Veneerware Bamboo Compostable Plates Review


The Bambu Veneerware compostable bamboo plates are a stylish and environmentally-friendly option to replace all those single-use plastic plates we are all so used to bring on picnics and can go a long way towards making yourself and all your guests much more aware of the impact they can have on the health of the planet. The plates look smooth and classy and can give your outdoor meals and home dinner a distinct premium feel, despite being designed for single use. Each plate is made with certified organic bamboo, which has passed all the FDA tests for it to be food-safe and compost approved. They are also chemical and pesticide-free.

All the care that has been put in their construction means that the Veneerware plates are entirely compostable, being able to dissolve into nature in a few months and leave no trace of their presence. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are in any way flimsy or unreliable, and in truth, they even feel sturdier than the usual, cheap, plastic alternatives. The plates are designed to perform in every way like your regular dinner plates, with the only difference being that it is best not to put them in the microwave. The various sizes available give you the freedom to organize all the courses of your meal with Veneerware plates, so you can cover everything from appetizers to desserts of your eco-friendly evenings or outings.

Despite being rated as single-use products, the Bambu Veneerware plates can sustain several cycles of hand-washing if you treat them gently, so you are likely to get an extended lifespan for all of them. The plates are also very easy to stack and can be quickly stored and organized since they weigh less than full-blown dinner plates. Ready for all occasions, even more, formal ones if properly arranged, the Bambu Veneerware compostable bamboo plates are a modern and intelligent solution that is future-proof and can even contribute to showing us the right way to go forwards when it comes to single-use, portable kitchen utensils. Here is a complete list of features of the Bambu Veneerware compostable bamboo plates:

  • Made of 100% certified organic bamboo
  • Can decompose in nature in 4 to 6 months
  • Strong and reliable despite their lightweight
  • The stylish and smooth look makes them usable even on formal occasions
  • Available in different sizes to meet all your needs
  • Can resist a few cycles of hand-washing at home


SpecificationsMaterial: Certified Bio bamboo

Available sizes: 7, 9, or 11 inches

User Experience

User_Experience_Usability: The Veneerware bamboo plates handle just as well, if not better than the usual single-use plastic ones you and I have been using for years. They feel smooth and pleasant to the touch and are strong and reliable when loaded with food, and the experience of using them is overall pleasurable and thought-provoking at the same time. The plates are also very easy to handle and stack, with their thin profile not taking up too much space inside your shelves or in your backpack, if you choose to bring them along on an outdoors adventure. Being able to rinse them without damaging them and so getting several uses out of them is also a much-appreciated feature.

Design: While we are describing the plates mostly from the point of view of usability, convenience, and respect for the environment, the Veneerware bamboo plates deserve consideration also because of how they are designed. There is nothing shockingly new, but the use of bamboo and the elegant; rounded lines, give the plates a premium-quality feel that you will surely not achieve with regular, single-use plastic ones. If thoughtfully combined with other table accessories, the Veneerware bamboo plates are more than ready to be used on a formal gathering, providing the possibility of sparking meaningful discussions among the guests and maybe even inspire them to be more way of the environment themselves once they get back home.


  • Reliable to use, can handle well the weight of food
  • Entirely compostable
  • The simple yet enticing design


  • Size choice may not be enough for all users

Overall Rating

Overal_RatingUsability: 98% – As far as reusable plates go, there is nothing to complain about with the Veneerware bamboo ones. They are thick enough to handle the amounts of food they are made to carry and are easy to stack and carry if you want to take them on the road. Once you’re done with them, you can dispose of them knowing that they won’t leave a trace in your natural surroundings. What makes them really stand out is the concept they represent and stand for, being a vivid reminder of the continuous struggle to make our lifestyle more in sync with the environment. 

Design: 98% – Smooth and elegant, the Veneerware bamboo plates are worthy of praise even when looks are concerned, and can blend perfectly with a green-themed evening or even just with clay table attire. When outdoors, the plates will perform as they should, but when at home they can give rise to many creative ideas, that blend interior design with decoration and will put in the viewer’s eye the persistent and nagging thought of what they themselves can do to make the world a cleaner place.

Price: 96% – One of the biggest issues with all environmentally-friendly apparel has always been and continues to be price. Reusable or compostable items always seem to cost more than their plastic counterparts, which makes the struggle towards a greener environment an uphill battle. The Veneerware bamboo plates are not entirely free of this conundrum. While they remain reasonably priced, you do have to shell out a little more than what you would for regular plastic plates. For some users, this might well be a deal-breaker, while others will understand the need to support this kind of products by buying them, even if they do cost slightly more. It’s up to you to decide on which side of the argument you want to be on.

Overall: 97% – The Veneerware compostable bamboo plates from Bambu do a lot of things right, and therefore deserve high marks in our rating. The plates are nice to use and feel good in the hand, being reliable enough to take them out for a picnic and not be worrying about them falling apart. Their looks are also worthy of notice, and we are sure that the more creative among you will have no problem dreaming up delightful combinations on the home table. Price is a little higher than average, as one would expect, but still well contained for a product that is definitely not mainstream.

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The Veneerware compostable bamboo plates from Bambu set a good example that we hope many more companies will follow. The plates boldly show what is the way of the future and force us to begin rethinking or ingrained habits, spurring us to consider new and innovative ways to make our lives more sustainable. Because of this, we believe these products are worthy of praise, and we look forward to seeing many more similar ones in our houses and backpacks shortly.

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Veneerware Bamboo Compostable Plates Review
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