What Is Glamping And How To Get The Most Of It


Camping has been around for as long as people have enjoyed spending nights in the outdoors. While often it’s about setting up a tent and foregoing some luxuries, such as your comfortable bed back at home, or that sweet-smelling shampoo, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

In comes glamping. It brings together a posh and glamorous touch to the camping experience. And naturally the word glamping is a mash-up of both “glamour” and “camping”.

If you are wondering what is glamping, glamping is simply heading out to a campsite where you can access facilities such as a hot shower, toilet, electricity and Wi-Fi, and many more all while enjoying the perks of living in the outdoors.

Glamping and Camping—the difference

The main difference between glamping and camping is the level of comfort. With glamping, you can gain access to more amenities such as a closet or a shower. You also get a plush mattress for comfortable sleeping.

You can glamp by booking a getaway with a provider. However, if you prefer doing things yourself, you can also set up your own glamping experience. If you want to hang a string of LEDs in your tent, carry that fluffy carpet, and bring along that iPad or tablet for watching your movies in the evening, then why not?

With glamping, there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about making your camping as comfortable as you like.

How to Glamp

If you have finally decided that glamping is for you, then there are many options to choose from one of which is to book an all-inclusive glamping experience with a professional service provider. While this is the most expensive option, it means that you can enjoy a much more enhanced experience. All you will have to do is show up at the camp, chill out and enjoy everything that is on offer.

You can also book a rental which often means a luxurious cabin or a lodge. These come in a range of budgets.

The third options are to DIY Glamp where you set up your glamping tent complete with all the luxurious and extra amenities that you want. In this case, your experience will only be limited by your imagination.

Tips for DIY Glamping

1. Get comfortable bedding

It is hard to imaging luxurious camping without a comfortable place to sleep. Here you will switch that sleeping bag for a comfy and snug bed. If you don’t have that elevated cot, get a plush mattress. Add an insulating layer, bring a couple of pillows, and don’t forget those soft sheets.

While some glampers will prefer to carry their wooden bed, however, it can be cumbersome to unpack from the car and set it up whenever you want to make camp or leave the area.

Don’t forget a couple of side tables, slippers and of course a rug.

2. Make the tent your second home

By adding art, images, a flower vase, and a mirror, you can make your tent feel like your second home. You can purchase some of these cool items from the flea market but remember to check how sturdy they are. After all, you don’t want to bring something that will break easily.

3. Add lighting

One of the best ways to add a bit of glamour to your camp is by using lights. LEDs and solar lanterns can be placed at various spots in your tent as well as around your camping site. The great thing about lights is that they require very little effort all while providing an enhanced glamping feel.

4. Camping furniture

Furniture such as a camping chair or camping tables will help you kick back and enjoy your time in the outdoors. You can have a comfortable laid-back experience with your coffee mug and other items close at hand.

With your campfire, start by learning the rules and restrictions of your camping area. Choosing a high-tech campfire set up not only adds to the appeal but will also allow you to control the amount of flame.

5. Making delicious gourmet meals

With car camping, or in this case car glamping, you don’t have to worry about carrying extra. Bring a multi-burner stove, iron, and cooler box and make some tasty fried fish with lemon. Don’t forget to carry your spices for some mouthwatering, aromatic dishes.

6. Carry your entertainment

Remember that it’s all about having fun so don’t be afraid to put aside your minimalist views on entertainment. Why not bring along that projector and a screen and enjoy an evening of movies? You can even carry a few glow sticks and play fun games at night.

7. Music

Music will help to create the perfect ambiance. Coupled with the lighting, it will put you in a party mood while you are out in the woods. A wireless Bluetooth speaker is convenient and simple to set up and you and your friends can dance around the campfire as you listen to some great music.

8. Carry warm clothes

Weather can make the most awesome glamping trip feel like a nightmare. Always make sure you bring warm clothes in case the weather conditions change for the worse. Sometimes warm pleasant days can be accompanied by cold, windy nights so always be prepared.

9. Blankets

Nothing brings the home feel to your glamour camping quite like a warm fuzzy blanket. Find one that is snug and is made of materials such as wool to keep you warm at night.

Glamping doesn’t always mean spending a fortune. If you have a good cozy blanket at home, you can pack this for your camping. If you don’t have one, then you can always buy a quality and affordable blanket at a store.

10. Hammock

For that relaxed outdoorsy feeling, a hammock is a great choice. Different brands are made from different materials so look for one that is sturdy, durable, and easy to set up.

11. The floor

One of the most important parts of glamping is having a good floor. Fairly often with glamping sites, you can get a tent with comfortable wooden flooring. However, if you don’t have access to this, you can still get a faux wood sheet vinyl.

It is not only easy to walk on but will provide an excellent setting for your mattress. When buying your wood sheet vinyl, consider your tent size and get a floor that covers the whole tent.

12. First aid kit

What is glamping without all the camping experience that comes with the package? Don’t let the idea of comfortable camping fool you. You still have access to the backcountry and injuries can happen when you are out backpacking or hiking. A first-aid kit is an essential piece of gear to take with you on your glamping trip.

Your first aid kit should contain paracetamol, scissors, bandage, disposable gloves, adhesive dressings, and a thermometer.

The Different Glamping tents


Many different types of tents are suited for glamour camping and while some may be small enough to carry in your car when heading out to the backcountry, others are part of a service provider’s all-inclusive glamping trip.

1. Safari tent

Safari tents are among the largest glamping tents there is with some being as large or even larger than hotel rooms. They have enough space for a king-size bed, dressing tables, and plenty of other cool stuff.

