20 Fun Indoor And Outdoor Activities For Kids On A Snow Day


The schools are closed and the streets are white, covered with snow. Your kids have to stay with you at home. This can have you searching for ways to have a fun snow day with your kids. This article will help you discover things to do on a snow day.

Top Outdoor Snow Day Activities

If you prefer being outside on a snow day, you should find the following activities interesting:

1. Build a Snowman

Building a snowman is one of the best things to do on a snow day. It has a large number of benefits to offer. On top of ensuring that your kids are exercising and burning calories, building a snowman can help your kids develop the following skills:


This will be the first step to building the snowman. You will sit down with the kids, talk about how the snowman is supposed to look, and gather the supplies before you start building the actual snowman. This step will teach your kids the importance of good planning.


You and your kids will be working together to achieve the end goal. You will figure out who is going to do what in the process of building the snowman. This should teach kids the benefits of working as a team.


To make the snowman come to life, your kids will have to use their imagination. This will allow your kids to exercise their creativity.

2. Go Sledding

A snow day can interrupt the majority of your kid’s favorite activities, including biking, swimming, and gardening. However, with an activity such as sledding, your kid’s fitness should not fall to the wayside.

Zooming down a hill at breakneck speed is one of the ideal things to do on a snow day. On top of being fun, the activity should help you and your kids burn calories. On average, you should be able to burn approximately 450 calories per hour – much of the calories will be burnt when you are trudging up the hill after reaching the bottom.

By getting your kids out into the sunshine, you will be helping the kids boost their Vitamin D levels. The activity can also act as a pressure relief valve, helping you and your kids get a break from the daily activities which often cause stress.

If you would like to use your snow sled, you must take the following safety precautions into considerations:

  • Always wear a helmet. This will help protect you in the case of a collision. There are no sledding-specific helmets. A bicycle, skateboard, or skiing helmet should work just fine.
  • Invest in some warm and waterproof clothes, including winter gloves, winter coat, snow boots, and snow pants.
  • Sled on well-lit areas.
  • Sled away from large bumps, rocks, fences, trees, and other hazards.
  • Avoid hills that end near parking lots.

3. Snowball Fights

This snow day activity should be fun for you and your kids. Show your kids how to make the snowball. Have a target practice and then set up something to throw at. Then, relax as you watch your kids get some practice in throwing.

On top of helping your kids have fun, the snow day activity has some health benefits to offer. To give you an example, it is estimated that running around during the course of the snowball fights can help you burn up to 500 calories per hour.

4. Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is an ideal family activity. As long as your kids can fit into the cross-country skis and ski boots, they should be ready to grab ski poles and explore the snowy terrain.

If you are yet to invest in cross-country ski equipment, you can rent this equipment. Before heading outside with your kids, ensure that they are wearing the right cross-country ski clothing. You wouldn’t want the kids to end up dealing with hypothermia.

5. Build a Snow Fort

Using snow blocks to build a place where your kids can hide is one of the most engaging things to do on a snow day. You can let your kids use their creativity to make the snow fort more appealing and interesting.

You have to ensure that your kids are 100% safe if they have to play inside the snow fort once it is complete. Before allowing the kids to get inside, test the walls for stability.

6. Snow Shoveling

On a snow day, chances are, your driveway or sidewalk will be covered in snow. Shoveling the snow away may be necessary.

Since your kids will be home all day, you can let them come out and help. This will help you and the kids spend some quality time together while burning some calories.

7. Paint the Snow

If you and your kids do love art, you can get creativity out on the snow. Get your favorite paints and paint the snow.

What makes snow painting an appealing snow day activity is the fact that it requires very little preparation and it is capable of keeping your kids outside for a while. It is also an activity that your whole family can do.

8. Make Snow Angels

Making snow angels is one of the most affordable ways of having fun with your kids on a snow day. Basically, all you will need are some waterproof clothing layers. To ensure that your kids do not get cold when they are out making snow angels sure to invest in kid’s winter clothing.

After putting on your winter jacket, head outside and look for fresh snow. The snow should be deep enough so that you can’t see the ground. Also, the top should be powder.

To make the snow angel, you will need to lay down, your butt first, then flat on the back, and spread both arms straight. While keeping the arms straight, swing them almost to the top of the head and then almost straight to the sides. You will only need to do this a couple of times before standing up slowly without disturbing your snow angel.

