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Few things compare to the thrills that you experience when snowboarding. It gets the adrenaline coursing through your veins. It’s important to remember however that you are exposed to those slopes. Having the right snowboarding gear is essential and so is wearing proper snowboarding clothes.

This guide tells you everything you need to know what to wear for snowboarding.

1. Snowboard jacket

The snowboard jacket is among the most important pieces of clothing. It should be windproof and waterproof to keep you both dry and warm. What’s more, is that the snowboard jacket needs to have insulation and will often come with pockets to put any accessories you might need.

You may opt for a 3-in-1 snowboarding jacket which allows you to detach the outer layer from the insulating layer. When it gets hot you can leave the inner insulating layer in your locker. More traditional jackets, however, are non-detachable.

It wouldn’t hurt to go for a jacket that has plenty of pockets. Since you will likely not have your backpack, the pockets are an excellent way to carry essentials.

Some of the best snowboard jackets will have specialized pockets that allow the user to store stuff like snowboard goggles. You also want to check out for a powder skirt. This goes around the waist to prevent the cold snow from getting into your body especially when you fall.

Vents are crucial especially when you are snowboarding in the spring. Zipper vents make the jackets versatile in that you can open them when it gets warm and close them when it gets cold. They also improve breathability.

2. Snowboard pants

Similar to the snowboarding jackets, snowboarding pants need to be windproof and waterproof. They should also have a certain level of insulation to keep your lower body warm. What’s more, is that the snowboarding pants may come with pockets for putting anything you might need. The pants should also have vents for breathability in case you start feeling a bit too warm.

Some snowboard pant designs such as the bib-style pants feature a high front design and will prevent snow from getting inside compared to the standard snowboard pants. If your style is suspenders but you are not very big on bib styles then it is possible to purchase these separately.

Note that it does take quite a bit of effort and time to deal with bibs when you want to go on a bathroom break.

Then there are the snow gaiters. They are an excellent factor to keep in mind and will help prevent the snow from getting in from below. Also, ensure that you have the best snowboard boots.

One thing with snowboarding pants is that you can get really warm even when the weather outside is pretty cold. It is a good idea to go for pants that have thigh vents. Zipper vents are good as you can open and close at will.

Also, check for inner ankle reinforcements. They will help to keep your ankles safe from hard objects, rocks, and metal as you snowboard.

3. Gloves or mittens

One of the big questions is mittens vs gloves and which one is right for you. You can either choose gloves for more finger dexterity or mittens for extra warmth. Since mittens keep your fingers together, more heat radiates through your hands making you feel warmer.

They should both be water-resistant and waterproof and should have internal insulation. As a rule of, thumb, the thicker the gloves or mittens, the less heat can escape and therefore the warmer you are.

You do not have to strictly go for gloves or mittens that are snowboard specific. However, these do come with some pretty nice features such as long cuffs and inbuilt goggle wipes.

Keep in mind that you can still find hybrid designs between mittens and gloves that keep some fingers together. This will offer you a bit more dexterity than with mittens.

Also, look out for removable liners. These allow you to bring out your hand and do more detailed tasks and then return them in the glove or mitten. Removable liners also have the advantage of drying much faster.

Check out for heat packet pockets. These make it possible to slide in a hand warmer. However, when the temperature is warm, they can act as vents.

Thumb wipes are a great idea and can be found on both mittens and gloves. They allow you to wipe the goggles and even dab your nose.

Some mittens will feature a goggle squeegee. These are excellent at wiping away snow from the goggles and work as a wiper blade.

If you plan on using your phone when snowboarding then mittens and gloves that are touch screen compatible are a great choice. Make sure that you are using a high-quality all-mountain snowboard for the best experience.

4. Helmet

This is perhaps the most important gear to have with you. Not only will it protect you from hard falls, but it will also keep your head well insulated. You may even want to wear a beanie underneath just to keep warm. You will often not need to buy your snowboarding helmet as you can find these in most ski resorts.

5. Goggles

Googles are an absolute must. They keep your eyes safe from the glare as well as the snow and wind. Several factors need to be considered when choosing the right goggles for snowboarding.

First, if you wear glasses, check if they fit perfectly over the glasses. The goggles should also fit nicely with the helmet and without leaving any gaps on the helmet. They should also complement your face shape.

Due to these requirements, getting the right goggles for you can be a challenge. You can start by borrowing from a friend or you can use sunglasses if it is not snowing actively.

The importance of goggles cannot be overemphasized. When you are snowboarding in high altitudes, the thinner air means that more ultraviolet radiation penetrates through. When UV rays hit the ice and the snow at such heights, it results in greater reflection.

If you are just starting snowboarding then it’s a good idea to start with the best beginner snowboards.

Also, as you are going down those slopes, wind could tear your eyes which will blur your vision. Your eyes are also at risk of ice particles and twigs and debris. Good snowboarding goggles will offer protection against all of the above.

You have a choice between cylindrical lenses which curve from one open side to the next. However, the surface of the lens is flat. They are much more affordable. However, note that such flatness could increase glare.

Then there are the spherical lenses. These curves from one side to the next and also curve vertically. You have much better peripheral vision and there is less glare.

Also learning how to snowboard as a beginner will give you some important skills.

6. Neck gaiter


A neck gaiter will not just protect your neck and prevent cold air from blowing in, it can also be pulled over your nose and mouth to prevent you from breathing overly cold air.

A few dressing tips for your snowboarding adventures

The first thing to always make sure of is that you are dressed according to the type of weather you are snowboarding in.  In drier and colder conditions, you need more insulation. In a much wetter climate, you need more full coverage.

Layer the snowboarding clothes for added comfort. The best way to dress or snowboarding is to wear multiple layers. These allow you to add or remove as it gets colder or warmer.

Go through your closet first before spending money buying new snowboarding gear insulation and use what you already have. Then you can get a Snowboarding jacket and snowboarding pants.

Find the right combination between waterproof and synthetic. From your jacket, pants to your snowboarding gloves and mittens, these should be synthetic materials and should also be waterproof. This will help absorb your sweat most efficiently. And when you do sweat, this doesn’t result in damp and cold clothing for you. In much drier snowy conditions, you can go for down insulation.

You may also need hand warmers and foot warmers. Many snowboarders will almost always carry hand warmers with them. These are excellent at helping your body retain heat. When you take them from their packets, they are chemically activated and start to get warm.

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It should not be complicated or expensive to pick the right snowboarding clothes to go snowboarding. With a little know-how, you can save some cash and still acquire the best clothes for snowboarding.

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