How To Troubleshoot Hot Tub Jets?


There are not so many things that could happen to us that could cause so much frustration as learning the fact that your hot tub is broken just about you’re ready to get in and take a relaxing bath. As you’ve turned the jets on, you’ve heard something is not right, so instead of relaxing, you’ll spend your afternoon trying to find what is wrong with your precious spa. Don’t worry, though, problems with the hot tub jets are one of the most spread among the hot tub owners, so whatever happened to your jets is nothing new or unusual.

Of course, you could simply call a professional to come and solve the issue, but if it is late and/or you don’t want to call anyone, or you’re simply curious and would like to check it by yourself, there are still some things you could do, even If you’re one of those who don’t know how to hold the screwdriver. This article will show you the most common problems and help you find the best solution that will get you back into your hot tub before you lose your mind.

Caution – High Voltage!

Before you start doing anything regarding troubleshooting the hot tub jets, always, and we do seriously mean always and without any exception, turn the electricity in your hot tub off by disconnecting any power source. Your jets gain power from the electricity, and as you probably know by now, electricity combined with water can be lethal, so it is better not to risk anything and avoid possible shock. Cut the power and start your “investigation”.

Most Common Hot Tub Jet Problems

As we’ve already said, one of the problems you’ll most definitely run into as a hot tub owner is a problem with your jets. In the next few lines you’ll find out about some things that could happen to your jets, so if you identify it as your problem, you’ll know what to do to repair them and be able to use your hot tub.

1. Mobile Jets Are Motionless

Many hot tub owners have a problem with their mobile jets becoming immobile. The reason why this happened most often lays in the water condition. To be more precise, if your water is too hard, your jets could lose their mobility. Hard water means the volume of calcium in the water is above the limit. As time goes by calcium will buildup on the jets and the plumbing. When it reaches the critical level, it can cause your jets to freeze, and also can decrease the water level that runs through the sanitation.

Solving this means you’ll have to start by testing your water’s hardness. If the test confirms it and the water is too hard, use the proper chemicals to reduce the water hardness. If it doesn’t help, drain your hot tub and refill it, then test the water again. If it still doesn’t lower the water hardness, visit your local spa shop and get a water softener installed in your hot tub.

2. Lack Of Pressure Or No Pressure At All

The second on the list of the most common hot tub jets problems is the lack of pressure. If this is the case, your hot tub probably has some air in its system and you need to flush it out. This can occur when you change the water and means the air got trapped inside the pump and caused it to lock by preventing it from gaining any traction on the water, this way preventing it to move through the hot tub system.

You’ll get it out by finding the discharge pipe. Carefully loosen the coupling on the pipe. Remember – loosen the link, don’t remove it! If you accidentally remove it, it could be really difficult to place it back to its place because of the pressure that comes from the pump.

When the coupling is loosened, turn the pump on and listen. You should hear a hissing sound, which is a clear sign that the air is getting out. When the hissing stops and you see the water flowing out, it is time to tighten the coupling and get back to the hot tub. Another tip – make sure your jets are clean as it will prevent impeding airflow buildup.

3. Jets Won’t Pump The Way They Should

There can be a problem with your jets and their inability to pump properly. If this problem occurs, you’ll see them pulsate, and they should run in steady water flows. When you spot this, there are a few possible things you could do to solve the problem.

Start by checking the water level in the hot tub and make sure that the level is not under the one specified by the factory. If it is too low, that means air could enter the system, which could cause the pulsation of your hot tub jets. Flush it out and you should be OK.

If the water level is not too low, the problem could lay in your spa’s filter. If it is too dirty or it has been clogged, it will prevent the water from flowing through the system properly. Remove the filter, clean it, or replace it if you have to, turn the system back on and check if the water flow is back to normal.

If both the water level and filter are good, this could be the sign of something more serious. The lines of your hot tub could be blocked, so check them and try to locate the blockage. If you can’t spot it, or there is no blockage, then the chances are that your hot tub’s pump has gone bad and you’ll have to replace it.

If Still Not Sure, Call For Help


Although most common, the troubleshooting may prove that none of these problems has caused your hot tub to malfunction. If that is the case and after all these steps we wrote about in the article you still can’t find the source of the problem, call for the professionals. It is not so hard to find someone who could help you with the diagnostics and teach you how to take care of the problem if it happens again.

Also, remember – hot tubs are not cheap and if you decide to do something you don’t know or you’re not sure how to, you could only make the problem worse, so you’ll not only have to wait a bit longer before you can get back into your hot tub, but you’ll also have to pay way more. Don’t forget what your main goal is – to make your hot tub enjoyable again!

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Problems with the hot tub are one of the least wanted ones, as you’ll use not only a place where you can relax and regain the energy for the next challenges, but you’ll also have to pay a considerable amount of money to solve it. This article should serve you as a helping hand and inform you about some of the most spread jets problems that “hit” hot tub owners. And if you find your problem on our list, you could try and fix it by yourself using our guide.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like you should or could do it, or you’re a newbie, the better solution is to call a professional, at least for now, before you do something that could make the problem worse. As time goes and you learn about your hot tub, you’ll also learn how to take care of it and how to react if something unwanted happens.

Whatever happens, remember – stay calm and don’t lose your head. This problem is annoying but fixable. And with a bit of luck, you’ll be relaxing and having fun in it rather sooner than later. Meanwhile, visiting the local pool could help you reduce stress.

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