shorts because we want to feel the sun penetrate every part of the skin.

But do you have an idea of what we expose our bodies to? Well, we all want to look twenty even when we are in our late forties – sexy and sassy, but those walks along the beach without protective clothing will definitely kill this dream!

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very dangerous. Below are the benefits of UV protective clothing, which should make you consider bringing a few protective clothes on your next beach trip.

1. Minimizes The Risk Of Skin Cancer

There are quite a several skin cancers and many of them are related to ultraviolet rays. The importance of UV protective clothing is to prevent sunburns that occur when we expose our skin to the sun for a long period. Sunburns will not only be a nightmare to you and make you feel bad about your appearance but also have a long-term effect – skin cancer.

Cancer is very expensive to treat and has already claimed the lives of many. You really don’t want to be in the statistics of this mean health condition.

2. Safeguards Your Immune System

Maybe you are wondering what the sun has to do with your immune system, right? Okay, let’s dig into the science behind this a little.

Frequent exposure to the sun will tamper with an antigen present on some cells found on the epidermis layer of your skin. This antigen senses any foreign and harmful antigen that may interfere with the skin. Destruction of these antigens allows the dangerous cells to act on your skin causing health conditions to your body.

But this doesn’t mean you have to bring all your swim parkas and wetsuits just because we told you to protect your skin. A nice beach shirt and shorts will work just fine.

3. Prevents Early Skin Aging

Yep, UV rays get your skin aging earlier and faster! You obviously don’t want to look forty-five years old when you only in your late twenties.

Dry and saggy skin is a sign that your epidermis is losing its elasticity and this is exactly what premature skin aging means. Covering your skin whenever you go out in the sun will keep its elasticity intact and prevent early aging.

Also, don’t forget to keep applying some sunscreen while you are out there. It will keep your skin moisturized and double up the benefits of UV protective clothing.

4. Reduces Tanning

Went to the beach last holiday and came back home looking a little darker? That’s tanning. This is when your skin gets darker than normal. It happens when there is slow melanin pigmentation causing pilling of the melanin on the top layer of the skin, mostly on the face, arms, back, and legs.

Sun tanning will make you look darker and light-skinned at the same time, appearing like some sort of bleaching effect. This is definitely not what you want to look like after a memorable holiday in the Bahamas! Now you understand why you need to pack up that long-sleeved swimsuit and a couple more things when preparing for that beach picnic.

5. Prevents Eye Problems


Apart from the endless skin problems related to UV rays, we also have eye problems on the list. You are probably aware of this but you don’t know how bad it can be.  You don’t want to go on that holiday with your family on the coast and the first place to visit when you come back home is the eye clinic.

Direct sunrays can damage our eyesight and even cause permanent blindness. You can prevent this by simply putting on some sunglasses whenever you are out in the sun.

6. Prevents Skin Irritation

This is just simple as it sounds but is considered one of the benefits of UV protective clothing. Remember that day when you were lying on the beach and felt some sort of prickling on your skin? That’s exactly what we are talking about!

UV rays cause itchiness on your skin especially after a long period of exposure to the sun. Next time bring a rash guard, beach hat, and maybe a maxi dress and you will have a more comfortable sunbath.

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7. You Get More Time To Enjoy Waters

Sometimes we bring sunscreen to the beach but completely forget to reapply it after a swim or just feel lazy to do it. Wearing UV protective clothes can save you the trouble of reapplying the sunscreen because, even when you sweat or swim it off, your skin will remain protected.

8. Prevents Evaporation

The UV protective clothing forms a layer between your skin and the sun. This minimizes loss of water from your body through evaporation and somehow keeps you hydrated than when wearing just a bikini.

9. Covers Your Skin

As much as you are protecting your skin against the UV rays, you are also covering yourself from the scorching sun. A beach hat, for instance, provides both shade and UV protection.

10. Makes You Feel Appropriately Dressed

Some people feel underdressed walking around in a bikini especially on a public beach. UV protective clothing does not only keep the sun rays off but also covers more parts of your body making you feel more appropriately dressed.

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We know what’s on your mind – going out for that water activity you love when it’s not funny because you think bringing anything more than a bikini is just too much work. Bad idea!  UV rays can penetrate through the clouds too and you won’t realize how tanned your skin is until you get back home.

There is no shortcut about this; you just have to cover your body. You want to look sexy with your bikini, we get it, but you also want to remain healthy, which is one of the benefits of UV protective clothing.


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