How To Fix Sn (SnS, Sn1, Sn2) Code On Hot Tub


Just like any other home appliance, hot tubs need to be in proper condition to function without difficulties. But, you may notice certain errors on the tub display, such as Sn, Sn1, Sn2, or SnS. This may seem scary, but there is no need to worry because most spa owners will experience it at certain points in time.

Also, such errors can be fixed in a few easy steps. In this article, we will show you how to fix the Sn code on the hot tub. Learning how to deal with spa error codes will come in handy no matter how often you plan to be using your tub. Let’s begin!

How to Fix Sn Code on Hot Tub Guide

Sn codes can be shown in many forms, such as Sn1, Sn2, Sdn, SNS, etc. They refer to problems related to temperature sensors in the heater manifold. If you notice any of them, it typically means that either the temperature sensor or the high limit sensor is shorted or open. Also, there could be a problem with voltage, or with the thermostat, which can, in turn, causes overheating.

The sensor codes are dependent on the water flow. If the tub water does not flow through the heater fast enough, it will overheat. This is when the Sn sensors come into action. Without them, hot tub safety would not be at its finest. There are several ways you can test the tub temperature sensors.

Hot Tub Error Codes – PRH, E2, E3, SN, SN1, HL

In case the display is showing any of these codes, it means the high limit sensor is shorted or open. A bad wire, a loose plug connection, or the water flow could be causing the problem. To fix this code, replace or simply clean the spa filter cartridge. Don’t forget to make sure all jets are completely open. Also, check whether anything is blocking the flow. Next, check whether all tub valves are open (the handles should be placed upward).

If the flow still isn’t at its normal rate, try inspecting your hot tub more thoroughly. You should check whether there are any broken valves (whether they are closed even if they appear open). Next, check whether there’s something stuck in the skimmer, or if there’s a clogged impeller.

Hot Tub Error Codes –PRR, E1, EO, SN, SN2, SN3

If you notice some of these error codes, it means that the temp sensor is shorted or open. The high limit and the temp sensor are typically found on the heater housing, having one or two smaller wires which connect them to the controller. Power off the system, and then proceed to unscrew the sensors and unplug the wire.

Carefully examine the wires, looking for rodent or heat damage. Also, don’t forget to check the sensors for scaling or corrosion. Keep in mind that the typical cause of hot tub temperature sensor error codes is insufficient water flow. This could mean that the water is moving too slowly and therefore doesn’t remove enough heat from the heater. This can trigger different spa error codes, such as FLO, HOT, HL, Sn, etc.

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Sn Hot Tub Error Code – Causes

If you’re wondering how to fix the Sn code on the hot tub, you should get familiar with the main causes of this error. For example, the wires could be causing issues by absorbing excess heat, they may be faulty, or they may need calibration.

In case your hot tub is displaying the SnS code, it typically means that the sensors are actually out of balance. Or, it could mean that they are not synced up, so they are reading different temperatures. In case your tub display is flashing between the temperature and the SnS error code, this may be just a temporary condition. However, if the problem does not go away, replacing the sensor could be the solution.

In addition to the Sn spa error codes, your tub may be displaying other codes, such as Sb, SA, SnB, or SnA. These codes are similar to the Sn codes, and they are caused by the high limit issues or temperature sensors. In case you are unable to realize the cause of the error, you should call a professional technician who can solve this issue in no time.



Q: How Do You Fix the Sn Error Code on a Hot Tub?


You can try unplugging the hot tub sensor to fix the Sn error code. Wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in. Don’t forget to turn the power off before attempting this. You could also clean or replace the filter cartridges, check whether there are any broken valves, or there’s something stuck in the skimmer.

Q: How Do I Reset My Hot Tub Control Panel?


In order to reset the hot tub control panel, you will have to find and press the high limit reset. It is usually a red button on the panel. Next, turn the power back and on to finish resetting the hot tub control panel.

Q: What Does Sn Error Code Mean?


Sn error code means there is a problem with temperature sensors in the heaters. They typically mean that the temp sensor or the high limit sensor is shorted or open. In addition, there could be issues with the thermostat or the voltage, which can cause overheating.

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There can be some hot tub issues that can cause the tub display to show certain error codes. One of them is the Sn error, which can be shown as Sn1, Sn2, SNS, etc. In case you notice such a problem, there is no reason to panic because we have all been there.

The Sn codes refer to problems with temperature sensors. A lot of things can cause overheating, which can, in turn, activate the Sn error code. To fix the problem, you can try unplugging the sensors. Also, you can clean or replace the filters, check for any issues with the valves, and check whether there’s a problem with the skimmer.

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