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If you plan to take your child or children to the swimming pool, there are some things you should do before you go there, to ensure they’re safe and properly prepare them for the first water adventure. In this article, you’ll read about types of swimwear and gear that will help you improve your child’s safety and keep them protected. Before we head to the topic, it is important to mention that this shouldn’t be used as an excuse for the lack of parental supervision, but only as a guide on how to keep the risk at the minimum, while letting your kid enjoy the pool as much as possible.

Swimsuits That Float

If your kid is still a baby or really young, purchasing one of the flotation suits is a great idea. It will help them feel more comfortable and confident while they spend time in the water, creating nice memories.

This type of suit is made with buoyant foam and will keep the kid on the surface, while they learn how to swim and improve their skills. These suits could be worn as a stand-alone swimsuit, and also over a swim diaper if your kid still needs them. They are highly recommended and will help you focus on the swimming part.

Flotation Gear

Besides the swimsuits, there are lots of flotation devices and gear that will help you with your child’s safety. They will keep them on the surface and make the learning process easier.

Swim Vest

Much like flotation suits, this type of vest will help your kid stay up on the surface, while they are still learning the swimming basics. It will also boost their morale and confidence, and make their first water experience comfortable and nice, without any risk. They are more floatable than armbands, which makes them far safer.

Swim vests made for girls are designed so they can be worn over the swimsuit, while the boys’ edition comes as an add on to swimming shorts.

Wristband Alarm

One of the most recommended gadgets, a safety alarm is a “must-have” for infants, toddlers, or young kids, but it can be also useful for everyone who doesn’t know how to swim. They serve as an alarm when the child falls into the water, or when the kid spends too long under the surface.

Arm Bands

Also known as floaties, their main objective is to improve some of the basic swimming skills. They are the best choice for those who started to feel good in the water but are still working on their swimming skills. If your child is just a beginner, you should wait a bit before you switch to floaties.

Water Shoes

The purpose of the water shoes is to protect the feet and prevent possible slipping and falling on wet surfaces, such as rocks in the sea, or the stairs, edges, and ledges on the swimming pool. When buying water shoes, pay special attention to their sole. It should be firm, durable, this way offering traction on slippery surfaces.

If you wonder how they look – fully covered water shoes are similar to running shoes and serve as protection for the whole foot. They are a better option for swimming pools. Other options are faux-sandal water shoes, those with an open design, and they are better for the beach as it is by far easier to remove sand from them.

Swim Diapers

Besides learning how to swim, infants, babies and young kids in general still learn how to control their bodies, so accidents could happen. To avoid them, you’ll need the swim diapers. They are a requirement on all of the public pools and serve as one of the essential sanitary protections. Besides the reusable one, it is best to have another “one-time-use” swim diaper with you, just in case (if not already required by the pool).

Other Gear

Besides the floating gear, there are some other things you should use to keep your kid healthy and thrilled about swimming and being in the water.


Getting a floppy hat will provide shade for the head, face, and neck using its brim. For those kids who have sensitive skin, there are options with UV and UPF sun protection. If your child is still an infant or a toddler, you should look for the hat with chin straps, as it will keep it from falling off their head.

Rash Guards

Worn over a swimsuit, rash guards offer sun protection and are good for babies and children, especially if they have sensitive skin. There are long sleeve and short sleeve options, for boys and girls both. The difference between the two is the fact that long-sleeved rash guards offer greater coverage, and with that protect the greater surface, while short sleeved version offers more comfort when the temperature outside is higher.

Sunscreen Protection

Sun can be dangerous, even if your kid spends most of the time in the water, so having the right type of sunscreen is basically essential. When you’re looking for the best choice for your kid, look for the one with the biggest UV factor available.

Water Toys

Before your kid falls in love with swimming, the main goal is to connect the time it spends in water with fun. And to do it, having water toys by your side could be helpful. Once you manage to make your child fall in love with the water activities, it is time to switch to the more serious exercises and techniques. Until then, keep it as simple as possible, and remember – the key lays in fun!

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Learning your kid how to swim and watching it develop as a swimmer as time goes by is fun and definitely one of the most thrilling moments you’ll have as a parent, but you shouldn’t take it lightly.

This article should provide you with enough tips and information to be absolutely prepared for your next trip to the beach or the pool, so you won’t have to worry about safety, as long as you’re responsible enough.

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