Why Cover A Pool In The Winter?


As the temperatures drop in winter, going for a swim becomes impossible. Most pool owners often have to abandon their pools until early spring when the temperatures start rising. A winter pool cover is a crucial part of winterizing a swimming pool. 

For people who are not very familiar with the repercussions associated with not covering pools in winter, a pool cover might seem like an unnecessary investment. In reality, not covering your pool often costs you more – in the long run – compared to making the one-time pool cover purchase. In this article, we will help you understand the benefits of covering your pool in winter. 

Winter Pool Cover Benefits 

1. Improved Safety for Your Kids 

According to the CDC – Center for Disease Control & Prevention – drowning is the #1 cause of death in children under 4 years. While above ground pools are not the only risk factor for drowning, they can be a leading cause of death, especially in winter when adults rarely think of them.  

Provided that they are installed and attached properly, pool covers made of sturdy materials should prevent anyone – especially kids – from falling into the water. Some fiberglass mesh covers are capable of holding up to 400 lbs. per square foot. While these covers are heavy and may require a manual or an automatic track system, they eliminate the possibility of losing lives in the swimming pool. 

2. Keeps Animals Out of the Pool 

Some pool owners live in areas where critters – for example, squirrels – roam around day and night. These creatures may become curious or thirsty at times and an uncovered swimming pool might seem like a great opportunity to get a quick refreshing drink. 

When a raccoon or squirrel makes its way to the pool’s surface for a drink, its chances of falling inside the water with no escape route are pretty high. If the animal cannot get out of the pool, you will have to remove it at some point. If you fail to realize that there is an animal in the water on time, it might decompose, creating unsanitary swimming conditions. 

With a swimming pool cover, you can keep all types of animals off your pool. This does not just include wild animals. If you have a dog or a cat in your home, you will also save the pet from drowning

3. Keeps the Swimming Pool Clean 

Visualize pools in winter without a cover. Stuff that is out of control will fall or blow into the pools – this includes, dead insects, shedding trees and shrubs, dog toys, etc. Next, you will be out, with a net attached to the telescoping pole, spending your afternoons fishing for random objects. 

With a winter pool cover, you could avoid chasing down every leaf that lands in the swimming pool. You could have more time to work on other projects or even spend with your family.  

4. Minimize Heat Loss

For people planning to swim all year round, taking advantage of artificial heating methods becomes necessary when temperatures drop in winter. Most pool heaters cost a lot of money to run, and when heating pools in winter, most people would want to reduce their heating budget. 

Evaporation is a leading cause of heat loss in swimming pools. With a winter pool cover, you can minimize the evaporation. Just cover the swimming pool at night and during the day when it is not in use. 

5. Minimize Chemical Use 


Although the winter season is cold in most areas, it is not uncommon for sunlight to appear even if it is just for a few hours every day. Sunlight destroys the chlorine used in pools to keep it free of harmful bacteria. 

If you heat your pool in winter and the resulting temperature increase causes evaporation, you will need to add water. The moment you add water to your pool, you will have to add more chemicals. 

Utilizing a pool cover reduces evaporation and keeps the sunlight away from your pool water. With minimal evaporation and chlorine destruction, you will spend less money on pool chemicals. 

6. Prevents Algae Growth 

While contaminants in water – for example, skin fragments and cosmetics – can provide nutrients for algae growth, sunlight is a leading risk factor for algae. This is why outdoor pools are particularly vulnerable. 

Algae generally grow rapidly in the presence of sunlight. Covering pools in winter cuts off sunlight, slowing down algae growth

7. Makes Pool Re-Opening Easy 

If you leave your pool uncovered through winter, you will have to do a lot of prep work before re-opening it in spring. For example, you will need to spend a lot of time removing the floating foreign objects, dealing with algae, and vacuuming it. 

It is important to note that all the nastiness mentioned earlier can multiply in an uncovered, unused pool, doing more damage than you would expect. In addition to causing a headache when it comes to pool opening, it could damage the pool, particularly the filtration system and the liner. This means that you may end up with expensive repair costs. 

If you had covered the swimming pool through winter, it won’t have random objects floating on its surface. The vacuuming process will be simpler, requiring minimal time. In most cases, re-opening a covered swimming pool is usually as simple as adding water, start-up chemicals, and turning its filtration system back on.  

Globo Surf Overview 

Unless you live in a tropical region, you probably have to have to deal with extremely cold temperatures in the winter season. Whether you use artificial heating to keep swimming or you just decide to leave the pool until the spring season, using a winter pool cover offers a large number of benefits. 

For people who use artificial heating, the pool cover will minimize heat loss, leading to more affordable electricity or gas heating bills. For people who prefer to wait for the spring season, covering pools in winter keeps it cleaner, improves safety, and reduces the chances of algae growth. 

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