TrustyTrunks – Leakproof Diaper Covers For Swimming Review


Thanks to the TrustyTrunks leakproof diaper covers for swimming, trips to the pool with your newborn no longer have to be a source of worry or embarrassment. Going above and beyond what normal swimming diapers can do, these entire silicone trousers wrap your child’s midsection in an airtight bubble that prevents any unwanted spill. Frequent and frantic runs to the bathroom or complex diaper swapping sessions are on their way of becoming a thing of the past.

When you have a small child, changing diapers becomes an integral part of your routine, but it is not much you can do if your kid does his or her business in the middle of a pool, even if you try your best to prevent it. As a pool owner, having to take care of a contaminated pool is something you want to avoid at all costs, because of the time and money that goes into the whole process. It can force you to shut down for the day and potentially put your business at risk.

The TrustyTrunks diaper covers for swimming provide a solution for both parties, protecting parents and pool owners from unwanted leaks and invisible germs, and lifting a great deal of weight from their shoulders. The covers also keep the diaper nice and dry, preventing your child from having to swim around in a wet one that is likely to cause discomfort. The idea is simple, but it works, and that’s what makes the TrustyTrunks diaper covers stand out as a product that can make your life easier.


The TrustyTrunks leakproof diaper covers are a pair of trousers made entirely of skin-friendly silicone. By sliding them onto your child, on top of his or her diaper, you create an airtight bubble that prevents any unwanted leaks from happening when the infant is in the water at a public pool, surrounded by other people. The silicon adheres tightly to the skin without stifling the child, and freedom of movement is maintained while spills are prevented. The material is comfortable to wear and never causes chafing, and if applied properly the TrustyTrunks leave the underlying diaper completely dry.

The silicone is very stretchy so you’ll be able to use the product even as your child grows, and the TrustyTrunks diaper covers are very conveniently machine-washable. Not only do they provide a great barrier for anything looking to come out, but they also work great in preventing sand from reaching your child’s most sensitive parts. Once put on, the covers stay firmly in place even as the child moves, so you can even put them one directly at home and arrive at the water already ready to go. The diaper covers also work great to prevent your car seats from getting soiled on the way to and from the pool.

The covers need to fit snugly at the crotch, without leaving any extra space, while at the top you have to ensure that there are at least to inches of silicon between the higher edge of the diaper and the top of the cover. This is the only way to effectively prevent any unwanted loss of liquid, and an imperfect application will leave room for accidents to happen. There is even the possibility to make the covers smaller since there are concentric lines at the top that show you where to cut. Here follow a complete list of features of the TrustyTrunks leakproof diaper covers.

  • Effectively prevent leaks from the baby’s diaper
  • Entirely made of skin-friendly silicone
  • Also prevents germs from entering the pool water
  • Easy to put on
  • Quick to clean
  • Machine washable
  • Also prevents sand from entering
  • Leaves child free to move
  • Can stretch to fit children of different sizes



Material: Silicone

Child size: From 21 to 29 pounds

User Experience


Protection: When putting on correctly, the TrustyTrunks diaper covers give you the confidence you need to let your child run free. The edges cling on to the skin and provide an airtight seal on your little one’s belly and legs, letting nothing come in our out. They can even be useful for toilet training since a child will not want to go if they are wearing normal underpants. The covers are so resistant that they are effectively waterproof, keeping the underlying diapers or underpants completely free of any liquid. For concerned parents or worried pool owners, few products can deliver the reassuring feeling quite as the TrustyTrunks diaper covers can manage.

Fit: The TrustyTrunks diaper covers stand out also because they stretch, and they can be used by your child throughout the whole summer season. The wrap tightly around the belly and the legs but blend seamlessly with the body so that freedom of movement is never impeded, and your little one can run around as he or she pleases. If they feel too big, they can also be resized since the silicone is easy to cut and lines are traced on the top and bottom to guide you. Once they are on, your child won’t have to worry about them dropping or getting misplaced because of how they cling onto the skin, so they can concentrate on what is most important, which is having fun!


  • Delivers excellent leak protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Stretches to fit children of different sizes


  • It can get very smelly inside if you leave it on too long

Overall Rating

Protection: 99% – Protection is the first and foremost reason that you buy the TrustyTrunks diaper covers, and they do not disappoint. Thanks to their skin-tight yet comfortable fit, they allow your child to move freely while containing any kind of leak that might come from within. Letting them roll around on a sandy beach will also not be an issue, because nothing can penetrate inside and reach small nooks in the skin, potentially causing chafing and discomfort. The TrustyTrunks covers seal a section of your kid’s body away from the outside world, and in certain situations, that is exactly what you want. 

Fit: 98% – Despite their extra tight grip around your child’s body, the TrustyTrunks diaper covers remain comfortable and allow them to run and swim at will. Especially crucial is the fit around the groin area, but the cover it is easy to slide on and off of the body and an airtight seal is very straightforward to achieve. The trunks fit nicely on any kids that are around the age where precautions are still needed, and can significantly contribute to your ability to relax at the pool’s edge while your little ones have the time of their lives. Being very easy to rub down and clean adds convenience to the mix.

Price: 99% – From a parent’s perspective, diapers are a significant money drain because of the speed you go through them, so it’s very refreshing to find an item that is a one-time buy. By the time your kid will have grown out of it they will probably have learned to manage themselves and won’t require a protective diaper cover any longer. For very few dollars indeed you can, therefore, save yourself a considerable amount of worry and potential embarrassment, and this makes the TrustyTrunks diaper covers extremely great value for the dollar.

Overall: 98% – As with many good products, the idea behind them is very simple but extremely effective. It often happens that this idea then gets lots in practice, with overcomplicated designs that greatly reduce its potential positive impact. This is not the case of the TrustyTrunks leakproof diaper covers. This item is simple and straightforward to use and adapts to the body shape of your infant even as it evolves over the summer season. The silicone feels tight and secure and blocks everything from going in on out, and the covers are easy to wear, so if you’re a concerned parent or a worried pool owner this might well be one of the items you want to have in stock at any time.

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Being a parent comes with constant worries, and this is part of the game since nobody teaches you to be one. You are thrown headfirst into a new experience and you want to take care of what you hold more dear in the world as best you can. An item such as the TrustyTrunks leakproof diaper covers is valid because it can help lift at least a part of that worry, which won’t go away but will at least allow you to breathe a bit more easily. Keeping pools clean and not contaminated is also a good side effect of the use of this item, so pool owners may also want to consider making it compulsory for children under a certain age. Overall, different categories of people will find reasons to like this product, and with its ease of use and smart design, it deserves our praise and recommendation.