Zip™ Duffle 40L Review


The SealLine Zip Duffle is a high-quality waterproof duffle bag that keeps your valuables dry in any circumstance. It is a lifesaver on the water because it guarantees your clothes and expensive equipment stay dry even after a whole day of splashing.

To eliminate any chance of leaking, SealLine uses high-quality vinyl connected with welded seams. The Zip Duffle is also equipped with a waterproof YKK zipper, giving you easy access but completely blocking out water when fully closed. Since this is a soft bag, you can additionally compress it to fit into tight spaces on your kayak or boat.

SealLine is a manufacturer that specializes in making dry bags, and decades of experience and product improvement can be clearly seen on the Zip Duffle bag. If you think it might be the dry storage solution for your boat, make sure to read the rest of this review and learn more about it.


SealLine keeps things simple with the Zip Duffle, which is a great thing in our opinion. While it’s not packed with numerous features, everything was carefully thought through to deliver top-level performance and functionality. This waterproof duffel bag is reliable in every situation, so you can always count on it to keep your gear dry. Take a quick look at a list of features that make this possible:

  • Leak-proof and submersible (1m, 30 minutes)
  • Easy-gliding waterproof YKK zipper for easy access
  • Webbing handles with Velcro grip for convenient carrying
  • RF-welded seams guarantee the bag stays dry
  • High-quality reinforced vinyl for reliable performance
  • Soft bag sides allow you to compress it



Volume: 40 liters (2440 cubic inches)

Dimensions: 24.5 x 10 x 14.5 inches

Material: 19oz scrim-reinforced vinyl

Closure: Waterproof YKK zipper

Weight: 1 pound 12 ounces

Seams: RF-welded seams

Submersible: Yes

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Extra features: Webbing grab handles with Velcro

User Experience


Size and Volume: Customers say that Zip Duffle’s 40-liter volume is ideally sized for most situations. This is a moderately-sized bag, with more than enough space for single-day trips. It’s able to fit everything that you need for the day, without becoming too bulky and difficult to carry.

If you look at the size specs, you’ll notice that this is a low-profile bag. Everybody points this out as a good thing because it makes it easier to fit the bag into a kayak hatch or any other confined space on your boat. Also, this bag comes with soft sides that can be compressed, so you can easily make it more compact (if it’s not full).

When getting a new bag, always make sure it’s large enough for your gear, but still compact enough to pack and bring with you. Basically, it’s a question of finding the right balance between these two. The Zip Duffle is a great addition to your touring kayak, but maybe too small if you’re on a boat and bringing gear for several people. Luckily, SealLine makes this bag in 75-liter capacity too.

Materials and Construction: The right choice of materials is probably the most important thing for waterproof duffle bags. The bag needs to be strong, waterproof, durable, and protect your gear throughout your trip. In addition to nylon, vinyl is the most popular material used thanks to its excellent waterproofing abilities.

SealLine uses scrim-reinforced vinyl to make these bags, and users agree that the results are excellent. Besides, the Zip Duffel has RF (radio frequency) welded seams that eliminate any weak points and, unlike sealed seams, guarantee that the bag is fully waterproof. Vinyl, as a material, is resistant to punctures and tears, with good performance even in low temperatures.

Of course, a waterproof duffle bag wouldn’t be worth much without a good closure. The Zip Duffle has a zipper closure and uses a high-quality YKK zipper. It’s completely waterproof and customers say that it glides easily, so opening and closing won’t be a problem. It’s the same type of zipper used on many dry suits, so you can be sure it will get the job done.

Unlike most waterproof dry bags that come with a roll-top closure, the zipper makes this bag much easier to use. While some people have concerns about potential leaks with this type, everyone who uses the Zip Duffle says that the seal is perfect. It can even be submerged underwater and, if some air is trapped inside, it will remain floating on the water surface.

Design: As users point out, Zip Duffle’s simple design is what makes it so handy to use in any situation. On top of this, some smart solutions further contribute to this. For example, the waterproof zipper we mentioned is placed diagonally, which isn’t very common on duffle bags. However, this makes the opening wider so it’s easier for you to get the gear in and out.

Also, this bag comes with extra-strong nylon webbing grab handles on the sides, and people say these are pretty comfy to hold. They also come with a Velcro strap to tie them together for even easier grabbing. However, some people say that it would be nice if the 40-liter model also comes with grab handles on each end, as well as D-rings to attach a shoulder strap (the 75-liter model has the extra handles and rings).

Maintenance and Durability: One of the great things about the Zip Duffle is how durable it actually is. Thanks to the high-quality nylon construction, it easily withstands any challenge on your kayaking or boating adventure. Also, many customers point out that it’s great to use on dry land too, for example when camping in the rain.

As with any piece of equipment, proper maintenance will significantly improve its longevity. SealLine advises users to clean the bag after each use. You can use a moist cloth (if it’s not too dirty), or a mild detergent on a sponge if you need to scrub it. Always rinse it properly and let it fully dry before storing it.

Also, people say that using a vinyl preservative to treat the bag will prevent material deterioration and keep it looking great for a much longer time. As proof of Zip Duffle’s quality, SealLine gives a limited lifetime warranty on materials used as well as workmanship, so you are free to contact them if you have any problems.


  • Fully waterproof and submersible
  • Rugged and strong
  • Low-profile design
  • Large zippered opening
  • Comfortable carry handles


  • More expensive than the competition
  • A shoulder strap would be nice

Overall Rating


  • Price: 85% – Some say that the price point on this bag is very high, and we partially agree. However, this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. The Zip Duffle is a truly high-quality bag that you can count on to keep water out. Also, it’s made to be very durable, making this a one-time investment for a piece of equipment that is going to last for many years.
  • Material: 95% – We think that vinyl is a great choice of material for this type of bag because it won’t allow a drop of water inside. In combination with the waterproof YKK zipper and the welded seams, you get a well-rounded product that can fulfill your expectations.
  • Design: 95% – Even though we’ve pointed out a couple of things that this bag lacks, we can still say that we like the overall design. It’s a sleek bag that is very user-friendly, and ease of use is essential when you’re out on the water. It’s also nice that you can get it in two different colors.
  • Overall: 92% – The Zip Duffle bag is an excellent choice to take on your kayak or pedal boat, or for packing some of your SUP boarding gear. However, the versatility of this bag allows you to use it for travel, camping, or motorcycle tours too. We can honestly recommend this product to anyone who needs to be sure their gear stays dry.

Globo Surf Overview

Everyone who enjoys spending time on the water knows that some kind of dry storage is desirable and often necessary. A bag like the SealLine Zip Duffle will easily solve this problem, especially on smaller types of boats. It’s completely waterproof, with no chance of the content inside getting wet.

Thanks to the combination of its vinyl body and the YKK zipper, you get excellent durability and protection you can count on. Even though there is some small room for improvement, the Zip Duffle is still our top choice for any water enthusiast in need of reliable gear protection.

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Zip™ Duffle 40L Review
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