Tough Outdoors Camping Cot Review


The Tough Outdoors camping cot is designed for those of you who often wish for a bit more comfort when camping. A good night’s sleep allows us to fully enjoy our outdoor activities the next day, and a cot like this one makes that possible.

One of the things that make this so cot great is its size. When designing it, Tough Outdoors thought about taller campers too, so this camping cot is both longer and wider than an average cot. Because of this, it offers more comfort and usable space when sleeping, which campers really like.

The frame of this cot is made of a combination of steel and aluminum, getting the best out of both – steel legs give it strength and stability, while aluminum sides reduce the weight so it’s comfortable for carrying. The fabric used on this cot is 600D Oxford cloth, which is firm and gives amazing support and comfort. When the day is over and it’s time to go, the cot folds easily and packs into the provided storage bag.

As a really nice touch, Tough Outdoors includes an organizer with the purchase. It’s easily attached to the side, so you can keep several items close to you while sleeping (your phone, a book, a flashlight, etc). If you like this cot so far and want to learn more, don’t miss out on the rest of this review down below.


When choosing a new camping cot, comfort and strength are the things we all look for. This is where the Tough Outdoors camping cot really shines – its features are carefully designed to make sure you wake up well-rested, almost as if you were sleeping on your own bed. Take a quick look at what this camping cot has to offer:

  • Extra-strong 600D Oxford canvas provides comfort and excellent support
  • Six stainless steel legs give the cot a high weight capacity
  • The aluminum outer frame reduces total weight and makes it easier to carry
  • Plastic caps on legs prevent the cot from damaging the tent floor
  • Packs compact and fits easily in the provided canvas storage bag
  • Removable side organizer for keeping your valuables close



Length: 83 inches

Width: 32 inches

Height: 19 inches

Weight: 18.1 pounds

Capacity: 300 pounds

Fabric: 600D Oxford Canvas

Frame: Steel, Aluminum

Packed size: 36 x 7.5 x 5 inches

Organizer size: 36 x 12 inches

Warranty: 1 Year, no questions asked

Included accessories: Organizer, Storage bag

Colors: Dark Grey, Army Green

User Experience


Size: As we’ve mentioned earlier in the text, the size of this camping cot is one of the main things that set it apart from the competition. Thanks to the length of 83 inches, campers say that it’s amazing for tall people who are tired of having their feet always hang over the cot edge. The Tough Outdoors camping cot guarantees that you always have enough comfort without feeling cramped.

However, make sure that the cot fits in your camping tent. Before buying it (or any other cot for that matter), check the dimensions of your tent first. Since this is an extra-large model, it will fit nicely in 2 and 4-person tents. Also, it’s a plus if you own a cabin tent since vertical walls make getting up and down a lot easier. If this model is too large for your tent, Tough Outdoors also offers the same cot in a slightly smaller size (75 x 25 inches).

Frame and Fabric: All users agree that this camping cot is very strong and stable when you set it up. The secret behind this is the stainless steel legs that make sure that it can handle the weight. The upper weight limit is set to 300 pounds, and you shouldn’t have any problems as long as you are within the limit.

The outer frame of the cot is made of aluminum, holding the 600 Denier Oxford canvas tightly in place. The fabric is incredibly strong, with campers reporting that it can withstand almost anything. Thanks to its excellent breathability, the fabric feels really nice to sleep on when summer camping. Finally, as proof of product quality, Tough Outdoors gives you a full no-questions-asked 1-year warranty if something happens to the cot.

Comfort: Campers claim that the cot has a very decent level of comfort on its own because no bars are going under the canvas to poke your back. However, you can always throw a sleeping pad on it if you want to boost the comfort a little. A sleeping pad will also help keep you warm in colder months because the canvas itself isn’t very good at retaining heat.

An additional bonus is that this cot is pretty high from the ground (19 inches), making it much easier for you to sit down and get up. Also, this makes the space underneath the cot usable, allowing you to stash some of your gear there instead of having it thrown around the tent.

Assembly: While the assembly process is pretty straightforward when you look at it (unfold the cot and attach the end bars), the actual setup will require some strength. Both the customers and the manufacturer say that you will need some muscle to put the bars in place when setting it up for the first time. The reason for this is that the canvas is very tough and needs to stretch a bit.

After setting it up the first time, it’s a good idea to leave the cot open for a day or two and allow the canvas to settle into place. That way it becomes much easier to set up the cot the next time you’re camping and you’ll have it ready in no time.

Organizer: Customers really appreciate that Tough Outdoors sells this cot with an organizer. It makes a great addition to the cot, allowing you to easily sort the gear you need to have close to you. The organizer has a mesh pocket for your book, a pocket for keeping snacks, a few pen holders, a pocket for a water bottle, and an additional pocket for keeping a flashlight, your phone, or any other item. The organizer is tied to the cot using bungee and Velcro, and its position is very handy for easily reaching in and grabbing what you need.


  • Larger than most cots
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Organizer is awesome
  • Great support and comfort
  • Excellent warranty coverage


  • The first-time assembly requires some strength
  • Heavy for carrying over longer distances

Overall Rating


  • Price: 95% – We can say that the Tough Outdoors camping cot presents an excellent value. Not only is the cot itself very well-made, but you also get the organizer and the storage bag included in the package. The manufacturer makes it possible for every camper to afford a good cot and get quality rest when outdoors, and we give a big thumbs up for that.
  • Material: 100% – The choice of materials for this camping cot is great – the frame perfectly mixes stainless steel and aluminum for optimal strength and weight, while the Oxford canvas guarantees many nights of great sleep. Using the right materials is crucial in a camping cot, and Tough Outdoors did a really good job with this one.
  • Design: 90% – The design of this camping cot is very convenient. Although it’s fairly large, it easily folds several times allowing you to pack it in the carry bag. However, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you might have some trouble putting it together the first time. While this isn’t necessarily a downside (shows that the canvas is high-quality), we still thought it was worth mentioning.
  • Overall: 95% – All things considered, this is a great cot without any obvious flaws. You can count on a very decent level of strength, stability, and comfort. We can recommend it to any camper who wants a larger sleeping area, especially taller campers who can never find a cot that fits them.

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The Tough Outdoors camping cot is a great way to raise the comfort level of your camping adventures. It’s exceptionally durable and really well-made. It gives you the feeling of sleeping on a real bed, which is something we aim for when buying a cot.

The organizer is also fantastic, serving as a great alternative to keeping your things on the floor. And since this foldable cot packs very small, it won’t take up much space in the trunk when packing your gear. Overall, it’s a solid addition to your camping checklist and a pretty good deal for the price.

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