Trolling Fishing Guide: 5 Techniques To Catch More Fish


If you are a fishing enthusiast then you know that it is much more than a quest for food. In fact, it is a sport. One of the most enjoyable types of fishing is trolling. Granted, many people will not recommend it for beginners but many anglers will look forward to it due to the challenge. So, put on your fishing sunglasses, and let’s go!

There are many different species of pelagic fish to be found in the oceans and any one of them is great fun to catch. Tuna, mahi-mahi, trout, kingfish, merlin, and billfish such as the sailfish.

Trolling fishing is very different from most other methods of fishing as it will involve having more than a single fishing line for spinning reel all set up next to each other at the back of the boat. The lures lag and troll behind the boat.

While the boat can be stationary, it can also be moving which causes the lures to be drawn in or move from one side to the other side.

To help you make the most when trolling for fish, this trolling fishing guide will teach you 5 main techniques to catch more fish.

Troll fishing tips

1. Getting the right gear

Gear is without a doubt the most important thing that you will require when planning on trolling fishing.  However, not just any gear will do as you will need to pick gear that will work with the type of vessel or boat.

Just like in any type of fishing, however, you will need the right fishing rods and reels, and the right fishing lines. In fact, you will need several of each.

The roads should be specifically designed for trolling fishing. The lines and saltwater spinning reels on the other hand should be non-corrosive. Perhaps the most important consideration that you will need to make is that the gear needs to be strong and heavy-duty and able to take on a lot of weight.

This ultimately translates to using a stiff fishing rod, and the lines need to have a lot of tensile strength.

You will also need rod holders that you are going to set at the back of the boat. If you are using a single rod, you can’t obviously hold on to it throughout as you do troll for fish.

To hold the line down in the water at your most preferred depth, you will need a depth rig.

Planner boards are simply a must-have. They help to keep the lines away from each other preventing them from getting all tangled up.

There is usually the challenge of finding the pelagic fish. A fish finder will help you do just that as well as provide readings on water temperature, depth of the fish as well as the depth of the bottom.

2. Develop a plan

It doesn’t matter the type of fishing that you plan to do. You will need to have a plan and execute it. A plan will not just allow you to get the fish that you want but you will have a great and enjoyable time doing it.

Study the weather forecasts, plan your location, pick the right lures for your type of fish, plan the route you want to fish in, and read through guides on troll fishing to absorb any other useful information that you will find.

Bring along your fishing pliers to help you release any type of fish that you don’t want that takes the bait.

3.  Use your electronic gear

You will want to take time and become familiar with the area that you are planning on fishing. As you do this, make use of your fishfinder to understand which area contains fish, which type of fish they are, and how deep they are in the water.

When it’s finally time to head out and catch some fish, you will know which areas to start with. This will also save you plenty of time.

4. Be careful of the depth

You will need to understand the depth in which you are trolling fishing. Remember that the fish need to see the lure so make sure it goes down to the right depth where the fish are. Also, make sure that the lure is highly visible. You want the fish to spot it going by and chase it.

A fishing knife will come in handy on the boat to help you clean the fish.

The last thing you want is to pass the lure where there is no fish or at the wrong depth.

5. Start small

Granted if you have a large boat, multiple rods at the back will means that you stand a chance to catch some really good pelagic fetish.  That however is not to say that you start with such many rods. In fact, you can begin with three lines and still land more fish than someone who is just starting and has more than 10 rods at the back of the boat.

Other useful tips


There are plenty of other things that you can do to make sure you reel in a sizeable pelagic. One is to make sure that even while you can land a catch, that you don’t stop the boat. Stopping the boat will only cause the lines to become entangled.

Fight to pull in the fish as the boat continues. The natural force of the currents can be taken advantage of to ensure that the lines are parallel to each other.

When the weather is warm you will find fishing vests highly comfortable.

Also, it’s good to do a bit of experimenting. Now that you have plenty of rods at the back of the boat, you might want to make use of different lures and find out which ones attract the fish the most. Don’t be surprised to be in an area where there are fish but none is taking your bait. In this case, you can change the lures every 15 or so minutes.

Thirdly, you may need to change your speed. You will of course need to start slow then gradually increase the boat speed and see if this attracts any fish. If you notice that the lures still haven’t been caught, then you might need to change direction and reduce the speed.

Sooner or later the bait will be taken if you are using the right type and color and the area is full of fish. ‘

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There is more to trolling for fish than just casting multiple baits. Proper research is needed to choose the best area and you will need to use a portable fish finder to figure out where the fish are. You will also need to experiment on different baits as well as knowing the right depth.

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