How To Attach Snowshoes To Backpack


If you do enjoy winter hiking, you probably already own a pair of snowshoes. They are an ideal solution to post-holing, which is pretty common when hiking across lingering snow deposits. After navigating the snow ground and reaching a packed trail or clear ground, the snowshoes usually turn into a hindrance.

It is possible, however, to eliminate the hindrance. If you already own a snowshoe backpack and know how to tie shoes to a backpack, you can take off the snowshoes and attach them to your backpack.

How to Tie Shoes to Backpack

Basically, there are 5 methods of attaching snowshoes to a backpack. The method you decide to use will depend on your personal preference and the snowshoe backpack. None of the methods outlined in this article can be considered to be the perfect way to tie your snowshoes to your hiking backpack.

Side Compression Straps

If your lightweight backpack features side compression straps long enough to accommodate the snowshoes, lashing one into place on either side with the cleats facing out could be a good idea. On the plus side, this method is generally more secure and does not require any extra gear.

On the negative side, this method will cover up the water pockets/holders on the side of your backpack. Considering that hiking hydration is important, you may have to find a different way of carrying your water.

Front Panel

If your snowshoe backpack features a front panel and the panel is not already occupied by a survival shovel or a different gear, you can use this panel to stow the snowshoes. To attach the snowshoes to the front panel, simply open it and place the nested shoes inside, tail first, and then cinch or buckle the panel back in place.

The benefits of using this method are that it is simple, easy, and quick. It is also secure and you won’t need any extra gear.

There is a high likelihood of the snowshoes pocking your head. This is, however, dependent on the backpack size and how tall you are.

Horizontal Straps

This method is ideal for when you are using a smaller pack. Most smaller backpacks will feature some horizontal straps. You can use the straps to stow the snowshoes.

If after learning how to tie shoes to a backpack you decide to take advantage of the horizontal straps, some of the cons you should expect include limited length. The horizontal compression straps are generally short. They won’t leave much room for stowing other things in the pack after you attach the snowshoes.

This method, however, is convenient to implement and fast. It is also quite secure. You will not have to invest in additional gear just to stow your snowshoes away.

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Using a Bungee Cord

It is not uncommon for a snowshoe backpack to feature short compression straps. If this is the case with your backpack, you can loop a bungee cord around the backpack to secure the snowshoes.

If you will be packing a bigger backpack, you can stretch 1 or 2 bungee cords from one backpack attachment point, around the shoes, then to a second attachment point. Great attachment points generally feature daisy chains and compression straps located conveniently. Consider hooking the end of each bungee around the strap itself if you have to.

The pros of this method include that it is easy to implement and quick. The cons include that the bungee cords are not ingrained backpack features. If you forget to pack them, this method of attaching the snowshoes to the backpack will not work for you. It is also worth noting that this method can restrict access to your backpacking backpack.

Under the Top Lid

If you own a backpack featuring a decent-sized top compartment, it could feature enough room for stowing your snowshoes. Pack up everything that goes in the pack and cinch the main compartment closed. Next, lay your nested snowshoes in place, then strap the top compartment down over the snowshoes.

While this method is fast, easy to do, and will not need extra gear, you have to keep in mind that the shoes could end up sliding out. The snowshoes will, however, slide out if you fail to fasten them securely.

Things to Keep in Mind When Attaching Snowshoes to Backpack


Irrespective of the type of snowshoe backpack you own, there are some things that you should keep in your mind. We have outlined the things below:

  • You can protect your backpack from abrasion by simply stacking the snowshoes together with cleats.
  • If it is impossible to stack the snowshoes with the cleats together, at least make sure that your cleats are facing out and away from the backpack.
  • If your snowshoe backpack does not feature ideal straps, the best way to attach the snowshoes to the backpack is by making use of a short bungee. If needed, you can use 2 bungees.

Globo Surf Overview

If hiking in areas featuring snow is your thing, then, knowing how to tie shoes to a backpack is crucial. The moment you get out of the snowy areas, the shoes will turn into a hindrance. If you attach them to the snowshoe backpack, you should have a much easier time.

In this article, we have looked at the top ways of attaching snowshoes to backpacks. Experimenting with the methods outlined above should help you understand which method is ideal for you.

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