9. Look for Animal Prints

The snow day is a perfect time to locate animal prints. You and your kids can try to determine what’s in your backyard.

While exploring the backyard, try to see if prints are belonging to rabbits, squirrels, deer, etc. If you find interesting prints, you can always take pictures and look them up later to figure out which animal left them behind.

Make Your Own Prints


If looking for animal prints is not appealing enough for you and the kids, you can consider making your own prints. This snow day activity should be appealing to your kids if they are younger. If the kids are older, you may want to consider the other activities we have mentioned in this article.

Indoor Activities for Kids on a Snow Day

Outdoor activities do require some gear. You may not have this gear ready. If this is the case or you simply prefer to have your kids inside the house, consider the following fun activities.

1. Dance Party

For everyone, music is a perfect de-stressor. If you find yourself stuck with the kids at home on a snow day, turn on the music and getting moving.

Encourage your kids to teach you some new dance moves. Also, you can always teach them the dance moves you have learned over the years.

Alternatively, no one has to teach the other new dance moves. You can all focus on dancing around the house to your favorite songs.

2. Paint a Picture

Painting is not just creative. It is also relaxing. If you do not want your kids to explore different types of snow outside, you can make their day lively indoors by making it possible for them to paint.

Give your kids some paints and then let them express their day in the form of drawings. To get really creative with the painting, you can encourage your kids to use fingers, feet, and paintbrushes.

If your kids are not interested in painting their own pictures from scratch, you can encourage them to consider coloring pictures. This activity can help keep the kids occupied throughout the day.

3. Read a Story to the Kids

If your kids do go to school, you already know that they spend a lot of time reading. When the snow forces them to stay at home and you do not want to consider renting ski equipment, you can read a story.

Find a book that interests everyone. The book you choose should interest both you and the kids. If it is interesting to you and not the kids, you will end up boring the kids, and vice versa. If possible, consider acting out to make the story more interesting.

4. Scavenger Hunt

If you want your kids to burn some calories without having to leave the house, this should be an ideal activity for you. All you will need to do is give your kids some clues they can use to find something interesting.

Make sure that whatever you want the kids to find is interesting enough. Otherwise, they could lose interest quickly. To give you an example, you can give the kids some clues to help them locate a snack.

5. Play a Game

You can find board games in all sizes and shapes. If you are not overly occupied, you can decide to spend some quality time with your children while playing the board game.

You can always incorporate some educational games to aid with learning. For example, you could play a board game that encourages the kids to locate a particular word.

6. Puppet Show

Puppets are generally fun. Additionally, they are an ideal way for the kids to show their feelings and emotions without having to be in a conversation. If you do not have an idea of how to get the kids to use the puppets, you can ask them to reenact their day, a recess, or even a book.

7. Make a Town

If putting on your insulated jackets and winter running shoes and exploring the snowy town outside is not a possibility, you can always consider making a town inside the house. You can use tape to make the roads and sidewalks.

Get out some blocks and build up the town with parks, stores, and houses. This should be an excellent way to break out the creativity in your kids.

8. Bake Some Cookies

When the kids have to be inside all day, they tend to snack more. When it is cold outside, baking some cookies should be fun for everyone. Consider warming up by the fire with some freshly baked cookies and chocolate.

9. Sing with Your Kids

If you and your kids love singing, getting out the karaoke machine and belting out a song should be a perfect snow day activity. This may help your kids develop their singing talent. Additionally, singing is an ideal outlet. It can help you and your kids get rid of stress.

10. Exercise

If you are lucky to have an area where you can exercise indoors, you can take advantage of the snow day to have your kids exercise with you. On top of helping you get rid of the extra pounds, exercising can help you and your kids unwind from the day while getting rid of the daily stresses.

Globo Surf Overview

If you have been looking for things to do on a snow day, this article should help you out. The activities in this article should help you and your kids have a day filled with fun.

If you want to spend your day indoors, getting creative should improve your chances of having fun. Note that the indoor activities mentioned in this article are not exhaustive. You should feel free to come up with new ideas.

If you prefer the outdoor activities listed in this article, ensure that you are wearing the right clothing. For example, if you intend to explore the snowy terrain on your all-mountain skis, ensure that you and your kid are staying warm when skiing.

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