Things You Should Not Do In A Hot Tub


Sometimes the freedom provided by a hot tub, makes us release ourselves off the hook so much that we forget how we should carry ourselves while in it.  It’s until we hear it from the grapevine that we realize how dangerous some of the things we do in the tub can be.

Maybe you heard that someone next door got stoned in the tub and lost his hair into the drain. Another one was found floating on his tub. You don’t know whether all this happened due to a poorly fixed tub or from the victims’ highs.

Whatever the reason, getting how to handle yourself in the tub, is vital so that you can enjoy the charms of a hot tub, without having to worry about the hazards.

We give below some vital tips about some of the things you shouldn’t do in a hot tub, to make sure your bath experience is always unforgettable.

1. It’s A Tub, Not The Living Room!

If you choose to head to the tub, leave the gaiety of the living room alone. You might feel like heading to the tub after a brief disagreement in the kitchen is the way to solving your problems. Well, this may lead to an accident as you might heat the tub water more than it is recommended and end up boiling yourself to death. You need to cool off your steam and relax well before soaking.

2. Tubsy Not Tipsy

Our bodies house blood vessels that constrict or relax and minds that bend in the presence of tranquilizers, hypnotizers, and narcotics. While taking a glass of wine after work can get you relaxed, too much of it can make you feel drowsy.

Knowing that you are less aware of yourself and avoiding a hot tub at such a time can go a long way in avoiding accidents like drowning, excessive drying, or death arising from dozing off while in the tub. Alcohol, being more in wine than beer, is well known for reducing the activity of the brain, a situation that might lead to drowsiness. Avoid it at all costs.

3. Don’t Ignore The Obvious

So you have this condition that requires you to constantly use an inhaler but you just don’t want to bring your spouse (who gives you a helping hand) along to the tub because you fought this morning! Now, who will pass you the inhaler in case you need it during the soak? Inhaler aside, who will help you scrub those hard to reach parts of your back?

It’s fine if you don’t want to invite your spouse to the tub but just to be safe, bring a companion who can keep an eye on you. Make sure to inform them about your condition before heading to the tub.

4. Don’t Share Bugs

Your nose might be dripping like a hose from a lung infection but you still want that warm bath. But have you thought about the risk you will have exposed your family to if this infection turns sporadic?

It’s better to carry a handkerchief along or avoid the bath altogether or soak for less to reduce infections. Also, wounds on the body that can transfer infections to other people should be allowed to heal before heading for the hot bath. After all, they take only three days to close up, s you won’t have to wait for long.

5. Keep Those Energies Inside The Tub

Bathtub habits can be hard things to change especially when you are used to the active life of the world. It would be nice to keep those flailing arms and flexing limbs inside the tub to stop the water splashing everywhere.

Of all the things you shouldn’t do in a hot tub, avoid the sprint. Don’t jump in, instead climb leisurely. If you are pair, avoid shoving and pulling each other into the water. You never know when you will miss that step and come tumbling over the acrylic shell!

While at it, place a thick towel beside the tub, to keep the surrounding dry. This will prevent slips or falls near the tub.

6. Not A Place For Pets

Water like all powerful things has energy. Never ignore that.

You have seen your dog take a swim, yes. Your parrot knows well to flutter in the water to its singsong. But a hot tub is no place for pets! Just don’t drag them along.

Why? Because they might get scared and do unimaginable things, in their flight. Let them wait for you in the more serene environment of the patio or wherever they have more room to show their gaiety.

7. Don’t Forget Your Shower


To care for your filter, take a warm shower before using a hot tub. This will help clear away the sunscreens, lotion oil, and soap deposits from your body and ensure that you use fewer chemicals to rectify your water PH.

Before you rectify the water PH, however, always remember to use an appropriate pool testing kit, so you don’t end up using water with higher salt content than recommended.

8. Don’t Ignore The Lighting

Hot tub owners know the magic of light. It can enhance a bath experience or ruin it. Having enough but not excess light will guarantee a safe bath as you won’t lose your footing or get blinded by lights.

Also, be watchful of the environment. Always check the location of the ventilation, emergency drain or pump, the heater, and the door, to be ready for any emergency that might occur.

9. Warm, Not Sizzling

Other things you shouldn’t do in a hot tub relate to your health as well. Imagine turning the hot water on when you are already in the water! This can be dangerous especially if you don’t have a thermometer to measure the water temperature.

You may want to get one of those tubs where the temperature never exceeds 40.5° C so you don’t have to worry about temperature control. But if your digital thermometer is giving the wrong readings, or is missing in your tub, investing in a trendy pool thermometer that you can look at as you bathe is important.

Also, remember to use lesser temperature for kids under 12 years old, while giving cautious freedom to those below 17 years. This will ensure your young ones do not adjust any settings on the hot tub while left by themselves.

10. Soaking Time Is Not Thinking Time

Soaking refreshes the body, but too much of it can dry you out and get you dehydrated. You should, therefore, keep your hot tub moments as short as possible.

If you prefer using a mineral bath to remind you of that ocean feel, keep your soak timeless than15 minutes. The more you soak in it, the more your skin dries out. However, a freshwater bath can allow you to soak for up to twenty but do not exceed half an hour.

11. No Diving Suits

Proper attire for a bathtub is none! You don’t want to be removing cringing clothes after the soak, do you? So it’s better to soak without any.

Also, it would be better to remove all ornaments from your body. Keep the hair short, or bunned.  Some women prefer wearing a plastic cover to prevent the hair from being whisked into the filter.

12. Contact Water Not Contain Water

By all means, avoid drinking bathwater! If indeed you are thirsty, bring a glass of clean water to the tub. Additionally, avoid submerging yourself into the bath, lest the water is containing some microbes. Such microbes might enter through your body openings like the nose and ears and cause infections.

13. Ditch The Soap

While using the soap might look cool, soaps may have chemicals that might change the tub’s PH or alkalinity balance. Some can have a drying effect on the skin. Instead, use bath wash and oils, or save the soap for the very end, to avoid soaking in it for too long.

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Technically, a bathtub has no hazards attached to it. However, learning the things you shouldn’t do in a hot tub will help you to use it with the care it deserves. The above guide is meant to help you avoid some of the mistakes people make in a hot tub. Keeping these points in mind will enable you to have a safe bath and enjoy all the benefits a hot tub offers.

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