These are the ones you are likely to find when you book a safari, thus their name, and you will often have access to Wi-Fi and electricity.

2. Yurt

Yurts have the advantage of being easy to set up and collapse. They feature a circular frame that can sometimes be expanded and most have plenty of space. Yurts are usually made from canvas or a different outer material.

3. Tipis

Also, knowns as tepees, these feature a circular design. They are easy to set up and disassemble and large tepees can provide plenty of room inside.

Other types of glamping tents include cubes and pods, wagons, airstream and trailers, and treehouses.

How to set up your glamping campsite

When glamour camping you are limited only by your imaginations. There are so many options available to you that it can sometimes feel like you didn’t bring along everything you needed. Here are a few options to make your glamping into an amazing adventure.

1. Check the bathroom situation

When glamping you have the benefit of easily taking a shower and remaining clean. However, some campsites are meant for RVs and tents and here often the bathrooms and toilets are shared. If you don’t mind this then go for it.

On the other hand, if you prefer some privacy then you can opt for campsites that will offer a private bathroom and toilet. A major benefit of having electricity is that you can use your blow dryer after taking a hot shower.

2. Pick the best location

The best glamping experience starts with the right location. There are many options available from backcountry locations to “near the forest” sites which are often pretty much a field that is specifically set aside for glamping.

However, for the best experience, your location should offer certain amenities such as a hot shower, electricity, toilets, a washing area, and a laundry area.

3. Choose a good tent

Where you are going to spend your nights is equally as important as your chosen location. The tent should be spacious and should provide plenty of headspaces. If you can stand up straight and move around in the tent without crouching, the better.

Speaking of space, don’t forget glamour camping is all about comfort. If you are planning to camp just the two of you, then get a 4-person tent just for the added space.

Look for a high-quality tent from a trusted brand. It should be double layered to prevent rain from seeping in and it needs to be simple to set up as well as simple to bring down, fold, and carry.

The glamping tent should also feature slides that allow for air movement while also letting in plenty of light.

4. Remain safe

Safety begins with knowing how to set up your tent correctly. Often glamping tents are large which means that you might get injured if they were to collapse with you inside. Begin by knowing how the different parts interlock.

When choosing your campsite, the fact that you are carrying many extra items might attract unwanted guests. Is the campsite protected by guards, or are you out in the backcountry? If no security is available to you then you might need to consider a different glamping site.

5. Network coverage, electricity, and Wi-Fi

For the ultimate experience, your campsite needs to come with electricity, Wi-Fi, and cell phone service. You can enjoy hot steaming baths, and use your smartphone or tablet to access the internet.

If you plan on using these when you are out glamping, call in your selected campsite and ask if they are available.

Another important thing, especially during colder seasons is the air conditioning and the heating. Often the furthest and most remote locations will not come with such amenities and this is why it’s important to call in just to be sure that you are well prepared for where you are going.

6. What are the provided amenities?

Many glamping sites will offer certain amenities such as blankets, trash bags, toiletries, flashlights and you can even buy alcohol. By knowing what you are going to get, you can plan what to pack and carry.

Also, find out if there are stores nearby where you can buy whatever you forgot to carry and that is not provided at your glamping site.

7. Housekeeping

Some glamping sites will also offer housekeeping where the tent is tidied every few days. If you prefer such a service, then you can also call your selected camping sites and find out if they are available.

Note that you will not always access housekeeping but it’s a great way to make sure everything is tidy and that you will not have to dispose of the trash yourself.

8. Can you bring pets?

Animal people enjoy bringing their pets along on their camping trip. However, some sites will allow pets and some will not. Research before committing to your glamping trip.

Does the site have designated areas for pets to relieve themselves? Does it allow pets to remain off-leash? These are some of the questions that will help you choose the best camping site for you and your four-legged friend.

9. Where you will be staying

When you consider that the weather could change and also taking into account the time of year, it’s important to know where you will be staying. With glamping, you have the option of setting up a tent or sleeping in a treehouse or cabin.

Cabins provide the best space and living conditions.

10. What activities are available?

While you are free to chill back beside your tent and revel in all that relaxation, you can still do plenty of different backcountry activities such as fishing, hiking, backpacking, trekking, kayaking, and rock climbing. What’s more glamour camping allows you access to spa facilities.

Your camping experience doesn’t need to be rustic and with glamping, you have some of the best amenities of home and sometimes more.

Why you should choose glamping

There are many reasons why glamping is the perfect vacation retreat. If you prefer not having to set up your tent but still want to enjoy a camping experience, then glamping allows you to have both. Even while spending your nights surrounded by nature and wild animals, you still have access to extra amenities.

Glamping will enable you to reconnect with nature as you take in the fresh air and allow your body to go back to its more natural sleeping cycles. This has been shown to improve your overall health. You can sleep to the sounds of wild animals and wake up to spectacular natural scenery.

Take that kayak and glide over the glassy surface of the river. And while you are at it, you can use your binoculars to spot wild animals in their natural habitat. Why not take your spinning reel and cast a line? Perhaps you might catch a few fish that you can take back to camp and roast over that grill.

And if you are open to some rock climbing, make the most of your glamping experience by taking advantage of any rocky outcrops or hills. Just make sure you bring your essential glamping gear.

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Glamping brings all the comforts of home to the outdoors. Your camping experience no longer needs to be rugged and you can still make the most of your time in the backcountry by bringing extra gear that will make your trip much more comfortable.

However, always pack your first-aid kit and any other gear you think you might need that you may not get at your glamping site.

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