Ameo Powerbreather Wave – Snorkel 2.0 Review



This is an innovative product that is going to change your perception of what is possible with a snorkel. The prolonged periods that your head can be underwater will allow you to see more than ever before and with a higher level of comfort.

Instead of focusing on where your next breath is something from, you can enjoy looking at the sea below or concentrate on your swimming stroke. This can help you to have a more enjoyable experience or it can also help you improve your technique. Here we look at some of the key features that make it such a great product.

  • Helps to improve power and endurance
  • Can increase your breathing volume
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Two-way air system for fresh air
  • Twist lock system for a unique fit
  • Various valves for different water
  • Attractive design


Size: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm

Color: White and blue

Weight: 7.8 ounces

Caps: Two included

Vents: Two small and large vents included

Accessories:  Soft zipped case

User Experience

For pool swimming: The Powerbreather does take a bit of getting used to after you first put it on, and it’s a good idea to take it easy before you start to do any activities. It’s a good idea to find shallow water and dip your head underneath and then practice breathing for a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it.

Once you have got used to wearing the device then you can head out in the water and enjoy your swim. You will good see the benefits of swimming with fresh air as you will be able to constantly have your head underwater and soon you won’t be thinking about your breathing at all.

There are a few big benefits to this as it will allow you to focus on your technique and maintain a perfect stroke. It’s difficult to concentrate on this when swimming regularly as you always have to be thinking about where your next breath is coming from.

Not only that, but it can also help to improve your breathing technique and endurance. It manages to give you all of these benefits while still being comfortable to wear and allowing you to breathe oxygen-rich air constantly.

In open water: Open water swimming with a normal snorkel can be very difficult as not only do you have the added strain of swimming through open water and needing a greater supply of oxygen, you also have to worry about water getting into the swimming snorkel.

With the Powerbreather though, you will be able to breathe in normal air allowing you to take deeper and more powerful breaths to be able to swim further and faster than ever before, and would even be able to listen to some swimming headphones. This is why it has proved to be popular with triathletes and open water swimmers who love training with it.

It is also well-designed enough to work very effectively in high waves too and you don’t have to be paranoid about swallowing water. Even in difficult conditions, you are going to be able to breathe properly and you won’t have to constantly stop and empty the snorkel.

The valve technology will mean that the snorkel is only ever going to let in the fresh air and therefore this gives you a very high level of freedom. This freedom is going to let you train harder than ever or let you simply just have more fun than you ever have done.

For snorkeling: The Powerbreather is also going to revolutionize the way that you’re going to be able to snorkel and dive. When you are snorkeling, you will be able to do so for as long as you want without getting out of breath or struggling with any water ingress.

When diving, one of the worst aspects of a regular snorkel is that once you get back to the surface, you have to blow out the water to take a breath, but with the Powerbreather, you will be able to breathe immediately after you surface.

The innovative valves that the snorkel has are going to prevent any water from coming deeper into the device but more than that, it will also naturally let the water out of the snorkel with the natural exhalation of your breath. The product can be used with almost any mask, but selecting the right mask or swimming goggles for you is always important.

These aspects will mean that you will be able to enjoy your dive more than you ever have done and in a greater level of comfort. The snorkel will also have a tight and comfortable fit, meaning that you can dive with a greater level of confidence.


  • Innovative valves
  • Constant fresh air
  • Secure fit
  • Different valves available
  • Water ingress prevented
  • Improves endurance and technique
  • Increases enjoyments


  • Requires adjustment period
  • The locking mechanism can trap hair

Overall Rating

This is a great product and one that I going to help change the way that you think about being in the water. It will be able to give you a high level of quality and allow you to take deep breaths while in the water. Here we break down the overall rating into a few key segments.

  • Price: 90 % – This is a product that has a very high level of quality when compared to other snorkels and the level of innovation means that it’s not going to be the cheapest snorkel that you’re ever going to find. That said, it is very reasonably priced when you consider the long list of advantages it has.
  • Material: 95% – You can’t argue about the build quality of this device as it is made out of materials that are going to be able to give it a high degree of durability but also comfort too. Both the mouthpiece and the stems of the snorkel are very well made.
  • Design: 100% – In terms of the design of this product, it’s pretty much faultless as it will perform exactly like it’s expected to. The features of constantly having fresh air to breathe and the preventing of keeping water out are brilliant.
  •  Overall: 95% – This is a great product and one that you will be very happy with if you get one. It can be used for multiple different activities, whether you are just having fun, trying to increase your endurance, or exploring the water below. It’s a high-quality snorkel that will allow you to do more than ever.

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Globo Surf Overview

When a product comes out that mentions how innovative it is, many people are skeptical about whether it will be able to perform as advertised. Many times you are let down as you find that it’s not quite as innovative as they claimed it to be.

With the Ameo Powerbreather Wave though, you are getting exactly what is advertised. The fresh air that you receive not only allows you to take deeper and longer breaths but also allows you to have a much more comfortable time when your face is below the water.

Added to that, it doesn’t have the drawbacks that we often see with more traditional snorkels. The revolutionary design will help you have a much more enjoyable time when you are swimming or snorkeling.

The style of the device is also beautiful, and you’ll have many jealous people wondering where you have bought it from and wanting to try it for themselves. The build quality is also high and it’s a product that is going to last for a long period of time. The great sitting position and secure fit will also mean that you can wear it for a long time too.

The Powerbreather Wave is a very impressive product with very few flaws to speak of. It will feel a little alien when you first wear it but it will soon be comfortable. Once you get past that phase, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that it has.


Ameo Powerbreather Wave Review