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Rolling clouds and falling rain doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stow away your fishing equipment and give up your passion for trout fishing. In fact, many anglers have found fishing for trout during the rain a rather enjoyable experience. Sure, you won’t be as dry and as comfortable as you would be when you go trout fishing in streams or rivers on a bright and sunny day, but you won’t necessarily have to go home soaking wet and empty-handed either. Below we outline some tips to help you have fun and make the most out of your trout fishing in rain adventure.

Invest in Good Quality Rain Gear

Essential to a successful fishing trip during a rainy day is keeping yourself warm and dry, and this means wearing the appropriate rain gear or clothing. Yep, this means putting away that beloved fishing vest of yours for the meantime. Thus, you’ll want to wear good quality rain coat or rain jacket and some warm yet breathable clothes underneath. You’ll want to skip those cheap products since they won’t really do you any good once the rain starts pouring down.

You’ll also want to be wearing waterproof fishing boots to prevent splashing water from getting your feet wet. A fishing wader may seem a bit of an overkill for a slight drizzle (unless you’re planning to wade into the water), but during heavy rains and strong winds, having a wader with good water and wind protection can help you stay warm and dry throughout your trip.

Try New Presentations and Lures

Rains can significantly affect the water conditions in your stream, and this will also have a relative effect on the behavior of the trout. That said, you may find that your old presentations and trout lures (which has been successful on any other day) start producing less than desirable (bordering on frustrating) results. In such cases, you may want to start experimenting with other presentations and lures.

There are no real guidelines when it comes to choosing the most effective presentation or lure when fishing for trout on a rainy day. However, you could try making minor tweaks like changing your lure color and others. Remember, waters tend to be murky during rain, and certain colors usually stand out better than others during such situations.

Fish in Clear Waters

As mentioned earlier, rains can make the water murky considering that rainwater flowing through the banks can pick up soil sediment which then mixes up with the stream’s waters thus making fishing for trout harder than usual. However, in the event of drizzles and light rains, there will still be pools of water that will remain clearer than most. That said, you’ll want to try and look for sheltered coves or other protected locations and cast your fishing rod and reel there.

Try Topwater Lures

Many trout anglers like to use topwater lures, though it must be understood that they won’t work effectively in certain situations. One situation where anglers find topwater lures can be effective is when fishing during the rain since trout often swim near the surface and feed aggressively.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to what type of topwater lure you should use. However, you’ll want to go for those that create a fair amount of disturbance on the water’s surface (much more than the drops of rain falling on it). That said, you’ll want to use a topwater lure that makes a lot of noise, and more often than not these will be bigger in size than the ones you normally use.

Try to Get Closer


Many anglers are used to casting as far as possible to avoid spooking the fish. However, during rainy days the trout’s vision will be impaired. That said, you can try and creep closer to the spot you’re targeting without scaring the fish away. However, you’ll still need to be careful since not even the rain disturbing the water’s surface is enough to convince the fish that you’re not there.

Find a Good Fishing Spot

Finding the right fishing spot during a rainy day can be challenging depending on how strong the rain is falling. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. If you’re fishing in streams that open out to lakes and other larger bodies of water, you’ll want to head there since the flowing water often brings with them an abundance of insects and feeder fish and the fish will be waiting there to ambush their prey.

However, note also that along with insects and feeders, flowing water will also carry lots of sediment that will make the water murky or cloudy. That said, it is often best to start fishing just after the rain starts, and after it’s been raining for several hours now, you’ll want to consider looking for clearer waters.

Consider also that rains can cause changes in the water temperature, which in turn disrupts their normal behavior. More often than not, this will cause them to hold in places where they normally won’t. In such cases, you’ll want to head to those areas where the baitfish are holding. As the saying goes, where there’s baitfish, the larger predator fish will also be there. So look for current and windbreaks that allow good resting places for baitfish.

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So the next time you see dark clouds rolling in and raindrops falling on your window pane, don’t cancel your trout fishing trip just yet. As can be seen above, trout fishing in streams during a rainy day is possible and can even be somewhat fun and rewarding. However, just make sure that you wear the appropriate rain clothes and always observe safety practices when trout fishing in rain. Never head out to the water when there’s a threat of lightning strikes, high winds, and strong currents. In such cases, you should consider canceling your trip entirely and save your enthusiasm for another day. The trout will still be there when the rains clear, and you’ll want to be there as well when this happens.

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