Voixatch Smart Watch With Built-In Bluetooth Headset Review


Bringing together advanced communication technology and stylish design in a way that has never been done before, the Voixatch smartwatch with a detachable Bluetooth headset pushes the envelope of what was thought possible in the world of wearable smart objects. The device looks great and feels very simple to operate, but this only means that it has been extremely well thought out and designed, flawlessly combining a great number of features that we usually had to rely on our smartphones for.

Smartwatches have always sounded like a good idea, but up to now, every implementation has felt a little too cumbersome to be useful, with connectivity problems, battery life issues, and small, cramped screens that make it hard to access the information or features you need. The search for a user-friendly interface and smoothness of operation has been one of the main goals of the manufacturers invested in the race.

Today, the Voixatch smart watch stands out among the rest precisely because of how it addresses all of these issues. The screen is big enough to see whatever you need to see and the interface is simple to use, while the problem of making phone calls has found a surprisingly elegant solution in the form of a detachable bezel that doubles as a headset. The device blends in perfectly with the urban contemporary environment and sets the bar very high for any kind of future development.


The Voixatch smart watch is remarkable for how it provides a wealth of different features in a single, portable, package that you can carry with you at all times and remain constantly connected. The stand-out feature is the detachable bezel, which has 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and allows the wearer to answer calls without missing a beat. When twisted off of the watch a side button releases a hook that wraps nicely around the ear, putting the speaker and microphone right where they need to be. Twisting it back onto the body locks it securely in place, and the bezel never wiggles. The volume of the call is adjustable thanks to two buttons on the body, and the screen is nice and big and can display your text messages.

The watch is compatible with both LTE and GPS networks and can synch to a dedicated app that can be used to keep track of workouts thanks to the heart rate and gyro sensors built into the device. The whole watch is waterproof so you won’t need to worry about being out in the rain and there are several different color options available for the bezel, for you to select the perfect combination to match your outfit for the day. Running out of battery for your headset will never be an issue since it gets charged while sitting comfortably on the watch, and the device itself is USB chargeable and can last up to two days on one charge.

The total talking time you can expect to get out of the Voixatch smartwatch is around three hours and the bezel can remain connected up to 10 meters away from the watch. The operating system is Android, with a pretty powerful processor, and features 16 Gb of internal storage. Here is a complete list of the most notable features of the Voixatch smart watch.

  • Removable bezel works as a headset
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Interchangeable bezels with different color options
  • Large and easy to read display
  • LTE and GPS network compatible
  • Bezel recharges on watch while on your wrist
  • Can synch to phone app to keep track of workouts
  • Heart rate and gyro sensors built in to watch
  • Waterproof
  • The watch is USB rechargeable



Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 15 mm

Battery: 580 mAh

Battery life: Up to 2 days

Bezel talk time: 3 hours

Bluetooth connectivity: 5.0

Bluetooth range: 10 meters

Processor: ARM cortex-A53, 4-cores, 1.5 GHz

RAM: 2 Gb

Storage space: 16 Gb

Operating system: Android

User Experience


Usability: The Voixatch smartwatch is as smooth and responsive as you would expect it to be, and besides making coffee there is little more than one could ask the device to do. You can feel the quality as soon as you slide it onto your wrist and the touch screen is as sensitive as the one on your phone, so you will not have any issue with switching over. The locking mechanism of the bezel is simple yet devilishly effective, and never gives the wearer the feeling that it might slip off it not taken care of. The headset is comfortable to wear around the ear and hangs on very securely, providing excellent reception and voice pickup. Overall, the device feels simple and intuitive to use while remaining reliable as long as the battery lasts, and these are the indisputable signs of an extremely well-designed product.

Design: While the connectivity features of the Voixatch smartwatch make it shine when it comes to performance, looks are also an important factor in today’s market and this device doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to modern, sleek lines, the watch is a perfect complement to an office outfit and can give that little extra edge to make it a little more noticeable and impressive. On the other hand, the design is so beautifully simple that the device will not feel out of place even if you’re going for a run and wearing a simple tracksuit. With several different color options for the bezel and various available laces, you’ll find that the Voixatch smart watch will feel at home in almost any everyday situation.


  • Detachable bezel works great as a headset
  • Smooth touch screen operation
  • Stylish looks
  • A single device does it all


  • Battery life may not be long enough for some users

Overall Rating


Usability: 99% – The Voixart smartwatch proves itself capable of overcoming many of the issues that have plagued smartwatches in the past, and is a product that is a joy to use and won’t have you peering in frustration at a tiny little screen. Information is easy to read and smooth to navigate through and the detachable headset is a true stroke of genius. Making it blend so seamlessly in the device and perform so reliably is a feat that is worth a great deal of praise, and adding a long-lasting battery, not far from what you get from a top-range smartphone, justifies the high marks the Voixart smartwatch earns in this category.

Design: 98% – With sleek modern lines, the Voixart smartwatch is a winner when it comes to looks, and might just be that little accessory that gives your outfit that extra touch of flair you were looking for. The numerous available color options for the bezel let you find exactly the right combination you need for the situation you are heading into, and the device overall looks exactly like something you would expect to find in the latest and trendiest fashion accessory show. These days working well is not enough, you also have to look the part, and the Voixart smart watch manages to pull it off admirably.

Price: 98% – There are people out there that are ready to give a limb to get hold of the latest smart device, but the Voixatch smart watch won’t push you to these extremes. Price is very much in line with other high-tech consumer devices that populate the modern market, and while you might want to think about it a bit before you make the purchase, you’ll be pleased to find that it won’t cost you much more than getting yourself an entry-level smartphone. When you consider the ease of use and features we have described in the review, you can easily see how the Voixatch smart watch deserves appreciation also because of how it doesn’t make your wallet weep.

Overall: 98% – It is very little we don’t like about the Voixatch smart watch. It is always refreshing and inspiring to see a product implement a simple yet smart idea in a smooth and easy to use the product, designed to make the user’s life simpler and not complicate it with long menus or infinite button configurations. The device pushes the boundaries of what was thought possible with smartwatches, earning our unabashed admiration and enthusiastic recommendation.

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The Voixatch smartwatch is an innovative device that allows the user to do everything they need with the touch of a button, staying connected everywhere they go. It is remarkable because of its ingenuity and smoothness, providing the user with an experience that will soon feel as natural as washing their hands.

Voixatch Smart Watch With Built-In Bluetooth Headset Review