Detailed Trick Worm Fishing Guide


Sometimes, even experienced anglers have a hard time getting fish to take the crappy baits, lures, and jigs. It can be frustrating, spending hours at a spot that you are sure has some pretty fat fish yet they simply will not take the bait.

You need to change the bait and instead use a trick worm. Once the fishes see a floating worm, they are going to want to try out the tasty morsel.

This is how to do trick worm fishing. But first…

What exactly is a trick worm?

A trick warm is simply a bait that is designed to look exactly like a worm. They come in a variety of different colors from lime, to blue to pink. Often their length is 6 or 7 inches and they are simply superb at grabbing the attention of lazy fish.

When fishing using a spinnerbait that is white in color, it often best to use a trick worm that is lime in color and when using a chartreuse spinnerbait, go for a trick worm that is white in color.

Make sure you are using a high-quality fishing line.

Thanks to the huge variety of designs, you will almost always find a trick worm bait that is perfect for your individual needs. As some will be salt impregnated and even feature a segmented design, trick worms are super enticing to the fishes and will do a great job at luring them to the bait.

How to rig a trick worm

If you are wondering how to fish a trick worm, you can use a trick worm like a floating lure without using any weight, and is in fact one of the most common ways that you can rig a trick worm.  However, if you want to increase your odds of quickly landing that bass, there are a few things that you will need to do.

One is that you are going to have to prevent the fishing line from twisting. You can do this by using a barrel swivel and placing it right on top of the fishing hook at about 6 inches. Another way that you can do this is by using a 2/0 offset hook.

If you prefer to use a non-offset hook, then simply put a toothpick through the eye of the hook to prevent it from slipping down. Most of the time, however, an offset hook will work best.

While you are at it ensure you are wearing good fishing shoes.

Many fishermen will go for a visible line for trick worm fishing. Some anglers however will prefer a less visible line. This often makes strikes less obvious. It will all come down to what you prefer, how much experience you have, and how good your eyesight is.

If you are an angler who prefers a hook that is much more solid, then use a larger and heavier line.

Using Texas rigging


When using a trick worm, there are many rigging methods that you can use. One of the best is the Texas rigging method. It allows you to catch bass in many different weather conditions.  Whether your interest is to reel in many basses, or you just want to catch a singe bass, you will achieve great success with the Texas rigging method even in different types of water.

There are simple steps that you can use to reel in your fish with the method. First, you will need to pick the best hook and the right type of trick worm lure. Then take the hook and insert it into the tip of the worm and then run it through to about ¼ inch from the tip.

A fluorocarbon fishing line can work great.

Next, you are going to pull the hook right through the tip of the trick worm such that the eye is inside the tip. Next, take the hook and twist it such that the point of the hook now faces towards the plastic. Find the other end of the bait and insert the hook. Make sure that the worm is straight as this will prevent the line from twisting.

You will have accomplished the Texas rigging if the barb of the hook is right inside the plastic of the worm and the barb as well as the hook are both covered inside the bait. This will help prevent hang-ups. However, always ensure that the hook doesn’t come out the other end of the bait.  This is how to fish a trick worm.

Retrieving the worm

There are plenty of ways on how to fish a trick worm. It all comes down to your trick worm fishing goals. However, the most recommended method is the twitching method. This involves switching the worm under the surface, pause it, and then simply letting it sink.

When it’s time to retrieve, start by raising the spinning rod tip a few times creating that bouncing motion. Reel it up just a few feet and then allow it to go down to the bottom again.  Keep doing this until you have completely retrieved the worm.

When the bass or fish is attracted to the worm and comes to take it, then you will be in a good position to stop it. Bright colors mean that even if the fish sucks it in, you will be able to see as it does this.

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A trick worm is one of the best types of lures for bass out there as it mimics the fish’s natural prey. This is why it is so effective.

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