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Swimming is one of the main workout choices since the beginning of time. But during that period, basically, the only thing that stayed the same is the water. People have changed, types of swimsuits have changed – now we have wetsuits available – even swimming techniques have developed.

However, one of the main upsides of the modern era is the fact that technology allows us to easily track our swim workout using fitness apps and wearables, making it convenient and really simple, unlike older times where you first needed notebooks, then logbooks, and in the end, until recently, excel and its spreadsheets.

Today, when smartphones represent small computers, and when you have endless digital options available, monitoring your workout and swim sessions have more than a few ways, so it can be a problem to find the right app for your Android (or iPhone), or to choose the best device. In this article you’ll find the answer to the question – what should you get?

Waterproof Watch

If you’re just a swimmer, ask for a watch designed for swimmers. It will not only tell you what time is it, but you’ll also have the stopwatch or timer. And if you decide to invest in it, you could even get a meter counter or even a compass. However, if you’re into triathlon, for example, so your training includes running, cycling, or any similar activity, you should mention that when you go to purchase the watch, as there could be some that will fit you better than those intended for swimmers.

Fitness Tracker

Although it sounds simple – opening an app to insert the newest data on your phone – the fact that it all happens in the water, and there is a strong possibility to forget to do it because you’ll be tired or hungry or something else when the training is done, to prevent it from happening, get one of the waterproof fitness trackers.

Most of them have Bluetooth, so it is fairly easy to sync it with your phone and keep the track of your workout. Fitness trackers allow you to check your heart rate, know the distance you’ve passed, even set up the goal for today’s training. Start it once you begin your activity, select what are you doing – is it a drill, stroke, or kick – and let it do the data entry for you. Once you see how easy it is, and you manage to feel the joy of breaking your own record, you’ll become so excited that you’ll find it incredibly hard to wait for the next session!

Dive Computers

If you’re into scuba diving, freediving, or snorkeling besides regular swimming, but would also love to keep track of your achievements, there is a great thing for you. It is called a “dive computer”. Although expensive, these gadgets will help you monitor not just your time, dive depth, and overall log your dive, but they will also help you find the easiest way to avoid possible decompression sickness. They are lightweight, come in the shape of a watch, so you could use them basically every day.

What Do You Get?

There is one saying that goes something like “Your dearest memory will not be the accomplishment, but the journey that got you there”. And it is not wrong, because most of the time we remember things that got us to some success, rather than success itself. Once you’ve started your workout and set a goal, you’ve started one thrilling, fun, and motivating journey which will lead you to something beautiful and rememberable. And your dearest memories will be directly connected to the logs of your workouts.

These gadgets – waterproof watch, fitness tracker, and diving computer – will help you monitor, keep track, and closely follow the path you’ve chosen to go by. And not just that, as they will help you get back on track if you’ve made mistake or help you figure out if you’re doing something wrong or whether you need help or not.

Once you choose the best one for you, wear it whenever you’re in the water – whether you’re swimming for practice, simply swimming around listening to your mp3, or competing with your friends, it will track your result and let you know how much you’ve improved. And looking at your journey, once you’re done and reached your goal, will be more than rewarding. Embrace it with pride, you’ve earned it!

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The modern age allows you to closely monitor and keep track of your workout. Using its advantages will help you reach your goal, but also let you know if you’re doing something wrong. It absolutely depends on your needs, but once you find the best option for you, it is just a matter of time when you’ll see an amazing improvement and all thanks to these small gadgets. And, of course, your desire to succeed.

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