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The Grom soft top handboard by Slyde is an excellent tool to get into body surfing if you’ve never given the sport a try. It is designed for beginners and very easy to use, providing extra support and buoyancy when you are riding on the waves. The board has a wide and extra-sticky grip to make sure you don’t lose it in the water and is super soft so you don’t risk accidentally knocking one of your teeth out if you hit your head on it.

Another feature that makes the Grom soft top handboard stand out is its small size and portability. We often see people heading towards the beach to surf while transporting such a huge amount of gear that we wonder how they can maintain balance. Having all that stuff with you on the sand may make you feel you are prepared for everything, but more often than not will have you spend too much time digging through it and less enjoying the waves.

The Grom soft top handboard fits in most backpacks and will have you playing with the waves without having to bother with dragging heavy bags around. Its simple and convenient design rapidly gives you satisfaction as you hone your skills and discover the exciting world of body surfing, and we are sure it will quickly become a permanent feature of the bags of many sporty beachgoers.


The Slyde Grom soft top handboard is roughly shaped like an oval and made out of ultra buoyant EPS foam, which provides superb lift in the water while remaining super durable and very lightweight. The surfer can hang on to the board thanks to the wide central strap, which is fastened thanks to two leash plugs on either side which go through the entire width of the foam. The strap can be tightened with Velcro as is comfortable to hold despite its toughness. The top layer is also coated with heavy texture to provide extra grip to wet hands sliding on it.

The bottom side of the Grom handboard is harder than the top, remaining soft enough to never pose the threat of hurting the rider. It is made out of tough IXL foam and provides the strength needed to withstand the impact of the waves and prevent the board from falling apart. The board also features HDPE fold-over rails to keep the edge nice and stiff, always maintaining weight very manageable, since the board is designed to be used only with one hand. 

Because of its small size, the Grom handboard is best used on waves that don’t go over 5 feet of height, which are the conditions that most beginners will be facing as they start practicing the sport. There any many different color combinations available for the board, and all of them are treated to withstand prolonged contact with salty water, preventing the colors from running off. Here is a comprehensive list of features for this excellent beginner handboard.


  • Very stiff and durable while remaining lightweight
  • Excellent for beginners just getting into bodysurfing
  • Ideal for waves up to five feet tall
  • Small enough to fit into most backpacks
  • The wide and strong strap offers good hand grip
  • Board is soft enough to prevent injuries while staying strong
  • Textured top side for extra grip
  • Stiffer underside to resist impact with waves
  • EVA foam offers plenty of buoyancy
  • Numerous available color options



Length: 19 inches/48.26 cm

Width: 9 inches/22.86 cm

Weight: 10 ounces/300 grams including strap

Material: EPA foam, HDPE slick bottom

User Experience


Usability: The Slyde Grom soft top handboard was designed by surfers with other surfers in mind, and you can feel it by the way it handles smoothly, adhering tightly to your hand and quickly becoming an extension of your body even for the less experienced users. The underside, on the other hand, feels strong and tough and gives you the confidence you need to take on the waves. The board works perfectly as a tool to develop the skills needed for bodysurfing, and amateurs and professionals alike will appreciate its simplicity and reliability. We wouldn’t be surprised if you start liking it so much you begin preferring bodysurfing with it. Providing a significant boost to lift and speed in the water, the Slyde Grom board is comfortable and light to move around and easy to learn, making it a true joy to take out on the beach.

Portability: Most surfing equipment is large and ungainly when you transport it outside of the water, often stretching well over an average person’s height and soon becoming a true pain to bring to and from the beach. Being able to fit the Grom handboard in a regular backpack is a live saver, keeping you light and agile on your feet when you’re walking as well as quick and mobile in the water. The board has excellent buoyancy so it only needs a gentle push to be precisely maneuvered through the waves, and lets you focus less on where all of your gear is and more on what is important, which is having fun in the water.


  • Easy to handle in the water
  • Boosts speed and lift
  • Very light and small, fits in a regular backpack
  • Perfect for waves up to 5 feet


  • Not suited to take on larger waves

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – The Grom handboard is easy to master, making it an excellent tool for beginners since it will rapidly provide satisfaction in the water as well as improve your skills. The grip feels solid and comfortable, never making you worry about losing it, and the board is durable without being too hard, which makes it also safe to be used by kids because they won’t risk getting hurt if they hit themselves against it. The design is simple and effective, making the board super buoyant and giving the surfer a significant advantage in lift and speed. This brings the enjoyment one can get from sliding on a wave to a whole other level and pushes the surfer to take on new and exciting challenges.

Portability: 99% – Size is another feature that makes the Grom handboard stand out, since it is so small it can fit in most regular backpacks and be carried around with ease. This sets it apart from all the other surfing equipment available on the market, which is often taller than the surfer themselves and makes the user free to move around, both in the city and in the sea. The speed with which you can get ready and start heading for the waves also receives a significant boost, giving a beginner even more motivation to head out and put themselves to the test.

Price: 99% – The price tag of the Grom handboard also sets is apart from the great majority of surfing gear, since the manufacturers have strived to keep it accessible even for people who don’t have the deepest pockets. Given the quality of the product you receive at such an affordable price point, the board represents great value for the money because of its innovation and usability. This is perfect for beginners because they will not be scared away by an exaggerated price tag and may even encourage them to take on the sport. The company deserves praise for putting such a well-rounded product within reach of such a wide range of consumers.

Overall: 98% – If you’re intrigued by bodysurfing but you don’t have any experience of the sport, the Grom soft top handboard made by Slyde is one of the best ways to get into it, without having to spend a fortune. The board looks simple from the outside, but this only means it has been very well designed. Making use of excellent materials to deliver an easy and fun experience that can let you gain more and more confidence about riding waves, the Grom handboard is one of those products that we have no difficulty seeing in the hands of anybody approaching the sport for the first time.

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The Grom soft top onboard by Slyde provide a fun and inexpensive way for people to get into bodysurfing, and is a simply designed product that packs a great punch when it comes to performance. In our opinion, it is one of the most innovative products we have seen, and it fills a specific niche that had not been getting enough attention. With a compact size and excellent portability, combined with a very accessible price point, the Grom handboard has the potential of opening up a whole new world for a new generation of surfers and earns our heartfelt recommendation and praise. 

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