Ultra Waterproof Suit by Tranzend Review


The Ultra Suit by Tranzend is one of a kind and the most amazing suite in the world right now! It is waterproof and rainproof while also being breathable. It doesn’t stain, wrinkle or stink. It stretches freely in all directions without ripping or losing its shape. The suit itself is one of a kind and the most amazing suit resists damage by UV rays and it also protects the wearer’s skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

It is hard to believe but this cutting-edge suit fabric is made from recycled bottles and coffee grounds, making it an eco-friendly suit too. Another thing that makes this suit splendid is how stylish and comfortable it is. For such a technologically advanced suit, you wouldn’t expect much when it comes to aesthetics and comfort but The Ultra Suit defies expectations. It has a sophisticated look and feel of a tailored two-piece suit.

With its versatility and style, The Ultra Suit suits the modern man’s diverse lifestyle perfectly. Its impressive set of features make the suit adaptable to all kinds of occasions, activities, and weather conditions. It transitions seamlessly from work to evening activities and from weekdays to weekends. Attaching the included magnetic hood onto the blazer transforms it into a raincoat.

We consider it a must-have for every man who leads an active lifestyle, cool apparel collectors, globe trotters, sustainable fashion enthusiasts, minimalists, and many others. It is a suit every man living in today’s world can appreciate. It would also be the go-to super-suit for crime-fighting superheroes.

Further down this review, we take a deeper look into The Ultra Suit. If you’re wondering whether it really is as amazing as it sounds or whether its features are just gimmicks, read on to find out what gives the Ultra Suit by Tranzend its qualities.



Drawing inspiration from the modern man’s diverse lifestyle and the everyday challenges he faces, Tranzend set out to make an innovative suit that would work for all occasions and situations from work to dinner to a night out. A suit that would be functional, comfortable, and stylish, and up to everyday challenges such as unexpected downpours, coffee spills, sweating, UV rays, and more.

The result is The Ultra Suit. A technologically advanced and eco-friendly suit with sportswear elements and sartorial aesthetics. Simply, it is a two-piece suit complete with a trouser, white shirt, a blazer, and a magnetic ultra hood. Attaching the hood transforms the blazer into a raincoat. It has the following features:

  • Eco-friendly: Sustainably made using a cutting edge fabric that is made using yarns made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds.
  • Ultra Stretchable: The fibers of this fabric stretch out in all directions. This maximizes comfort and range of motion making the suit suitable for an active lifestyle.
  • Waterproof, rainproof, and stain-proof: A waterproof finish ensures no liquid can seep through or stain the fabric. It stays dry even in the heaviest downpours and resists staining from red wine, hot coffee, ketchup, mustard, and more.
  • Breathable: The fabric is well ventilated. It allows the skin to breathe and wicks away perspiration keeping the wearer cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • Odor-resistant: 400 nanometers of refined coffee grounds integrated into the fabric absorb and get rid of any odors the body produces. This means that you arrive at work looking and smelling fresh even after a sweaty commute on foot or a bike. No sweat stains or odors when wearing this suit.
  • Wrinkle-resistant: A suit that doesn’t require ironing. The natural body heat of the wearer relaxes the fibers and flattens the suit.
  • Quick Drying: Given that it is lightweight and doesn’t absorb water, this suit dries fast.
  • UV Protected: The suit itself resists damage by UV rays and protects the wearer’s skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.



Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Blazer Styles: Classic and Modern

Full Set: Blazer, shirt, trousers, and detachable magnetic hood

Material: Recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles

User Experience

Style and Fit: With its sartorial sophistication, The Ultra Suit is a stylish high-tech suit and its wearers will be among the smartest dressed wherever they are. There are two blazer style options: a classic two-button blazer with a welt pocket and three-button cuffs and a modern two-button blazer with a laser cut pocket, underarm vents, snaps buttons, and head button studs.

To determine what size to get, lay your favorite blazer on a flat surface and measure it then match the measurements you get to the size chart.

Comfort: Tranzend uses an impressively stretchable fabric and incorporates sportswear elements making The Ultra Suit even more comfortable to wear than regular suits. This suit doesn’t hinder freedom of movement at all. In fact, it enhances agility and one can sprint, swim, perform acrobatics and yoga poses with the suit on. It also feels smooth against the skin, allows the skin to breathe, and wicks away perspiration so the skin stays cool and dry.

Function: Tranzend shows a video of the Ultra Suit fabric being used as a sieve. It holds 6cm of water on one side and it doesn’t let through even a single drop. Air is then pumped from the dry end and bubbles can be seen in the water. A model wears the suit in a heavy downpour. Someone throws a bucketful of water at it. A model runs and somersaults when wearing the suit. This video proves that the suit is waterproof, rainproof, breathable, and impressively stretchy without getting damaged.

This is Insider also tested it by pouring a stream of water, orange juice, red wine, ketchup, and hot coffee. Not even a drop of liquid managed to get through and not even a speck of a stain was left. When you have this suit on, you don’t have to worry about coffee, tea, milk, wine, or soup spills.

The suit is ultra adaptable. It adapts to any situation, activity, or weather. It is a suit you can wear to work and go straight to a dinner, party or to have drinks with friends in the evening and it won’t feel uncomfortable or look out of place. On the weekends, pair the jacket with jeans for a smart-casual look.

It offers great protection from the elements. It will keep you protected from the sun, rain, sweat, and dust. Due to the coffee ground composition, it absorbs odors very well ensuring that you always look and smell fresh.

If it starts pouring all of a sudden and you don’t have an umbrella, just pull out the magnetic ultra hood from its pocket and attach it to the blazer and you have a waterproof raincoat. When you don’t need it, the hood folds into an ultra-compact package that fits in a pocket and isn’t a burden to carry.

The pocket is a nice size and keeps valuables such as wallets and keys secure.

Care and Maintenance: Simply a breeze! The suit is anti-stain, anti-odor, and wrinkle-free. It doesn’t require frequent cleaning and when it does, washing it is easy as it is machine washable, it dries quickly, and doesn’t require ironing.


  • A super versatile suit that suits all occasions and adapts to all situations
  • Truly rainproof and waterproof jacket, pants, and hood
  • Breathable and a very comfortable suit to wear
  • It is a stylish technologically advanced suit
  • It is sustainably made and environmentally friendly
  • Resists stains, wrinkles, and odor development
  • Easy to care for and dries quickly


  • Only comes in dark, neutral colors
  • After about 20 cycles in a washing machine, the fabric retains about 70% water resistance.
  • The hood design doesn’t match the elegance of the blazer and trousers

Overall Rating


Price: 100% – Fairly priced being one of a kind and considering the kind of technology that went into making it and how adaptable it is.

Material: 100% – The raw materials are recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. Spandex/lycra composition makes the fabric exceptionally stretchy and smooth. The result is a cutting-edge eco-friendly suit fabric that has a nice set of features.

Design: 90% – An awe-inspiring fusion of technology and style to produce a suite with advanced properties without sacrificing style and comfort. The only part that didn’t impress us is the hood design.

Overall: 96% – Tranzend combines sophistication, practicality, and sustainability to produce an eco-friendly suit, looks great, feels comfortable, and suits all occasions.

Globo Surf Overview

The Ultra suit by Tranzend looks just like an ordinary two-piece suit. What you can’t tell by just looking at it is how extraordinary it is. Its features are not gimmicks. This suit has been tried, tested, and abused, and proven to be as advanced as it claims to be. With the Ultra Suit, Tranzend has created the most advanced suit the world has seen so far and ushered in the future of formal menswear!

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Ultra Waterproof Suit by Tranzend Review
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